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Ryan  Patel

Ryan Patel

Former VP of Global Development at Pinkberry


Ryan Patel has an impressive knowledge and experience in brands encompassing casual dining and quick service restaurants. However, what makes his career so unique is that he has also stepped into the world of retail fashion. An expert in growing brands, he has worked for publicly traded to private companies, and has helped build corporate to franchise stores throughout the retail to food segments, both domestically and internationally. Read More >

Patel formerly served as the Vice President of Global Real Estate & Business Development for Pinkberry, one of the fastest growing retail brands globally. Since commencing at Pinkberry in 2011, the company has gone from less than 95 locations to over 250 stores in 20 countries and is continuing to expand. The opportunity to help grow a young company into a global leader was enticing for Patel.

Patel has been vital in providing valuable strategy and leadership in developing international growth plans across multi-cultural and cross functional teams. He has been a key player at some of the world’s most innovative companies including Pinkberry, Wet Seal Retail, Inc (Arden B and West Seal), Jamba Juice, BJ’s Restaurants, Inc and Panda Express.

With an impressive background in food and retail, Patel is a strong believer in giving back to the community and paying it forward. He takes great delight in imparting his knowledge and experience to others; and is adaptable, honest, direct and most importantly, has a passion in discussing relevant and real world situations which is accessible to both students and professionals alike.

Patel received his Bachelors from University of California, Berkeley and received his MBA from the Paul Merage School of Business at University of California, Irvine.  He has written numerous articles for Franchising World Magazine and has been featured in QSR Magazine. Patel is a frequent speaker at conferences and company meetings in the United States and around the globe, addressing crowds from 20 to 5,000, from college students to CEOs of organizations. Patel has a unique and diverse view of the changing nature of trends impacting shoppers, employees, competition, economics, supply chains and management, and offers a corporate and franchise perspective. He has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and helped companies grow into world-renowned brands. Read Less ^

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G6 Hospitality Annual Brand Conference

Human Capital Institute Learning & Leadership Development

Speech Topics

Leadership & Influence: How to Empower & Succeed

We live in a society where leaders do not have to just lead by example, but need to build highly effective teams to accomplish consistently higher goals. Ryan Patel has gained insight from many of the top CEOs and will take you on a journey from lessons learned and his philosophy in how to succeed. From the power of persuasion to cultivating entrepreneurial spirit within an organization, Patel will empower his audience in unique ways, easily accessible to entrepreneurs of all levels.   

Negotiations: Global Business Development & Real Estate Deals

Have you visited your favorite coffee shop, restaurant, or retail store and said this is a great site? Get a behind the scenes look at all the tactics and internal procedures that go hand in hand with opening a store. Ryan Patel has completed hundreds of deals with some of the top landlords, developers and organizations throughout the globe. This talk will provide all the different perspectives and principles that can be related into your own negotiations. 

Going Global: Ways to Develop Global Brands

For many looking from the outside in, global expansion and entering new markets seems to be a “no brainer.” One can only wish it was that easy. The world is a large place with key differences from country to country which can support different business models. Ryan Patel will provide different strategies and illustrate key principles to provide stories and examples of other brands. Patel offers a unique and rare glimpse to audiences in balancing business development needs and protecting the brand. From lessons learned to shared values, global expansion appears to have a blank canvas with an unlimited amount of opportunities to add a splash of color.   

Emerging Growth & Trends from Retail to Food

How does fashion and food go together? Ryan Patel will explain the trends that are happening not just within the US, but on a global level. As someone who understands the retail business, he has quickly developed relationships and experiences with major department stores to the smallest food kiosks. He’ll explain how brands you love sometimes have strategies that intertwine.

Entrepreneurship: Going Corporate or Franchise

The perception of the term “franchise” has evolved dramatically from 10 years ago to now. Within the past several years, countries from all across the globe have sought and accepted a proliferation of franchise concepts from the United States and other developed countries. Franchises have been able to enter into many countries and grow at a rapid pace. New franchise opportunities become the focus of local news stories and weave their way into daily conversations in the local regions between customers, friends and even students in the classroom. Ryan Patel coaches entrepreneurs and provides guiding principles in evaluating opportunities.  

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