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Ryan  Patel

Ryan Patel

CNN Contributor & Global Business Executive


Ryan Patel is widely regarded as a thought leader in global business and in scaling companies and brands. He currently serves on several advisory boards and boards of directors across different sectors from social responsibility to technology. As a global executive, he has worked for startups to publicly traded companies; his deep knowledge in global economies, innovation, strategy, and consumer trends has made him an expert in growing businesses worldwide. He is a frequent CNN contributor on the newsroom and has been featured in Entrepreneur, WWD, Nasdaq, Yahoo, Los Angeles Business Journal and many others. He was awarded the 2015 Executive of the Year by the LA Business Journal and Special United States Congressional Recognition for outstanding services to the community.  Read More >

Patel recently served as the Vice President of Global Development for Pinkberry, which was one of the fastest growing retail brands globally during his tenure. The opportunity to help grow a young company into a global leader enticed Patel to Pinkberry. During his tenure, the company had gone from less than 95 locations to over 270 stores in 23 countries at the time of the company being sold. Patel has been vital in providing valuable strategy and leadership in developing domestic and international growth plans across multi-cultural and cross-functional teams. He has been a key player at some of the world’s most innovative companies including Pinkberry, Wet Seal Retail, Inc. (Arden B and West Seal), Jamba Juice, BJ’s Restaurants, Inc. and Panda Restaurant Group Inc. (Panda Express). 

Patel has a unique and diverse view of the changing nature of trends impacting business, shoppers, employees, competition, economics, technology to management, and offers a corporate to franchise perspective. He has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and helped companies grow into world-renowned brands. Patel is a strong believer in giving back to the community and paying it forward, and serves as a Board of Director at the American Red Cross LA. His passion in combining social responsibility and business has led him to discuss relevant and real-world situations which is accessible to both students and professionals alike.

Patel is a frequent speaker at conferences, company meetings and universities; in the United States and around the globe. He received his Bachelors from University of California, Berkeley, received his MBA from the Paul Merage School of Business at University of California, Irvine and is currently a Senior Fellow at Drucker School of Management. He most recently received his Corporate Governance and Board of Directors Certification from University of California, Los Angeles Anderson School of Management Executive Program. Read Less ^

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G6 Hospitality Annual Brand Conference

Human Capital Institute Learning & Leadership Development

Speech Topics

Strengthening the Foundation: People, Innovation, Diversity & Inclusion

Having a solid foundation is an essential block for any organization. But as industries are evolving, disruption is occurring more frequently and competition becomes even fiercer due to the global economy - it becomes vital to strengthen the core of the organization. Read More >

Ryan Patel has given talks on this topic worldwide from tech companies to consumer brands and all agree that the innovation that is required to strengthen the foundation will be building people in an effective way which includes diverse mindsets to keep from failing in the current environment.

The talk will be focusing on the importance of inclusion and how to effectively execute on diversity that provides equal opportunities for all that will lead to longevity and profitability. Read Less ^

Entrepreneurial Spirit: How to Harness & Cultivate Innovation in the Global Economy

The entrepreneurial spirit is a phrase that has been typically associated with founders and startup companies. However, everyone has an entrepreneurial spirit and the key is how to unlock it in all kinds of settings, from the corporate world to your personal life. Read More >

Ryan Patel has leveraged his experiences in scaling for startups and public traded companies and will share how all sizes of companies can learn from each other’s innovation and creativity to be disruptive. The talk will dive into the importance of individual empowerment and best techniques in team building to foster that innovative mindset from all various backgrounds and skill sets.

Why is this important? We will live in a global economy that moves at such a faster speed now. To keep up with growth with competitors, trends, social responsibility, and even peers, it is vital to unlock advantages that are already existing from a corporate strategy level, your team and in yourself. Read Less ^

Going Global: Ways to Develop Global Brands & Teams

For many looking from the outside in, global expansion and entering new markets seems to be a “no brainer.” One can only wish it was that easy. The world is a large place with key differences from country to country which can support different business models. Ryan Patel will provide different strategies and illustrate key principles via stories and case studies of other brands success and failures. Read More >

Patel offers a unique and rare glimpse to audiences during the growing pain stage that brands face with they scale, especially in developing globally. There are many applicable lessons to domestic growth as well with balancing business development needs and protecting the brand to name a few. Including dissecting trends from retail to food and how the evolution of consumer experiences.

From lessons learned to shared values, global expansion appears to have a blank canvas with an unlimited amount of opportunities to add a splash of color. Read Less ^

Leadership & Influence: How to Empower & Succeed in a Disruptive Industry

We live in a society where leaders do not have to just lead by example but need to build highly effective teams to accomplish consistently higher goals. Ryan Patel has gained insight from many of the top CEOs and will take you on a journey from lessons learned and his philosophy in how to succeed. From the power of persuasion to cultivating entrepreneurial spirit within an organization, Patel will empower his audience in unique ways, easily accessible to all levels. This includes the creative lens of diversity and inclusion and how to embed that into a company’s culture and team in order to create an innovative culture.

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