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Steve  Curwood

Steve Curwood

Executive Producer & Host of NPR’s “Living on Earth


Steve Curwood is the executive producer and host of “Living on Earth.” He created the first pilot of “Living on Earth” in 1990 and the show has run continuously since April 1991. “Living on Earth” is currently aired on more than 250 National Public Radio/Public Radio Exchange affiliates and XM/Sirius Satellite Radio. Read More >

Curwood’s relationship with NPR dates to 1979 when he began as a reporter and host of “Weekend All Things Considered.” Mr. Curwood shared the 1975 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service as part of the Boston Globe’s education team. He is also the recipient of the 2003 Global Green Award for Media Design, the 2003 David A. Brower Award from the Sierra Club for excellence in environmental reporting, and the 1992 New England Environmental Leadership Award from Tufts University for his work on promoting environmental awareness.

He is the president of the World Media Foundation, Inc. and former director of BGC Partners, Inc., an inter-dealer brokerage firm based in New York and London. Curwood has also been a member of the Haverford College Corporation since 2001, serving on the Investment Committee and is former chair of the Committee on Social Investment Responsibility since 2008. From 1996 to 2003, he was a lecturer in Environmental Science and Public Policy at Harvard University. Read Less ^

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Why ESG Is Everyone’s Business

Trillions of dollars of financial assets are at risk because of climate change. And now the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is making rules that will compel publicly traded companies to disclose both direct and indirect risks to their operations from climate disruption. These risks include financial exposures, vulnerabilities of physical plants and the challenges of society’s effort to transition to cleaner energy. These concerns are a big part of the metrics of ESG—environmental, social and governance—and they need to be considered by virtually every company, non-profit, university and hospital. Sooner or later they will encounter the financial and social stresses from growing climate disruption, if they haven’t already done so. Read More >

So how should people manage or invest in the face of this growing reality? Steve Curwood has excellent advice and suggestions born from experience and research. He is a former director and chair of the ESG committee for BGC Partners (BGCP on NASDAQ), and former director of Pax World Funds. He also served on the investment committee for the $500 million Haverford College endowment and led the board’s Committee on Socially Responsible Investing.

Steve can offer insights into the benefits and pitfalls of ESG consideration, especially in the context of the growing climate emergency. Harvard University appointed Steve as a lecturer in Environmental Science and Public Policy, and he now serves on the faculty of the School for the Environment at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Steve’s expertise also includes more than 30 years as the host and executive producer of public radio’s award-winning program Living on Earth, distributed by PRX to more than 250 stations. He has interviewed hundreds of experts in the fields related to ESG and heard where much of the smartest money and efforts are focused. Read Less ^

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