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Vivica A. Fox

Vivica A. Fox

Actress & Producer


Vivica A. Fox has been in the business long enough to achieve a successful career as an actress producer, entrepreneur and it just keeps on going! Hollywood screen gem, Fox, has triumphantly built an international brand that stands on the strength that women can do anything. With an extensive body of work that encompasses unforgettable television, stage and film credits, Vivica A. Fox is an inspiration as a Hollywood actress, generous philanthropist and accomplished businesswoman. Read More >

Born in South Bend, Indiana, Vivica’s family relocated to Indianapolis, Indiana when she was four. Upon graduating from Arlington High School, where she was active in various sports like basketball, track, volleyball and cheerleading. The mid-western beauty ultimately gave up sports to pursue a modeling and acting career. With the support of family and friends, the budding star headed to California to attend Golden West College in Huntington Beach and earn an Associate Arts degree in Social Sciences.

Determined to succeed, Vivica hit the Los Angeles audition circuit and was discovered by Hollywood producer Trevor Walton and offers started pouring in. Soap opera stints on The Young and The Restless, Days of Our Lives and Generations led to more sitcom and modeling work. But in 1996, Vivica’s big break came when she scored a role in the summer blockbuster Independence Day alongside Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum. And the rest is history!

Fox built her stardom with a strong foundation. She co-starred with some of Hollywood’s hottest actors, including Academy Award® winners Jamie Foxx, Halle Berry and Whoopi Goldberg and Academy Award® nominees Will Smith, Uma Thurman and Queen Latifah.

Fox’s feature credits include Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, Set It Off, Ella Enchanted, Independence Day, Soul Food, Batman and Robin, Kingdom Come, Why Do Fools Fall In Love, Boat Trip and Juwanna Mann. She also co-produced and starred in The Salon with Academy Award® nominee Terrence Howard and in The Hard Corps alongside Jean Claude Van Damme. Fox's television films include Showtime's Hendrix and the ABC/Disney movie, A Saintly Switch opposite David Alan Grier and Rue McClanahan.​ Her other recent films are the drama film, Green Card Warrior, with Manny Perez and Paige Heard and the indie film hit, In The Hive, directed by Robert Townsend she co-starred with the late Micheal Clarke Duncan and Loretta Devine.

Did you think she was taking a break? Vivica set 2018 off in a big way by penning her first book and adding author to her name with Everyday I'm Hustling out now. And look who's back! Skye is back with a vengeance in Sharknado's sequel coming out on SYFY in August. For a breather, she decided to settle down enough in September with a talk show called Face the Truth, executive produced by Dr. Phil. And to fill our little soap opera hearts with joy, Candace is still alive and bougier than ever in Lee Daniel's Empire's next season in October. There's a couple more things up this Fox's sleeve. Keep your eye on her!

Aside from being an on-camera personality, Vivica has had major success in stage, television and film as a producer and businesswoman. Most recently, she co-executive produced Lifetime's Vivica's Black Magic, co-produced Lifetime's The Wrong Student, and co-produced A Husband for Christmas with ION network.

Aside from numerous film, television and other projects in the works, Vivica’s empire continues to grow as this versatile Hollywood legend continues to inspire, indulge and entertain an international fan base. Among her many philanthropic endeavors, Vivica A. Fox Hair is proud to be one of the sponsors for the LA Sparks since 2015 and has donated many hair products for cancer patients who want the Vivica A. Fox look!

Fox has received MTV Movie and NAACP Image Award nominations for her past performances. She and Will Smith won the MTV movie award for Best on Screen Kiss in Independence Day. She was also voted one of People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People.” Read Less ^

Speaker Videos

Make Your Haters Your Congratulators

GiGi's Playhouse & Down Syndrome

Being Healthy

Speech Topics

Women In Business Initiatives

Vivica has been as to speak around the world to women of all walks of life about “Owning Your Future” and “Taking Charge of your Best Life Now." Her book Everyday I’m Hustlin was well received and reviewed. Other topic includes "Create Your Own Wealth" and "Sign Your Own Checks." Vivica believes in women being totally in charge of their finances and the health of those finances.

Women’s Health Programs

Being a woman of a certain age Vivica believes that your health will always be your best asset and in order for you to retain total control of every aspect of life you must be healthy. This includes your mental health as well as the physical. She has spoken at length to many young women of all ethnic background and the message stay’s the same. Overall health starts in your mind. She has spoken on Body Shaming and being comfortable in your on skin. These topics play very well to her younger female audience.

Advocate For Mentally & Physically Challenged Adults

Vivica’s work and support of Best Buddies which does an amazing job working to show these beautiful people they have place in this world. Gigi’s Playhouse is another favorite charity she loves working with. Their work and service in the Down syndrome space is absolutely incredible and is over the moon to be a part of it all. Wounded Warriors program is another favorite of hers. She has been a strong advocate for these men and women returning home with challenges they did not have before they went to serve our great country.

Domestic Violence: This To Shall Past

This mantra she tells women who suffering or has suffered physical and mental abuse at the hands of someone who claimed to love you. Vivica works with Sojourn House and Alexandria House in Los Angeles. These shelters help women and children to get help healing and getting back on their feet. She has been a very strong advocate for these women all over the country and spoken to countless women who are victims and recovering from this tragic time in their life.

I Want To Be A Star: So Does Everyone Else

Vivica has been invited to speak at Colleges, Universities and High Schools throughout the United States in the realities of the entertainment business. Her speeches have brought clarity to the often-misunderstood fascination with Hollywood. Once she starts to unveil layer-by-layer of her journey to the so-called top the student’s opinion begins to change. This invaluable insight has requested by some of the best educational institutions and she is in demand for topic often.