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Wes  Moore

Wes Moore

New York Times Best-Selling Author & CEO, The Robin Hood Foundation


Acclaimed, bestselling author and sought-after motivational speaker Wes Moore energizes audiences with his remarkable personal story of overcoming adversity through education, embracing personal responsibility and emerging as an inspirational leader. His moving life journey from wayward inner city youth to decorated combat veteran, Rhodes Scholar, White House fellow, social entrepreneur and business leader is the subject of the much-anticipated major motion picture, The Other Wes Moore from Executive Producer Oprah Winfrey and HBO. Based on his New York Times bestseller, The Other Wes Moore tells the story of how educational opportunities, strong parental influence, mentors and a community support network helped him transcend the fate of a man with the same name who lived just blocks away and took a tragically different path to prison. Sharing this and other powerful accounts of inspirational people, Wes Moore leaves audiences hanging on his every word until they rise to their feet in ovation. Read More >

Wes Moore is the Chief Executive of The Robin Hood Foundation, one of the nation’s largest foundations with a sole focus on alleviating poverty. He is also founder of BridgeEdu, an organization that provides support to students as they try to navigate higher education. Previously, he worked on Wall Street with Citigroup in New York, as an investment banker with Deutsche Bank in London and was named one of the top young business leaders by Crain’s New York Business. Moore served as a White House Fellow and special assistant to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. He is also a retired decorated combat veteran and officer who served a tour of duty in the elite 82nd Airborne division of the United States Army in Afghanistan. His decade of military service inspired him to become a passionate voice for veterans, executive producing and hosting Coming Back with Wes Moore, a PBS miniseries about the challenges facing returning Iraq and Afghanistan vets. Also a creative, Moore is the author of four books including the New York Times bestseller The Work: My Search for a Life that Matters, Discovering Wes MooreThis Way Home and a contributor to the Huffington Post, The Times and NBC News. He also hosted Beyond Belief on the Oprah Winfrey Network, American Graduate Day on PBS and executive produced the 2016 critically-acclaimed PBS series All the Difference, chronicling two African-American teens from Chicago’s South Side pursuing their dream of graduating from college. Wes grew up in Baltimore and the Bronx, where he was raised by a single mom. Despite childhood challenges, he graduated Phi Theta Kappa from Valley Forge Military College in 1998 and Phi Beta Kappa from Johns Hopkins University in 2001. He earned an MLitt in International Relations from Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar in 2004.

Whether he’s speaking on transformational leadership, the life-changing power of education, or the value of diversity and corporate responsibility, Wes Moore tailors each presentation to the specific audience and event. Through unforgettable storytelling, he motivates and inspires all of us to see solutions instead of problems, overcome challenges, reach higher, lift up others and find the power and purpose to achieve any goal. Read Less ^

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Overcoming Adversity

Second Chances

Potential is Universal

Impact of Education

On a 'Post-Racist' America

Runways to Leadership

Fight for the Others

Speech Topics

The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates

“The chilling truth is that his story could have been mine. The tragedy is that my story could have been his.” –Wes Moore Read More >

Two Baltimore boys named Wes Moore were born in the same neighborhood less than a year apart. One grows up to be a Rhodes Scholar, decorated veteran and White House Fellow. The other becomes a convicted murderer serving a life sentence. The Other Wes Moore is a story so compelling, it became an instant New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling book and is now an upcoming major motion picture from Executive Producer Oprah Winfrey. In this unforgettable keynote, Wes Moore gives a firsthand account of a life’s journey empowered by the strength of his family, educational opportunities and community network. He also explores the power of personal responsibility and the role that it played in making positive choices. Read Less ^

The Tenets of Transformational Leadership: Evolve, Adapt, Inspire

What does it take to become a transformational leader? To Wes Moore, it’s about creating a clear and compelling vision, then inspiring and empowering everyone in an organization to own it. It’s having the discipline to always stay focused on the bigger picture, while constantly adapting and evolving. Most of all, it’s the ability to inspire others to achieve—elevating the morale, culture and performance of the entire organization. Read More >

In this highly motivational presentation, Wes Moore shares his personal story of overcoming adversity and how it shaped his approaches as a business, nonprofit and military leader. From leading combat paratroopers in Afghanistan to heading up the Robin Hood Foundation, Wes Moore’s insightful and universal lessons are invaluable to anyone who aspires to lead change through inspiration.  Read Less ^

The Work: My Search for a Life That Matters

How can we find meaning in a volatile age? How can we discover our own path to purpose? Drawn from his New York Times bestseller The Work, Wes Moore chronicles his own quest for a meaningful life, sharing valuable lessons learned from the remarkable people that he met along the way. From the translator who helped him “find his fight” in Afghanistan to young students in Katrina-ravaged Mississippi who showed him the meaning of grit and resiliency, Wes Moore reveals that our truest work happens when we serve others. This moving presentation inspires audiences to find their own path, create a life that matters and play an active part in building a better world.

Belonging: The Importance of DEI

There is a difference between being welcomed and feeling welcomed. In this keynote, Wes Moore will lead your audience through his own journey of belonging and how every organization can and should set the stage in their own space. Understanding the value of your unique personal experience and effectively leveraging it can increase individual, professional and organizational success. Read More >

Wes Moore shares practical examples and provides actionable strategies for utilizing your own diversity to enhance the culture of your organization. You’ll learn: Read Less ^

  • The meaningful impacts that diversity and inclusion have on not only your organization, but employees as well.
  • How you can leverage diversity and inclusion to inspire and expand innovation.
  • As a leader, how you can find your own “why” about diversity and inclusion.

Responsible Corporate Citizenship & the Real-Life Ramifications

In this presentation, Wes Moore focuses on social innovation and corporate citizenship. How do we define a well-rounded leader in this era? What should be his/her ethics, management goals, community responsibilities, and family focus? Most importantly, what are the benefits to be realized with this new kind of leadership?

From Troubled Teen to Rhodes Scholar: The Transformative Power of Education

"My grandfather used to say that education is like a skeleton key. If you can get that skeleton key, it can open any door." –Wes Moore Read More >

Education has opened many doors for Wes Moore and inspired him to found an organization devoted to creating educational access and opportunities for disadvantaged youth. In this powerful keynote, he speaks to the role that education and educators have played in changing his life. As an under-served 12-year old getting into trouble, Wes was put on a path away from gangs, drugs and crime. He became the top student in his high school class, graduated with honors from Johns Hopkins, earned a Rhodes Scholarship and became a decorated veteran, White House fellow, founder of the innovative education social enterprise, BridgeEdu and CEO of The Robin Hood Foundation. Emphasizing the great impact that educators, mentors, family and a supportive community have on empowering the next generation’s success, Wes Moore celebrates those who are making a difference and the lives that they change every day. Read Less ^