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Yuri  Shvets

Yuri Shvets

Internationally Renowned Expert on the Russian Intelligence Community


Yuri Shvets is an internationally renowned expert on the Russian intelligence community. He has a unique insight on personalities, culture, motivations, goals and modus operandi of President Putin and his inner circle and was trained by the same secret books as those who presently rule Russia. Read More >

Yuri Shvets was the best in class at all of the academic institutions he attended, with a Master’s degree in International law and a Bachelor’s degrees in French, English and Spanish. In May 2001, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) announced that, in the early 1980s, he was Vladimir Putin’s college mate at the Academy of the KGB Foreign Intelligence.

For ten years in the 1980s, he worked in the elite departments of the KGB Humint (human intelligence) including the American department. He also worked undercover as a journalist in Washington, DC in the mid-1980s.

Since 1998, he has been doing private business security, investigating the former Soviet Union for American and West European businesses, including major banks, hedge funds, world top airspace and international oil companies. He also investigated the Russian assassination operations in the UK, as well as operations of the FSB (KGB successor) against American citizens, companies, and NGOs.

On September 21, 1999, Yuri Shvets testified before the Committee on Banking and Financial Services of the United States House of Representatives on money laundering and organized crime in the former Soviet Union. In February 2015, he testified as a key expert witness at the Royal Court of London in inquest on the assassination of Russian exile Aleksandr Litvinenko.

He has had two appearances on CBS’ 60 Minutes, multiple appearances in foreign TV networks, and was interviewed by a number of American and foreign media. His interviews on Russian foreign policy, Vladimir Putin and Russian security agencies have been viewed more than 10 million in Russia and the Ukraine. Read Less ^

Speaker Videos

My Life As A KGB Spy In America

Speech Topics

Fundamentals of Putin’s Regime & Its Future: Ramifications for the US Foreign Policy

Russia is ruled by an organized crime group, yet Putin’s evolution went from Mr. Nobody to a thug to a Tsar. As an insider, Shvets knows Putin has a strong inferiority complex, which he tries to suppress by machismo with childish overtones. Shvets explains to audiences that political and economic systems developed under Putin’s presidency are designed to help him stay in power, but kill the economy. To deflect the Russian people’s attention away from the deteriorating economic situation, Putin needs foreign and domestic “enemies.” On an international arena, he will bite as much as he is allowed. Containing Putin’s Russia is the main challenge for the West, and Shvets has recipes of how to do this efficiently and safely.

Russian Intelligence Community Under Putin: Evolution from the KGB to FSB/SVR

In this keynote, Yuri Shvets discusses the criminalization of the Russian security agencies during the 1990s, which have now turned into a major organized crime group under Putin. Currently, the FSB is the dominant intel agency and has become a for profit corporation, with achievements and failures. In addition, Shvets shares how there are Russian intelligence operations against the US, with immigration from Russia being used widely to build the “fifth column” in the US and Europe, causing implications for the US intelligence community.

Russian Intelligence Tradecraft Under Putin

What lies behind Putin’s intelligence community? Shvets uses his insider knowledge to share active measures they are taking, recruitment practices, money laundering and the use of deadly force (including poisons) to assassinate people inside Russia and abroad.