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Pulitzer Prize Winners:

Maureen  Dowd
Maureen Dowd

New York Times Columnist & Pulitzer Prize-Winner

Maureen Dowd, winner of the 1999 Pulitzer Prize for distinguished commentary, became a columnist for The New York Times Op-Ed page in 1995 after serving as a correspondent in the Washington bureau since 1986.

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Charles  Krauthammer
Charles Krauthammer

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Columnist

Named by The Financial Times as the most influential commentator in America, Charles Krauthammer breathes new life into tired debates, offering compelling arguments that most overlook.

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Tony  Horwitz
Tony Horwitz

Best-Selling Author

Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the bestseller Baghdad without a Map, Tony Horwitz chronicles his vicarious voyages throughout the world with good humor and a genuine affection for his subjects.

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Sonia  Nazario
Sonia Nazario

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author & Journalist

Nazario, a former projects reporter for The Los Angeles Times, has covered social issues, earning her dozens of national awards, including the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing for her series “Enrique’s Journey.”

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Nicholas Kristof & Sheryl WuDunn
Nicholas Kristof & Sheryl WuDunn

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalists

Speakers Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn combine journalism and activism in their unique brand of reporting centered on human rights abuses and advocacy.

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Bob  Woodward
Bob Woodward

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist & Author

Woodward is a journalistic icon who gained international attention when he and Carl Bernstein broke the news of the Watergate scandal. The author of 12 bestsellers, he delivers the inside scoop on Washington.

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Ron  Suskind
Ron Suskind

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist, Author

Ron Suskind is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, best-selling author, founder of Sidekicks, teacher, essayist and speaker whose impassioned presentations mix monologue with reportage, and pathos with humor.

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Geraldine  Brooks
Geraldine Brooks

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author

The author of such bestsellers as March, Year of Wonders and Nine Parts of Desire, Geraldine Brooks crafts fascinating, meticulously researched fiction and non-fiction.

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