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Introducing APBVIP (Virtual In Person)
The only platform adapted by event professionals

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When it comes to virtual event platforms, the choices can be overwhelming. That’s why APB reviewed them all. Then, we relied on our almost 60 years in the event business to customize the technology to the needs of our clients. The result: APBVIP, a platform that works for a range of event types, from conferences to annual association meetings. It also offers multiple opportunities to generate revenue through sponsorships, e-commerce, exhibits, and in the case of nonprofits, fundraising.

With APBVIP you can:

  • Replicate the full spectrum of a 1-3 day (or more) live conference, including registration, speakers/programs, sponsors/exhibitors, even a live networking lounge.
  • Reinvent your event with a flexible format that takes advantage of powerful capabilities to expand your program offerings.
  • Create an engaging virtual program and agenda – including speakers, workshops, panels, interviews and entertainment.
  • Provide multiple opportunities for interactive live video networking, both 1:1 and group meetings. Plus, algorithmic “matchmaking” to connect attendees with similar interests and/or professional backgrounds.
  • Enjoy advantages that in-person events don't provide, such as gamification and in-depth start-to-finish analytics of attendee feedback and behavior.
  • Offer sponsors and exhibitors more opportunities for meetings, networking with no restrictions on exhibitor hours.
  • Save on the costs of hosting a live, in-person event, including venue rental, food and beverage, travel, and other expenses while still generating revenue from attendees, sponsors and exhibitors.
  • Attract crowd-drawing speakers including A-List celebrities, business pioneers, industry experts and sports legends.
  • Maintain engagement and flexibility. The platform, with all of your sessions recorded, stays active for three months after the event, with networking two weeks after the event.

Best of all, with APB, you’ll work with the most experienced agents in the business and a company with an almost 60-year reputation for innovative ideas, creative programming and excellence.

See what APB speaker John Quiñones has to say about the advantages of virtual events:


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