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What is “Period Poverty?” Speaker Nadya Okamoto Explains to MTV

29 Oct 2019

What is “Period Poverty?” Speaker Nadya Okamoto Explains to MTV

A Gen Z social entrepreneur, branding expert and change-making activist, speaker Nadya Okamoto opened up to MTV about ending period poverty, using gender-inclusive language and laying the groundwork for progressive change in society. Nadya discusses her journey as an activist, including earning the respect of corporate executives and experiencing an unsuccessful yet galvanizing run for Cambridge City Council in 2017. When she was just 16, Nadya launched PERIOD, a nonprofit working to diminish stigma around menstruation. Now a 21-year-old Harvard student, Nadya has grown PERIOD into a powerful movement across the country, with chapters in all 50 states who rallied for the first ever National Period Day on October 19th.

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Nadya’s approach to life and work is not about playing by the rules, it’s about changing the game. As a leading Gen Z mover and shaker, she runs the largest youth-run NGO in women’s health in the world, but she doesn’t stop there. She is also the Chief Brand Officer for JUV Consulting, a Gen Z marketing agency that works with up-and-coming brands at the cutting-edge of media and influence. As an author, speaker, student, activist, social entrepreneur and marketing consultant, Nadya is a true example of what is possible with passion, enthusiasm and drive.  

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