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APB Speaker Mark Blyth Explains Why Inflation Is a Thing of the Past

21 May 2021

APB Speaker Mark Blyth Explains Why Inflation Is a Thing of the Past  

Will there be inflation in the U.S., Canada, and/or E.U.? Or is it a thing of the past? APB speaker and The William R. Rhodes ’57 Professor of International Economics Mark Blyth told Paul Jay on theAnalysis.news that it is highly unlikely.   

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Mark Blyth said it is easy to generate inflation and any country can do it if they want to. However, he also said, “(…) there’s a kind of speed bump for the economy, and if the government spends money, it can’t push this curve out, all it can do is push it up in terms of prices. What we seem to actually have is one whereby you can have a constant level of inflation, which is very low (…)” Blyth’s ability to break down and clarify complex issues has made him a popular choice for any group looking to gain a better understanding of the intertwined future of the economy and politics.  

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