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Aaron  Golub

Aaron Golub

1st Legally Blind D1 Athlete & Ex NFL Free Agent

Aaron Golub

1st Legally Blind D1 Athlete & Ex NFL Free Agent


Aaron Golub is a professional speaker, entrepreneur, and consultant. He became the first legally blind division one athlete to play in a game when he played football at Tulane University.

He started his journey as a speaker in high school. Aaron was asked to go on Good Morning America when he committed to play football at Tulane, he knew immediately that he had a message that would impact millions. This experience threw him into the deep end at 17 years old. Since then he has traveled the world sharing
his message.

Aaron leaves organizations and teams with both strategies to create true change but also with impactful insights that will allow them to rethink their past beliefs. Aaron is never one and done, he is there by your side to help you implement and act accordingly.

He works in a speaking, workshop, and consulting manor. Whether you want Aaron to come in for a keynote, breakout sessions, day-long workshop, or longer-term consulting, he has a structure for all. Aaron’s biggest accomplishment and what he is most proud of is when he was named a team captain of the Tulane Football Team and went on to become an NFL free agent.

Successful organizations and companies like Pinterest, Deloitte, PlayFly Sports, Evolution Mining, and many other events and teams invest in him regularly.

He has appeared on Good Morning America, as well as been in CBS, NBC, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, Entrepreneur, NPR and many others.

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Speech Topics

Adversity-Based Leadership

This program is designed to help you identify challenges, overcome obstacles, and convert failures into successful lessons and opportunities. Adversity-based leadership is an approach that focuses on the ability to navigate and overcome the daily challenges and adversities we face.

In this session, you’ll learn how to enable your team to become more valuable as well as empower them to find it within themselves to break through the challenges they face.

Discover how to improve your perspective around the challenges and perceived limitations you face and gain effective resources that will allow you to create an internal roadmap to accomplish the goals you have in front of you.

After this program you will be able to:

  • Develop the courage to push through your fears, activate tunnel vision, and increase the clarity of your vision and mission statement.
  • Develop strategies to help you become more open, shift your attitude, upgrade your perception, and focus on the internal drive that will empower you with the resources to destroy any negative opposition.
  • Create positive momentum while putting your aspirations on the fast track to success, no matter where you currently are in your life.
  • Strategies to not allow the stories we tell ourselves to create anxiety and hold us back from acting on what’s needed.
  • Learn how to inspire and motivate your team, even in difficult circumstances. You’ll be able to create a positive and supportive work environment and learn how to foster a culture of resilience and determination

Gratitude Based Leadership

This leadership and informative-based program is designed to help you lead with genuine respect and interest in your team. Gratitude based leadership is an approach that focuses on the power of gratitude and appreciation to drive success and fulfillment.

This approach emphasizes the importance of expressing gratitude and recognizing the contributions of others, both in personal and professional settings. Gratitude-based leaders can foster a culture of appreciation and recognition within their teams, which can have a positive impact on morale, motivation, and engagement. You’ll learn how to take your team to the next level by setting a positive example which will empower the people around you to take control of their own performance and become leaders themselves.

Discover how the best teams and leaders succeed by connecting on a deeper level allowing for authentic appreciation for those you work with. By regularly expressing gratitude and recognition, you can create a positive and supportive work environment, and build strong and fulfilling relationships within your team. This can lead to a more positive mindset and a proactive approach to problem-solving.

After this program you will be able to:

  • Build strategies to find gratitude in every situation despite the frustrations at hand.
  • Uncover techniques to show up as a thoughtful leader, develop leaders around you, and build more efficient teams.
  • Work through the steps to enhance emotional intelligence, and lead by putting people first.
  • Create communication channels that allow you to effectively work with your team in a clear and concise manner.
  • Enhance relationships through genuine connections that last in all environments.

DEI-Based Leadership

This in-depth and educational session will allow you to reframe your thinking around diversity, equity, and inclusion and show up as a more inclusive leader. This approach addresses the importance of creating and fostering a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment for all.

You’ll learn the common misconceptions and biases we all have around disabilities. By learning to shift your perspective away from the drawbacks and challenges disabilities bring, you will begin taking steps toward reimagining the way your team functions.

Start the uncomfortable yet imperative work to create a lasting culture and environment that is truly diverse and inclusive for all no matter their (dis)abilities.

After this program you will be able to:

  • Learn how to capitalize on everyone’s unique differences to create more diverse and productive teams, while keeping DEI in the forefront of all aspects of your work, including hiring, career development, and decisionmaking.
  • Understand how to effectively manage and navigate issues related to diversity and inclusion, such as conflicts and misunderstandings.
  • Learn how to create and implement DEI initiatives and policies that are effective and responsive to the needs of your team and organization.
  • Identify the common misconceptions and bias’s that we all have so you can understand and make changes accordingly.
  • Be able to facilitate open and respectful dialogue, and to find solutions that are fair

Performance-Based Leadership

This intense and captivating session will cover how to perform at the highest level in all areas of life using motivation to do so and be able to focus on achieving results and meeting specific performance goals. We dive into human behavior, creating successful habits, and how to break through what’s holding your team and each individual back. Learning the proper tools that allow you to enter this state helps to create success in your mind, body, spirit, and business.

After this program you will be able to:

  • Understand why some people perform at higher levels than others, and what can be done to increase your potential.
  • Implement strategies to create lasting habits that won’t waver when life gets hectic, and you become frustrated with the day-to-day.
  • Dissect the difference between internal and external motivation, and how you can use internal motivation to push yourself past what you thought was possible.
  • Learn how to set clear and measurable objectives and be able to regularly evaluate and assess the performance of individuals and teams.
  • Understand how to develop and implement effective strategies and systems for tracking change and outcomes and be able to provide feedback and support to improve performance.