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Aaron  Stark

Aaron Stark

Keynote Speaker, TED Presenter & Global Positivity Advocate


Aaron Stark was almost a school shooter. As a dark and destructive teen, Stark almost committed a terrible attack. Today he is a happy father of four, and wants to do all he can to help anyone on that path to find a way into the light again, and to see that they matter. Read More >

After watching the news coverage of the Parkland school shootings, Stark wrote an open letter “I was almost a school shooter.” This was sent to local news 9KUSA in Denver, and was the feature story on Next with Kyle Clark. This story gained national attention and over 17 million views in a very short time, which propelled me into a life of activism for mental wellness awareness. He have been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and also wrote his own article in the Washington Post. This was followed by his viral TEDx talk “I Was Almost a School Shooter “ that currently has over 14 million views and is shown in schools, colleges, and universities, all the way up to the Dept. Of Education.

These days Aaron get in front of as many audiences as possible trying to spread his message of Giving Love to The Ones You Feel Deserve It The Least, Because They Need It The Most. He speaks to students, administrators, SRO’s, law enforcement, podcasts, one on one interviews, and any other group that is looking for a way to reach that person in the dark and remind them they matter in hopes of preventing future tragedies.

Recently he started presenting to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies in hopes of improving methods and techniques when dealing with those in the edge of darkness. Now he flies across the country speaking to help prevent the next potential HIM from happening. Read Less ^

Speaker Videos

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Speech Topics

I Was Almost a School Shooter

The main message is always how to identify, talk to and deal with those people on the edge of or in the depths of depression or angry issues. The main presentation is very emotional but uplifting, with multiple tangible takeaways for students, teachers, law enforcement, or anyone who has people with these issues in their lives. The message can be distilled to "Give love to the ones you feel deserve it the least, they need it the most."

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