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Alden  Mills

Alden Mills

Inc. 500 CEO, Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author & Navy SEAL


Alden Mills is on a mission to help 100 million people Be Unstoppable. With more than 40 years of experience failing and succeeding in a vast array of different environments from sports, military, and business to nonprofits and community action groups, he learned success is driven by one vital factor – leadership – of oneself and others. Read More >

The first person Alden learned to lead was himself. As a weak child with asthma, doctors insisted he limit physical activity and avoid sports. Instead, with the mindset instilled in him by his mother that “no one defines what you can and can’t do, but you,” he went on to become a National Collegiate Champion rower, earning Gold and Silver medals at the Olympic Festival, and a Navy SEAL who was top of his class. From a young age he amassed notebooks of invention drawings. One of those ideas became the wildly popular Perfect Pushup and today he holds over 40 patents worldwide.

As Alden achieved personal successes, he repeatedly grew into leadership positions. He became captain of his collegiate rowing team, was promoted three times to Navy SEAL platoon commander, and ranked #1 platoon commander each time. He turned a single invention into a global fitness powerhouse in over 70 countries with multiple products, leading Perfect Fitness to become the fastest-growing consumer product company in the country, with over $95 million in sales in just three years. He has since founded and served on multiple companies’ boards in retail hard goods, consumable products, and service-based businesses. 

Along the way, Alden cultivated a methodology - Unstoppable Leadership – that develops people into congruent and authentic leaders who successfully build teams and create cultures that are unstoppable regardless of the situation, industry, or environment.

Today Alden Mills is known as one of the leading business thinkers in America and spends his time helping others learn and implement the three levels of Unstoppable Leadership. Through speaking, coaching, writing, board advisory, and teaching, Alden helps people acquire the mindset, tools, and actions required to accomplish more than they thought was possible. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

UNSTOPPABLE MINDSET: The Mentality & Tools for Achieving Your Full Potential

With over 40 years of experience overcoming challenges in business and life, Alden Mills brings a unique perspective on what it means to be unstoppable at accomplishing more than was thought possible. We all have natural obstacles in our path. When we learn to conquer those obstacles, we realize that our biggest obstacle is our mindset. The challenge is understanding how to harness the very things we can control to help us find the success we seek. Read More >

This keynote dives into the key differentiator of success stopping us from reaching and surpassing potential — an Unstoppable Mindset.

Alden weaves together riveting stories, inspiration, and practical tools to teach the Mindset Fundamentals to become unstoppable, regardless of industry, environment, or situation.

Much more than just a motivational experience, he shares a system that enables people to tackle tough challenges, use change to their advantage, and seize bold opportunities time and time again. Read Less ^

UNSTOPPABLE TEAMS: The Actions & Strategies for Building & Leading High-Performing Teams

As Alden Mills advanced from personal success to leading teams in sports, military, business, and nonprofits, he learned group success is determined by a leader’s ability to build and lead teams. Read More >

Whether a team is formed remotely or in-person, by mandate or inheritance, formally or organically, team leaders exist to bridge the gap between the outcomes sought and the team that can achieve them.

This keynote explores the universal leadership essentials to build high-performing Unstoppable Teams that continuously surpass what they set out to achieve. Alden demonstrates how leaders can drive greater alignment, trust, and outsized contributions.

He shares the five phases of unstoppable team development and the key actions to implement each phase. Using his C.A.R.E. Loop, he provides a roadmap to activate and effectively turn groups of individuals into Unstoppable Teams. Read Less ^

UNSTOPPABLE CULTURE: The Practices & Essential Components For Enduring Organizational Success

Following the initial success of Perfect Fitness, Alden Mills and his team lost their way. Laser-focused on growth and profit, the company began to falter. To get back on track and ensure ongoing success, they regrouped and established a prominent culture. Read More >

This keynote details how stakeholders in senior leadership and human resources build an Unstoppable Culture to drive lasting employee engagement, competitive advantage, and outsized growth.

Through personal stories, checklists, and live exercises, Alden shows how to close culture gaps by building intentional structure, dynamic practices, and congruent values that leaders and teams apply together—day after day, week after week.

Attendees learn the behaviors and tools that create an Unstoppable Culture by embedding the three Ps—Promise, People, and Process—a practical three-part framework to close the gap between an organization’s existing culture and activating what he calls the 10x Advantage to create an Unstoppable Culture. Read Less ^

BE UNSTOPPABLE: The Science & Secrets of Persistence

Finding success can be hard, frustrating, and even demoralizing.  Many people give up too soon, not knowing how close they’ve come to reaching their goal. Thanks to 25 years leading businesses and Navy SEALs, Alden Mills has learned that success is a choice — if you think and act differently. He draws on dramatic failures and remarkable achievements to show how anyone can succeed at greater levels once they understand the science and secrets to persistence. This inspiring keynote is based on Alden’s highly-regarded book, Be Unstoppable.

BUILD UNSTOPPABLE TEAMS: The 4 Essential Actions of High Performance Leadership

In today’s hard-charging world, your success is determined by your ability to lead others. Yet there’s no greater challenge than galvanizing people into high-performing teams. Alden Mills — CEO of the fastest-growing consumer products company in America, and a #1-ranked Navy SEAL platoon commander — has distilled team-building into a new framework called C.A.R.E. that bridges the gap between the impact you want and outcomes you need. Audiences will hear surprising stories and unexpected lessons. They will also walk away ready to implement Alden’s C.A.R.E.-based leadership framework on Monday morning.


In this customized keynote, Alden Mills shows how his C.A.R.E. framework inspires and equips people to “be bold” each and every day. Alden is an exceptional storyteller. He uses vignettes from his experiences as an entrepreneur, CEO, and Navy SEAL to demonstrate how boldness makes people unstoppable—and how unstoppable people change an organization forever Audiences see how C.A.R.E.-based employees give 4 times the effort, are 8 times more likely say they’re proud of their organization, and are 20 times more innovative. You’ll also learn how to put C.A.R.E. to work through Alden’s proprietary “4 Cs” exercise.