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Amy  McWhirter

Amy McWhirter

Live & Virtual Event Emcee, On-Camera & Broadcast Host


Soulful and captivating, professional emcee and event host Amy McWhirter energizes and inspires audiences to connect and take action. Amy creates continuity and cohesion, drives deeper audience engagement and amplifies messaging by pulling threads together in a unique way so that audiences come away with deep value.   Read More >

Expert in emceeing live on-stage, in-studio, hybrid and virtual events, hosting and producing videos, Amy helps audiences get to the heart of every session, making sure messages are clear and compelling. 

Her effervescence is contagious and she’s adept at emphasizing key points from speakers, gracefully improvising with humor, focusing the audience’s attention and weaving in themes of the event.  

She works with marketing and event planning teams to help craft scripting, content, interview questions and engagement activities that drive home the central themes of her client’s event and ensure that the audience is inspired, energized and ready to act. Read Less ^

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Technology Host & MC Amy McWhirter

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Virtual Event Emcee (MC) & Host

Creating engaging virtual events is the talk of the meeting and conference planning industry. Dare we say the word on everyone's mind lately - "pivot"? Well, it is the current reality and an apt term for today's environment. While we may miss the in-person energy and connection of live events, the good news is that audience engagement is still possible in a live broadcast and virtual event! And, you could argue, that energizing presence may be more important than ever to tie themes together, engage audiences to interact with each other, and maintain focus with distractions lurking near attendees' screens.  Read More >

Amy has years of experience as a virtual event emcee and broadcast host for sales training, internal and external corporate live broadcasts, team building, webcasts, hybrid in-person and live broadcast conferences. Her authentically engaging nature invites audiences of all sizes to connect with messaging and take away key points, inspired, and ready to act on what they've learned. Invitations to network and type comments and questions, segues, interviews, announcements,  audience retention and engagement are all enhanced by a dynamic soulful emcee and host. Connecting with facial expressions, emotion and voice to virtual audiences through webcam or studio cameras is exhilarating to Amy, and perfectly suits her expertise and deep desire for attendees to find value in their time invested in events. Read Less ^

Live Event Emcee (MC) & Host

Corporations, organizations and event planners spend significant time, effort and money making their live events a success and ensuring the best ROI possible. A seemingly small addition - hiring a professional emcee and event host - can make a big difference in the outcome of their event and the experience and engagement of audiences. Read More >

Amy's guarantee...to work diligently with you on scripting before we ever set foot onto the event floor or begin and handle any last-minute changes with ease; deliver "Voice of God" announcements, opening welcome and speech, introduce speakers, facilitate audience engagement activities, provide housekeeping announcements, interview or Q&A with speakers or panels, moderate breakout sessions; ensure your event flows smoothly and improvise when necessary; keep audiences engaged and energized, guiding them on a rich, meaningful journey. Read Less ^

Professional Trade Show & Corporate Presenter

Trade shows and conferences are significant investments. Partnering with a magnetic, captivating expert trade show presenter allows companies to maximize their impact with attendees, driving qualified leads and increasing sales. Read More >

Amy McWhirter is one of the most sought after trade show presenters in the world, using specific strategies and tactics that set your brand apart in crowded, noisy exhibit environments.  Her energetic, engaging, welcoming and conversational presentation style draws audiences in and naturally keeps their attention without resorting to gimmicks.

Her ability to take complex technical or medical information and make it understandable, relatable and conversational is unlike any other. Often viewed as a subject matter expert and even internal employee on whatever she is representing, Amy has a unique ability to synthesize complex material and make it relatable to and engaging for attendees. Read Less ^