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Brad  Meltzer

Brad Meltzer

Named "America's Historian" & Best-Selling Author


Brad Meltzer is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The First Conspiracy, The Inner Circle, The Book of Fate, The Escape Artist and nine other bestselling thrillers. Brad made national news when he discovered the secret note that President Bush left in the Oval Office for Bill Clinton. He was one of four speakers chosen to entertain at Barbara Bush’s 90th birthday party. And he is beloved for his History Channel TV shows. Meet America’s Historian. Read More >

A gifted storyteller and highly motivational and inspirational keynote speaker, Brad has become a formidable creative force in many mediums of popular culture. He is one of the only authors to ever have books on the bestseller list for non-fiction (History Decoded), Advice (Heroes for my Son and Heroes for My Daughter), Children’s Books (I am Amelia Earhart and I Am Abraham Lincoln) and even comic books (Justice League of America), for which he won the prestigious Eisner Award. His vast and varied body of work and creative talents have earned him a spot on The Hollywood Reporter list of Hollywood’s “25 Most Powerful Authors.” He is also one of the co-creators of the TV show, Jack and Bobby and hosted Brad Meltzer’s Lost History and Brad Meltzer’s Decoded on the History Channel. Lost History captured national and international attention for the story of how Meltzer found the missing 9/11 flag that the firefighters raised at Ground Zero, later unveiling it for display at the 9/11 Museum in New York. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Columbia Law School.

An inspirational voice, Brad Meltzer has earned a reputation for working closely with clients, speaking authentically from the heart, and receiving both high praise and standing ovations. Infusing humor and insights into engaging, highly human stories, his thought-provoking talks truly connect with audiences. He inspires us to examine our lives, shape our legacies, embrace change and discover the potential within all of us to change the world. As he says, “Stories aren’t the beauty of what did happen. They’re the beauty of what could happen.” Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

Leadership Lessons from People Who Changed the World

What can we learn about leadership from Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Amelia Earhart, George Washington, Gandhi or Einstein? Brad Meltzer’s two million-selling I AM series has helped teach an entire generation about the world’s greatest heroes. Brad’s latest book, #1 Amazon best-seller The First Conspiracy: The Secret Plot to Kill George Washington was praised by Bill Clinton and lauded by George H.W. Bush as “a wonderful book about leadership.” In this thought-provoking talk, the best-selling author looks at these figures through the lens of leadership and promoting positive organizational values and culture. What do these great heroes have in common? Meltzer contends that their accomplishments didn’t come from their resumes. Instead, they came from the moral values they displayed as kids — values that we need to get back to in corporate culture today: decency, humility, generosity and selflessness. So much more than a history lesson, this fascinating motivational keynote zeroes in on the enduring elements of leadership and culture that transcend trends, technology and changing times.

What’s Your Legacy?

When the Wall Street Journal told Brad that one of his charitable acts would be in his obituary, it sent Brad on a quest to find out what else his legacy might be.  Hear the funny, inspiring, and always entertaining story that will never let you look at your life the same way again. 

The Greatest Risk You’ll Ever Take

What’s the greatest risk you’ll ever take in your life? It’s admitting what you want. We all know what we want. But we rarely admit it. Why? Because putting yourself out there—especially emotionally—is scary. If you admit what you want, you risk not getting it. And failure terrifies us. So how do you actually pull it off? How do you take the greatest risk you’ll ever take in your life and admit what you want? You need to do three things: Remember what you love, remember what got you’re here, and most important, remember what terrifies you. See the commencement address that will leave you breathless.

How To Be A Hero

On the night Brad Meltzer’s first son was born, he began collecting heroes for his boy. And for nearly a decade, Meltzer studied these heroes throughout history. From Thomas Jefferson (who had the humility to never publicly take credit for writing the Declaration of Independence) to the Wright Brothers (who brought extra materials to every test flight, anticipating their own failure) to George Washington to Rosa Parks to Mr. Rogers, Meltzer reminds us that their stories are not about fame-- they're about what we are all capable of on our very best days.  See why Meltzer’s book on heroes-- from Jackie Robinson, to Abraham Lincoln, to Eleanor Roosevelt-shot up the inspirational bestseller list.  Let Meltzer teach you how to find the real hero in your life.  And the power of never letting anyone tell you ‘No.’

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You ‘No’

Brad’s family moved from Brooklyn to Miami with only $1,200 to their name.  A decade later, he got 24 rejection letters for his first novel.  A year after that, he started his climb to the #1 spot on the New York Times Bestseller List and his own television show.  The adventure between is a classic tale with a truly incredible ending.