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Brett  Francis

Brett Francis

Leading Mental Health Advocate


Do you have Tourette's? Awesome! How about anxiety? Great! Depression? So what?! ADHD, OCD? Right on! Brett Francis is a professional speaker and mental health advocate, with a TV and radio show. Her radio show, Not Broken® Radio, has 1.8M+ online listeners alone (Website, RSS feeds and podcast) and is heard on hundreds of stations throughout the globe! She’s also a best selling author and has a mental health clothing line, all aimed towards having open and honest discussion about mental health and disabilities and also to give confidence to those struggling. Read More >

When she was 6 years old, she was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome and severe ADHD. At 17, she was also diagnosed with anxiety, OCD and panic disorder. She spent a large part of her life feeling broken, wondering what was wrong with her - depressed, as an outcast, even to the ones closest to her. In 2012 she was in two car accidents that left her unable to work for a year, and living with chronic pain ever since.

Yet, she's pushed on and came out stronger than ever, realizing that it’s possible for everyone to forge experiences like these into strength and personal power. This may be you, loved ones, friends or co-workers, since the solution doesn't need any particular talent. It’s a philosophy. A state of mind.

It can not only shape your life, but it will also help others in theirs. Her philosophy involves three simple approaches that have helped her and many others in overcoming mental health barriers, disabilities, anxiety and stress, difficulties in business, entrepreneurship, relationships, life and health! It helps you embrace your true self and feel empowered about it!

She's faced many challenges with anxiety, disabilities, life and businesses, and yet (or exactly because of it!) she came out on top as a strong business woman, the proud Owner, CEO and President of multiple companies. She's constantly learning and is passionate about expanding her knowledge.

She’s an active member in the community and currently involves herself with many things such as working with disabled, volunteering and fundraising as part of a number of mental health organizations and has been involved with many other causes and non-profit organizations in the last decade. She’s endorsed by mental health associations across the globe as a Mental Health Advocate, including but not limited to: Mental Health America and Canadian Mental Health Foundation, and is Mental Health First Aid Certified.

She started her first company when she was 22 years old. How? She practices her simple philosophy to overcome her barriers, and manage the ones she still lives with every single day. Read Less ^

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Embracing Challenges

From Challenges to Advantages

A New Way of Looking at Mental Illness

Not Broken

Unlocking Your Full Potential

Speech Topics

Helping Employees Achieve Resiliency, Emotional Intelligence, Stress Reduction & Greater Productivity

As a keynote speaker and trainer, Brett Francis has worked with hundreds of corporations to increase the value of their most important asset: their employees. Brett’s forte is enhancing the contribution of each and every employee by helping them boost their emotional intelligence, manage stress more effectively, communicate better despite generational differences, and be fully present when they show up for work. Read More >

For corporate clients, working with Brett creates a more productive workplace where more is accomplished, employee retention is higher because people want to work there, and diversity is embraced for its ability to generate new ideas and perspectives.

Endorsed by Mental Health America, the Canadian Mental Health Association, Mental Health Commission of Australia and other important organizations for her expertise, Brett is a best-selling author who has worked with thousands of individuals.

Corporate audiences especially enjoy the frankness with which she shares her own personal story. Brett has emerged stronger after coping with Tourette’s syndrome, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, panic disorder and chronic pain.

Her Not Broken® Radio show is heard on hundreds of stations throughout the globe. She also hosts the TV series Breaking The Barriers. Read Less ^

Turn Challenges into Superpowers

Everyone has challenges but some people have more than others. Brett Francis knows this from personal experience. Only now she turns those challenges—her own and other people’s—into assets. Her mantra is “no one is broken” and she means it when she says “our struggles are not our fault.” Read More >

Her Not Broken® Radio show is heard on hundreds of stations throughout the globe; she is the bestselling author of Not Broken: How to Overcome Mental Health Challenges and Unlock Your Full Potential. In addition, she hosts the TV series Breaking The Barriers.

She gets the biggest kick out of inspiring individuals who need some help powering through their own issues. But she doesn’t just talk the talk … she walks it.

Some of the challenges that have made Brett a stronger person include Tourette’s syndrome, ADHD, childhood bullying, anxiety, panic disorder, OCD, an abusive relationship, a miscarriage and depression.

Brett’s mission is to educate individuals and society at large about mental health and why having mental health issues or a family member with them is a lot more normal than most people think. She wants to eradicate the stigma associated with mental health and disabilities so that those who are coping with such issues realize they are no different than having diabetes or some other common physical ailment. She advocates for greater education and awareness of these common problems.

Brett is endorsed by Mental Health America, the Canadian Mental Health Association, Mental Health Commission of Australia and other important organizations. Read Less ^

Increase Productivity By Reducing Stress: 3 Steps For A More Successful Business

The pressure to get things done, often on tight deadlines, can lead employees to barricade themselves in their offices and chain themselves to their desks as they forgo meals, breaks and needed fluids. In addition, employees bring to work their stress from home and vice versa. Read More >

Helping employees reduce their stress levels by arming them with the right tools is simply good, compassionate business practice. Read Less ^

  • 5 biggest myths about stress... and how to harness it for your employees emotional well being
  • T.G.I.S. (Thank God it's Stress!): How to value stress as a signal for opportunity
  • Bring it on! 3 keys to master emotions in order to overcome workplace challenges

Advance Team Performance By Improving Communication & Decision Making

A team is only as strong as its weakest link. But sadly, team members are not always on the same page. Poor communication between members can lead to misunderstandings, poor decisions and lost opportunities. However, most of us need some help when it comes to understanding where other people are coming from and what it means to truly listen and be empathetic. Read More >

Help is here. Read Less ^

  • Reasoning with the Un-reasonable: How to find common ground with difficult clients or co-workers
  • Getting them all on the same page: 5 keys to closing communication gaps
  • Word-Play Workshop: An engaging, fun, and interactive training using the power of words to advance team performance

How To Create Connections To Decrease Conflict, Increase Engagement & Retention

Baby boomer, Gen-X, millennial: Every team member needs to feel valued and know that their opinion matters. However, members of different generations may have different values and morals which can make understanding one another more challenging. Read More >

Happily, those challenges can be overcome through greater connection and understanding. Read Less ^

  • You believe whaaat? How supporting your team’s individual values can improve morale and strengthen your organization
  • The power of synergy: How to diffuse conflict through team-building conversations
  • Ways to use "Locked-in listening™" to increase employee engagement and retention and feed workers’ souls

From Challenges to Advantages

Anxiety, depression, ADHD and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are challenges but they can also be tapped as super powers. Discover how to turn any mental health difficulty into a means to reach your full potential.

A New Way of Looking at Mental Illness

There’s plenty wrong with the way the public and media talk about mental illness. How can we change the stereotypes and misconceptions people have when they hear the diagnosis of depression, anxiety and the like? In this informative, intriguing and inspiring presentation, Brett will give you the answers you seek for understanding mental health in order to thrive in your personal life, your relationships and your career.

Get Inspired by Brett’s Compelling Story

Once made to feel flawed and screwed up by the medical establishment, Brett is now an inspiration to others who, like her, have been diagnosed with Tourette’s, anxiety, ADHD, and OCD. Her mission to break the stigma and open the doors to a better understanding of mental health is catching on.

The 5 Biggest Misconceptions About Self-Care & Emotional Well-Being

Mental health and physical health may seem like two different things but in reality they are interrelated. Learn how to take care of your mental health—the most neglected aspect of modern health—as you discover five compelling hooks to take the weight of the world off your shoulders as you come to grips with the most common misconceptions about health. You’ll also pick up invaluable self-care tips.

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