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Brett  Francis

Brett Francis

Leading Mental Health Advocate


Do you have Tourette's? Awesome! How about anxiety? Great! Depression? So what?! ADHD, OCD? Right on! Brett Francis is a professional speaker and mental health advocate, with a TV and radio show. Her radio show, Not Broken® Radio has 1.8M+ listeners/downloads per month. She’s also a best selling author and has a mental health clothing line, all aimed towards having open and honest discussion about mental health and disabilities and also to give confidence to those struggling. Read More >

When she was 6 years old, she was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome and severe ADHD. At 17, she was also diagnosed with anxiety, OCD and panic disorder. She spent a large part of her life feeling broken, wondering what was wrong with her - depressed, as an outcast, even to the ones closest to her. In 2012 she was in two car accidents that left her unable to work for a year, and living with chronic pain ever since.

Yet, she's pushed on and came out stronger than ever, realizing that it’s possible for everyone to forge experiences like these into strength and personal power. This may be you, loved ones, friends or co-workers, since the solution doesn't need any particular talent. It’s a philosophy. A state of mind.

It can not only shape your life, but it will also help others in theirs. Her philosophy involves three simple approaches that have helped her and many others in overcoming mental health barriers, disabilities, anxiety and stress, difficulties in business, entrepreneurship, relationships, life and health! It helps you embrace your true self and feel empowered about it!

She's faced many challenges with anxiety, disabilities, life and businesses, and yet (or exactly because of it!) she came out on top as a strong business woman, the proud Owner, CEO and President of multiple companies. She's constantly learning and is passionate about expanding her knowledge.

She's an active member in the community and currently involves herself with many things such as working with disabled, volunteering and fundraising as part of a number of mental health organizations and has been involved with many other causes and non-profit organizations in the last decade. She's also endorsed by mental health associations across the globe as a Mental Health Advocate, including but not limited to: Mental Health America and Canadian Mental Health Foundation, and is Mental Health First Aid Certified.

She started her first company when she was 22 years old. How? She practices her simple philosophy to overcome numerous barriers every single day. Read Less ^

Speaker Videos

Brett Francis: Speaker Reel

Speech Topics

The Invisible Woman Unlocking the Unique Power of Misunderstood People with Mental Health Challenges & Disabilities

“They see me but they don’t really see me" - This topic is tailored to all audiences whether they are people who live with these challenges themselves, or it’s their loved ones, co-workers, bosses, and even people who don't have any personal or family experiences with mental health and disabilities. Brett focuses on general understanding, correcting misconceptions and teaching people how to talk about it and side-step the stigma. Turning disabilities into "abilities" and how we can embrace our challenges and use them to our advantage! She likes to do this in a fun and lighthearted way because people are less awkward and more inclined to be involved.

The Things We Know But Do Not Say: Love Languages of Mental Health Challenges & Disabilities

Do you live with a mental health or disability challenge? Do you know someone who does? Do you feel that the topic is widely misunderstood, both by those living with it and the general population? Do you want to understand better? Read More >

Understanding others with mental health and disabilities: Read Less ^

  • How to communicate properly, verbally and non-verbally
  • How to understand yourself
  • How to understand others
  • How to know what you or they may need for help
  • How to ask for help
  • How to provide support or offer help
  • How to have a healthy, functional and fun relationship (no matter what the diagnosis or challenge)

Is Everyone Here Crazy? Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

Each speech/seminar targets very important levels within an organization that can have a major impact on people suffering with mental health challenges and disabilities as well as severe corporate/organizational economic loss. Read More >

Any and all groups, from all kinds of backgrounds can and will benefit from the knowledge and understanding of Brett, and be able to apply this in their own lives, both with themselves and with each other, vastly improving day-to-day life and interactions.

People will often hide their problems, especially at a workplace setting, but these issues do not discriminate, and neither should you! Read Less ^