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Yashi  Brown

Yashi Brown

Spoken Word Artist & Mental Health Advocate


Yashi Brown is a writer, poet, spoken word artist and passionate mental health advocate. After a rare disappearance at 24 years old, she was found by Los Angeles law enforcement skipping along Ventura Boulevard in a psychotic, manic state. From then on, Yashi, daughter Rebbie Jackson, eldest member of the high profile musical Jackson family, vowed to keep her condition a secret as doctors diagnosed her with schizoaffective disorder and then later was confirmed as bipolar disorder type I. Read More >

The severe emotional pain initiating the early signs of depression at age 19 went completely unnoticed by Yashi’s family for 5 years. She went from being an active, joyful, mentally stable teenager to being questioned in a psychiatric unit about what day and year it was, who the president and vice president of the United States were and not being able to recall, while simultaneously losing the ability to coherently read, write, and fill out basic hospital forms.

Today, she’s become a passionate advocate for serious mental illness and has openly shared her resilient story of recovery with TODAY Show, FOX, Huffington Post, CBS, ABC News and Ebony/Jet publications.

She was invited by President Obama’s and Vice Joe Biden’s office to participate in the National Dialogue on Mental Illness which features her video on the administration’s webpage. Currently, her story and advocacy are featured on HHS.gov, MentalHealth.gov and SAMHSA.gov and she was the recent recipient of SAMHSA's Special Recognition Award at the 2016 Voice Awards. She was invited to Google Headquarters to share her story with their privacy team to illustrate how Google’s software applications intersects with mental health privacy needs and recently delivered a keynote address at California’s State Capitol Building for California’s Mental Health Matters Day.

Yashi also conducts poetry workshops for patients at California State Psychiatric locked facilities through her foundation project, People of Poetry (POP). Right now, she’s especially excited to be closely consulting on The Campaign to Change Direction who’s mission is changing the culture of mental health in America and worldwide by educating the public on the five signs of emotional pain. Spearheading the campaign are prominent public figures such as The First Lady, Michelle Obama, Prince Harry, Richard Gere, Chris Stapleton and others to be announced.

Above all, Yashi wants the world to know recovery is not only real but should be the expectation. She hopes to help sufferers and as well as their families heal self image challenges and self imposed stigma. She shares methods that will guide them into finding their very own mental health “sweet spot” and is passionate about spreading the importance of knowing the early signs of depression so one can undergo early intervention. Through her personal life and work, Yashi demonstrates how a support system of family, friends, treatment, poetry, and her strong spirituality are the keys to her success. Read Less ^

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Poet and Mental Health Advocate

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Speech Topics

It’s Ok to Talk About It: Depression in Families

How to open up and navigate the world of mental health.

Discovering the Sweet Spot: How Bipolar Disorder Became a Blessing…Not a Curse

An illness that’s for many, either a literal or figurative death sentence, can be the catalyst to one achieving long-lasting happiness.

Coming Out: From Powerless to Empowerment

The process of healing from a self-imposed stigma and how telling one’s personal story can fast track and cement mental health recovery.

Meditation & Medication: Spirituality, Healthy Living & the Holistic Approach to Treating Depression/ Severe Mental Illness

While on her steady and bumpy journey in recovery, Yashi came across meditation. A new world emerged as she was able to self-medicate her bipolar mania/psychosis symptoms without pharmaceuticals. Then, she unfortunately experienced a toxic and drawn-out divorce. On the heels of two more manic relapses she uncovered the beautiful synergy that exists between medication, meditation, and healthy/positive living.

Know the Signs: Depression in Young Adults

Inspired by her personal journey and "Campaign to Change Direction’s" 5 Signs of Emotional pain.

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