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Brian  Heat

Brian Heat

Transformational Speaker, Educational Leader & National Trainer

Brian Heat

Transformational Speaker, Educational Leader & National Trainer


Brian Heat is a dynamic Inspirational Speaker, Educator, Trainer and Amazon Best Selling Author with his latest book release Get Ignited: Your Blueprint for Discovering Purpose and Manifesting Dreams, who transforms audiences by infusing high-octane motivational and cinematic themes, making his presentations trajectory changing and unforgettable!

Brian’s God-given gifts to positively impact the lives of others can be experienced through his provocative keynotes, trainings, books, online content creation and ground-breaking stage performances. A phenomenal talent, Brian has shared speaking stages with former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, Steve Harvey, Halle Berry, Jalen Rose, Hill Harper and Stedman Graham just to name a few.

As an Educational Leader his Maryland based Diverse Male Student Initiatives Program (DMSI) has transformed the lives of over 3,000 collegiate males in the areas of Academic Excellence, Manhood Development, and Career/Entrepreneurship Readiness. This work can be found captured in the award-winning documentary he Co-Produced titled “Striving for the Extraordinary”: A Journey through Hop & Transformation. Due to the impactful and consistent success of his DMSI program, it was recently awarded a 3.7 million dollar grant to expand the program’s student-based services and overall reach!

With his profound ability to push the boundaries of inspiration, Brian continues to touch thousands of people across the country through a wide array of colleges, universities, corporate clients, non-profit organizations and sports teams.

With an uncanny Rockstar persona who maintains a finger on the pulse of pop culture, Hip Hop, education reform, activism, entrepreneurship and the epic journey of dreamers no matter their race, creed or background, audiences are never the same after witnessing him in action!

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