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Kristen  Geez

Kristen Geez

Millennial & Gen Z Practitioner


Kristen Geez is a former school bully, professor, author, freelance reporter, national speaker, and edtech entrepreneur. Kristen founded AdvisingGenz, the first-of-its-kind alternative disciplinary and social competency behavior management mobile application. AdvisingGenz provides school districts, courts, and police departments with a resource to ensure youth ages 10-18 are given a sense of responsibility for their actions while learning new positive behaviors. Kristen's mission for creating this 21st-century behavior management tool was to assist practitioners in meeting today's youth where they feel most comfortable engaging on their phones. Read More >

Kristen graduated from an HBCU, Wiley College, with a Bachelor's degree in Ethical Leadership, earned a master's in Training and Development from Wayland Baptist University, and is currently in her third year at Liberty University pursuing her Ph.D. in Strategic Leadership.

Kristen spent most of her adolescence in-school suspension, alternative education programs, and teen and truancy court for constantly challenging authority and bullying her peers. Kristen was labeled as the school's ringleader until her sophomore year in high school when her actions almost caused her to serve time in a detention facility. Fortunately, her high school principal intervened by suggesting she lead the first district-wide Black History Program hoping this would help channel her inner leader. This experience changed Kristen's life and ultimately sparked her passion for forming the Advising Generation Z foundation, which specializes in working with troubled youth.

AdvisingGenz started as a Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana-based diversion program that provided over 15,000 misguided students who broke the student code of conduct or law with leadership opportunities in several school districts, municipal courts, and detention centers. Then, in 2021, post-pandemic, after meeting with several administrators and police chiefs about the rise in youth crime and increase in mental health issues for minors, Kristen and her team worked diligently with Pyramid INC, Cox Media, Granthalliburton Foundation, and Dialogue to make AdvisingGenz available to address these issues nationally. Today, AdvisingGenz delivers student discipline, peer mentoring, career exploration, and access to licensed counselors right in the palms of their hands. In addition, this turn-key platform provides practitioners with a diversion, SEL, and career exploration curriculum and the ability to send automatic reports to parents on student behaviors.  

Leaders in education and juvenile justice communities are excited about the AdvisingGenz app. Due to its ability to draft data reports that allow them to review their organization's culture from a student's perspective, provide positive testimonies from young professionals who have successfully overcome similar obstacles, conduct mental health evaluations for youth, and identify unconscious's bias and the training development needs of their staff. AdvisingGenz aims to help communities reduce youth crimes and improve behaviors while equipping young people with the tools to navigate life's difficulties and relaying messages of comfort and advice to Gen Zers by sharing personal stories of victory and defeat from millennials.

Though Kristen is young, she effectively trains seasoned leaders in the public and private sectors to establish healthy relationships and create inclusive environments that engage Gen Zers in school and the workplace. In addition, she contributes much of her knowledge directly related to her previous professional experiences producing digital content for Human Resource departments for fortune 500 companies and leading statewide STEM initiatives for administrators while working for PBS.kids.

Kristen is passionate about bridging the gap between generations. She loves to encourage Gen Zers and Millennials to see their elders as mentors and allies while empowering seasoned employees to rediscover their why. Kristen's proudest accomplishment is learning how to achieve all of her professional achievements despite suffering from extreme anxiety. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

Unleash Your Power

In this presentation, Kristen Geez will help attendees determine who they are and the legacy/reputation they would like to create. Participants will measure how much of their decisions are based on how they feel about themselves regarding their peers' approval, insecurities, fears, and social biases. Attendees will learn four principles to unleash their inner power, thus relying on internal motivation and not external validation. Unleash Your Power can be presented as a speech or guided workshop to youth and adult audiences.

Ask A Former Bully

This is a professional development workshop for school personnel looking to incorporate innovative systems into their student behavior programs. Kristen Geez will share her experience as a school bully and how her high school Principal allowed her to establish the first Black History Month program in her school district. This leadership opportunity motivated Kristen to stop bullying and inspired her to develop her leadership skills positively. Kristen shares research and best practices to help practitioners support their more challenging students' social and emotional well-being. This interactive workshop will engage faculty and staff to work together to create a more inclusive environment that will appeal to all students.

Be the Light (Glow in the Dark)

Teaching youth practitioners and juvenile justice personnel how to see beyond the darkness that occurred pre/post-COVID as they lead youth back to school and help neighborhoods feel safe again. Despite the harmful effects of COVID-19 and police brutality, many families gained a better understanding of the work youth practitioners, and officers face daily when managing and guiding the emotions and behaviors of others. Kristen will assist practitioners in realizing innovative ways to reconnect with students, employees, and communities by showing practitioners to view themselves as the light that shines during dark times.

Acclimate Gen Zers To The Workplace

Seasoned leaders wanting to manage, inspire, and retain this young, outspoken, independent, eager, and always on a device generation will need to become empathetic leaders. This presentation will assist leaders with tools to help them navigate and build team camaraderie among their young workforce post-COVID-19. In addition, this presentation will assist leaders in addressing the hard truths about their leadership styles that must change to manage a multi-generational workforce. Finally, Kristen will give frontline leaders the tools to coach and mentor their young direct reports to master their current roles while designing stretch assignments that will prepare them for their next position within the organization.

Discipline Reimagined – Digital Discipline

Since experiencing the pandemic, teens engaging in risky activities and misconduct are at an all-time high. Gen Zers have become less compassionate and have little to no regard for upholding school rules or obeying the law. Teens have no fear of consequences, thus making partnering with guardians to manage behaviors an uphill battle. This presentation encourages practitioners to view the pandemic as an opportunity to explore alternative disciplinary options that hold teens and guardians accountable while using technology to document the process. In addition to demonstrating innovative ways, institutions can protect themselves using technology. Kristen will share the success stories of how several school districts and court programs improved teen behaviors and limited the number of repeat offenders post-pandemic. Practitioners will walk away with tangible resources which can be immediately implemented in classrooms and programs.

Recognition For Societies Unsung Heroes

This feel-good presentation celebrates essential workers and support staff who usually feel forgotten. Attendees will gain insight into how their contributions pre & post-pandemic have been monumental in keeping the economy running. Kristen will explain how their jobs might not feel glamorous or trendy enough for Gen Zers to notice, but now that this generation has been made aware of how these roles positively impact the world, they're intrigued. This is why blue-collar workers and support staff must be intentional about taking pride in their job duties when interacting with the community. In addition, Kristen will provide recruitment strategies that appeal to Gen Z and share what they value most in a work environment.

Perfectionism Can Kill You

Kristen shares her mental health journey, battling anxiety while striving for perfection and the overwhelming pressure to compete with peers on social media. In this presentation, Kristen discusses the physical, mental, and emotional trauma she had to overcome as she took five weeks to recover from a 9-day hospital stay after having an extreme panic attack that caused her body to completely shut down. This keynote urges this "always-on" mission generation to slow down and set realistic timelines for their goals. In addition, attendees will learn about the benefits of positive self-talk and how to have the courage to take a break when they're feeling overwhelmed.

High Heels In Tech

This presentation helps female attendees analyze areas in their professional life where redirection might feel like rejection. Kristen shares her personal testimony on how she had to give up her dream of pursuing a successful modeling career to launch her company with no funding and, at the time, no education. Kristen shares the obstacles she faced as a female entrepreneur in the Edtech arena. She provides women with out-of-the-box solutions when seeking funding, promotions, recognition, partnerships, and securing allies in a male-dominated industry. This speech equips attendees on how to quickly pivot without giving up.

Discover The You in Them

This presentation is for leaders in every industry to understand how they interact with their male/female colleagues and will set the stage for what younger colleagues deem acceptable in the workplace. When young professionals enter the workforce, they discover what type of employee they will become by mirroring the leaders they see daily. During this presentation, Kristen will walk attendees in being intentional about seeking their mini-me at work. The audience will have a clear picture of the character traits of a 21st-century professional mentor and how to retain and empower young talent. This presentation can be taught to college students and entry-level personnel seeking a career mentor or preparing for a promotion.

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