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Kristen  Geez

Kristen Geez

Millennial & Gen Z Practitioner


Kristen Grant-Evuleocha, also known as Kristen Geez, is a digital content creator, training consultant, TEDx speaker, author, and founder of Advising Generation Z, a non-profit organization focused on helping students and young adults become the best version of themselves. Kristen holds a BS. in Ethical Leadership, MEd in Leadership & Development, and will begin pursuing her Doctoral Degree in degree in Leadership and Learning Specialization in Organizational Leadership fall of 2020. Read More >

Kristen is the red carpet reporter for Women That Soar, a Dallas-based media and content development company. She creates and produces empowering and inspiring content, for broadcast, online, digital media, and live events. 

Kristen is dedicated to building confidence, developing leadership, inspiring unity, and setting high standards for young people and the adults that love them. Her philosophy of creating context and covering events that help develop and empower people has inspired thousands of adults and children to pursue their personal and professional goals. Read Less ^

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TEDx: How To Make A Bully Resign – Advice From A Former Bully

How to Hire A Millennial

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Speech Topics

Ensure Students Breathe Again

With school buildings, mentoring programs and extracurricular activities temporarily shut down, many families gained a better understanding of what the work school counselors do on a daily basis to help students manage difficult emotions and behaviors. Compounding students’ mental health issues during this time of isolation were circumstances that put students at risk of abuse, neglect and food insecurity.

Ask A Former Bully (Advice From A Former Bully)

This speech will provide attendees with an opportunity to explore best practices from a former bully. This session will discuss the positive effects of schools that support the social and emotional well-being of their more challenging students. If we want to eliminate our bullying problem, we have to start asking our bullies to help us solve it!

Infuse Dancing

This session is intended to provide senior leaders with the knowledge, skills, and the correct attitude needed to effectively interact and manage Gen Z. Attendees will learn how to become a leader they respect. This session provides attendees with an in-depth look at the way their young people might perceive their leadership abilities/skills.

Your Secret Power

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn 5 essential steps (Proactiveness, Ownership, Working-together, Empowering-students, and Relationship-building) they need to embody in order to change the culture of their campuses/ districts.

It’s Not Going Away

Although we can speculate, the truth is we might never know for certain the true reasons our students are feeling a disconnect, angry, worthless, or unmotivated. We can all admit that there has been an increased number of students walking around feeling empty seeking to fill themselves up with anything, expect for help. This session will discuss how to help their students become better communicators.

It’s Not Like Christmas

This breakout session will inspire attendees to Believe in Themselves when nobody else does or when the journey gets difficult. Attendees will learn how to move beyond their comfort zone and start bringing their dreams to fruition.

Solve Your Millennial & Gen Z Problem: Insights into this Unique Generation

This session is intended to provide executives, supervisors, managers, and team leads will learn how to increase millennial retention rates, corrective behavior, create company perks, and the importance of their reputation.

Be The Reason Everyone’s Meeting

This breakout session focuses on why it’s important for professionals to become more strategic when attempting to move up the corporate leader. In this popcorn generation, it’s easy to confuse momentum with spreading ourselves thin, sometimes the only thing standing in the way of achieving our goals is the fact that we are too busy to take a PAUSE.

Are You A Lipstick Ready Woman?

This breakout session focuses on why it’s important for women to embrace their inner power. Women will have the opportunity to discuss insecurities and learning how to own who they are! By using group discussions, interactive activities, and creating a power name. Women will learn how to become more confident in their personal and professional lives.

Technology & Storytelling Has the Power to Discipline 21st Gen Z Table Talk

Despite the negative effects that come out of excessive technology and social media use, there is also an opportunity for schools to utilize technology to create content that will influence students’ to demonstrate more positive behaviors. Teens and young adults have been at the forefront of the rapid adoption of the mobile internet and the always-on lifestyle. It’s time we join them, by using technology to help them see how the bad choices and bad habits they make today will ultimately affect them in the future.

Check Your List Before You Quit

Oftentimes the journey from employee to full-time entrepreneur can seem a bit scary because quitting your job means you have to fully trust your product/skill to become your main source of income. The transition to becoming a full-time entrepreneur doesn’t have to be a stressful one if you remember to TRIM. Create realistic Timelines, build Relationships, Invest in yourself, and Motivate yourself daily.

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