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Brynn  Winegard

Brynn Winegard

Award Winning Professor & Business-Brain Expert

Brynn Winegard

Award Winning Professor & Business-Brain Expert


Ranked 4th in the world for “human behavior experts working in business,” Dr. Brynn is an award-winning professor, professional speaker, and expert in “business-brain” sciences. After a decade in corporate marketing and a career as a business professor, today, Dr. Brynn can be found year-round on stages and screens all over the world departing frontier insights from brain science in order that you can be better in all you do, personally and professionally.

Dr. Brynn combines real-world experience with frontier research to deliver impactful programming that will be sure to please your audiences and elevate their daily business. Her clients include the world’s top organizations – Google, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, USAA, Franklin Templeton, Raymond James, Georgia Pacific – among hundreds more. When Dr. Brynn isn't speaking, she is a regularly featured expert commentator in television, radio, and print.

Brynn completed her formal education in Neuroscience, Psychology, Marketing, and Strategy (HBSc, MBA, PhD), coupled with over a decade in corporate marketing working for Pfizer Inc., Nestle Inc., and Johnson & Johnson Inc.

While Professor Winegard retains positions as Faculty at Schulich School of Business, DeGroote School of Business, and University of Guelph, she has now dedicated herself to helping others through speaking about “Building Better Business Brains” to groups, organizations and companies, stemming from her research, which intersects business and brain science.

Dr. Brynn combines real-world experience with frontier research to deliver impactful programming that will be sure to please your audiences and elevate their daily business. Brynn has had a lifelong obsession with the human brain and it's functioning - it is the lens through which she sees and interprets the world - and is most of what she actually talks about, if you ever come to meet her.

In a recent interview a reporter asked "Why the brain, Dr. Brynn? Why did you choose to focus on brain science in business?" to which she blurted the response: "I didn't choose this – brain science is who I am, who I've always been!"

From the tender age of two, Brynn's stated grown-up dreams were to “change people's brains” by becoming a neurosurgeon. In pre-med, on her way to realizing these ambitions, young Brynn realized she didn't want to change people's brains from the “outside in,” but rather “from the inside out” and commenced a decade-long formal research program (culminating in a few degrees) to combine her two practical and intellectual curiosities - brain sciences (neuroscience, psychology, behavior, biology, neuroendocrinology, cognitive sciences) and commerce.

Brynn says she finds it endlessly fascinating that all of us have a supercomputer between our ears that controls everything about us - all action, reaction, motivation, perception, personality, reality, destiny: she exclaims "Because of this I can't imagine NOT wanting to know everything possible about this organ!" 

Driven by the facts that the human brain is still the most powerful supercomputer on the planet; none of us were born with a user manual for this amazing technology; and that there are many myths and misconceptions about “the black box” of the brain that continue to circulate, today, Dr. Brynn can be found year-round on stages and screens all over the world departing frontier insights from brain science in order that you can be better in all you do, personally and professionally.

Ultimately, Brynn wants to help YOU to use your own brain better so you can realize your full potential, at work, and in your everyday life.

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Boost Your Brain! Optimizing Your Brain for Higher Motivation, Productivity & Functionality

Everyone knows the feeling of having more items on our ‘to-do’ lists than there is time in our day, or knowing something needs to get done that you just can't find the energy to do.

Some will assure you that better ‘time management’, ‘self-management’, or ‘managing through others’ is the key to higher productivity – though latest findings from brain sciences inform why these notions are often outdated, don’t work sustainably, and can even backfire.

Higher motivation and better productivity are within reach: we must start by operating our own brains the way they were designed to be used! By dispelling the myths and banishing the misconceptions, Dr. Brynn will walk through frontier findings to help you be a better operator of your own human brain so you can be better in all you do.

This keynote highlights the latest insights from brain science about how we should organize our day, time, schedule, sleeping, and even eating in order to feel more motivated, be more productive, and ultimately perform in all we do as our peak selves – together, we ‘Boost Your Brain!’

“Neuroselling”: The Brain Science of Persuasion & Influence

Zig Ziglar said it best: "Everyone is in sales. Maybe you don't hold the title of salesperson, but if the business you are in requires you to deal with people, you, my friend, are in sales."

Being a good at sales of any kind means winning the person - their heart, mind, brain, and most importantly, their subconscious. Getting people to believe in you, buy into your ideas, or buy your products, goods, and services, means getting another's subconscious on-side.

Neuroselling investigates the ways people really process information during a conversation or sales pitch. Surprising facts? Others aren't processing you or the information you are presenting with consciousness, logic, rationality, or language: instead the brain works on subconscious, social, emotional, and image-based impulses. What do you need to know and how can you tap into this in order to be more effective at all you do, including and especially sales?

Dispelling some of the common myths and exciting audiences with new and neat brain facts, Dr. Brynn "unravels the brain like an onion" to reveal her "6 brain science secrets" for increasing your influence and persuasiveness by getting to the core of the human subconscious.

Science of Success: Brain Science for Goal-Attainment & Peak Achievement

This talk investigates the science of success, peak achievement, and reaching your stretch goals. By combining cutting-edge insights from neuroscience, bio-sciences, and psychology we can better understand better how to produce peak achievement, as well as why both our own human brain and many conventional methods might in fact be setting us up to fail.

Have you ever wondered why it is *so* hard to lose those 10 pounds; the corporate vision on the wall never becomes a reality; or despite all the best technology and enablement, goals go unrealized and targets go unreached?

To be more successful, attain our goals, reach our peak of achievement, we have to learn to harness our whole brain, unleashing the power of the subconscious parts as well. This keynote busts brain myths, provides practical, usable, applied tips, tricks, and tools for how to better operate your own human brain, override the built-in impulses that can work against us, and looks at the latest insights from success research that will help you achieve to your best personal and professional advantage.

Neuroleadership: Brain-Based Insights for Better Management & Leadership

Good leaders are skilled at attracting and energizing followership—these are skills that are latent in most of us and can certainly be taught, according to the tenants of neuroleadership. Developing yourself as an effective leader in this vain requires a solid grasp of human psychology, emotional intelligence, as well as the neural and cognitive factors that really engage, mobilize, and energize people. As we look through the lens of neuroleadership’s SCARE model, which defines the five domains of social experience that activate strong threats and rewards in the brain, leaders can gain a better understanding of how to develop themselves and others based on these five fundamental issues of importance to the human brain.