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Celine  Cousteau

Celine Cousteau

Environmental Activist, Documentary Filmmaker & Host, Workshop Facilitator & Author

Celine Cousteau

Environmental Activist, Documentary Filmmaker & Host, Workshop Facilitator & Author


Céline Cousteau is an environmental activist, international speaker, documentary filmmaker, facilitator, and author committed to sharing the vital message of interconnectivity between humans and the natural world. With a degree in Psychology & a Masters in Intercultural Relations, Céline weaves storytelling and experiential practices to help people reconnect to self, community, and Nature.

Founder of CauseCentric Productions, Céline creates impactful, cause-focused content including her feature film, Tribes on the Edge, made at the request of the Indigenous Peoples of the Vale do Javari in the Brazilian Amazon. Catalyzed by the film, Céline co-founded The Javari Project, a for-purpose organization that implements tangible actions for the Indigenous Peoples of the Javari.

Fluent in three languages, Céline’s career has taken her around the globe to the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, to corporate events and universities, and in retreats, workshops, and television programs. Her new podcast Interconnected (in development) will bring the voices of today’s leaders in diverse fields ranging from neuroscience and climatology, from business to music, to entertainment and wellness, focusing on an interconnected approach and mindset to today’s most pressing questions and the part we play in the answers.

In 2024, Céline will join an incredible expedition that will map the length of the Amazon River from a newly discovered spring in Peru, to the Atlantic Ocean: Amazon River: From Ice to Sea.

Céline sits on the board of directors of the National Aquarium in Baltimore, USA – the first in the nation to plan the move of their dolphins to an ocean sanctuary. Her first book, Le monde après monde grand-père is published by Editions Fayard.

Speaker Videos

Reconnecting to the Human Tribe | Céline Cousteau | TEDxCancún

Céline Cousteau's Speaker Reel

Speech Topics

Interconnected: People & the Natural World

For Environmental speaker and advocate Céline Cousteau, the link between human wellness and planetary health is undeniable. Her experience traveling the world and documenting the intersection of nature and humans supports her idea of interconnectivity: we are the planet, and the planet is us. From the jungles of the Amazon to remote islands near the Arctic, people have always maintained strong mental connections with the natural world around them. Understanding and working in harmony with nature has long been about survival on this planet. Beyond the visual allure of jungles and remote islands, Céline gently peels back layers, revealing the psychological aspects of our innate connection to the world. Rather than presenting abstract theories, Céline's approach is grounded in real-world observations and experiences. She invites audiences to recognize the profound influence of nature on our cultures and mental well-being, fostering a deeper appreciation for the importance of environmental conservation and how the protection of the environment is the survival of us all. Her storytelling illustrates our interconnectedness with the planet and each other, motivating us to take action toward creating a more sustainable and harmonious future.

Inspiration from Exploration: Notes from the Field

Céline Cousteau recounts stories from her many explorations forging her trail on unique expeditions. Through film, photo, and voice Céline shares the storyteller’s journey within the story, captivating audiences with her incredible voyages into the depths of oceans and jungles. She takes us one step deeper into how these experiences have shaped who she is and invites us to explore how our own experiences have impacted who we are.

The Women of My Family: The Story Below the Surface

Céline Cousteau comes from an iconic family yet the story of the women is rarely told. Like an iceberg, if we only pay attention to the 10% that is above the water, we are missing out on a whole picture. Through Céline’s own experiences, alongside that of her grandmother’s and mother’s, discover three generations and a lineage of 70 years of female explorers as Céline brings you on a very personal voyage of what it is to be a woman in the field.

Transformational Activism

Most of us have heard about transformational leadership; Céline now applies this concept to an entirely different and essential field - activists, advocates, people who are passionate or defend a cause, or lead with the heart. Weaving storytelling and experiential practices, Céline takes us through a vulnerable journey of how beliefs and values have impacted her work and sense of self. You will explore how your belief system and values have shaped how you relate to the world and to others. The journey begins within each of you.