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Chef Andre  Rush

Chef Andre Rush

Former US Army Master Sergeant & White House Chef to 4 U.S. Presidents


Chef Andre Rush is a Former US Army Master Sergeant and White House Chef to four US Presidents. Not your average chef, Rush is the Army’s strongest chef (by lifting over 700 pounds!) and a master ice carver.  Read More >

Rush continues to crush his career as a digital influencer, with well over a million followers, and television host. In Tubi’s new series Kitchen Commando, Rush takes on a new mission to save struggling restaurants, and he'll deploy all his talents to whip these eateries back into shape.

His book, Call Me Chef, Dammit!, is the inspiring story of Andre Rush, who became an overnight sensation in 2018, after a photograph of his now-famous 24-inch biceps went viral.

From his childhood working on a farm, to his developing into a gifted athlete and artist to his joining the Army, Rush has dedicated his life to serving others. During his 24-year military career, his reputation as an award-winning cook eventually led him to the Pentagon. His presence in the building when the plane struck on 9/11/2001 led to his suffering from PTSD, and he has become an outspoken advocate for the military and especially for wounded warriors.

Chef Andre is primarily based in Washington, D.C. Read Less ^

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