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Chris  Denson

Chris Denson

Host of Innovation Crush, #1 Best-Selling Author & Innovation Advocate

Chris Denson

Host of Innovation Crush, #1 Best-Selling Author & Innovation Advocate


Chris Denson is an award-winning innovator, marketer, recovering comedian, and host of the “Innovation Crush” podcast, with over 750,000 subscribers around the world. Having been a guest speaker, curator, and attendee at 100’s of industry events, Chris is an expert at uncovering the best thinking and commonalities across a diverse array of cultures. Applying his expertise to the likes of the White House, Art Basel Miami, and Omnicom Media Group, his work has been featured in Adweek, Forbes, the New York Times, and Inc, to name a few. He is also the author of the Amazon #1 bestselling book, Crushing the Box: 10 Essential Rules for Breaking Essential Rules, a series of personal and professional examinations of what it takes to be an innovator.

As an industry taste-maker, Chris has worked from London to Africa to Argentina. He recently served as Director of Omnicom Media Group’s Ignition Factory, the key group responsible for emerging innovations across media, technology, and culture for Fortune 50 clients including Warner Bros, Wells Fargo, The CW, Hilton, and Asics to name a few. Prior to his work at Omnicom, Chris worked in front of – and behind the camera for Paramount, BET, Playboy Television, The American Film Institute, New York Film Academy and more.

With over 200 episodes, Innovation Crush has featured inspiring individuals and organizations ranging from Alexis Ohanian and Nolan Bushnell to Cindy Gallop, WeWork CEO Miguel McKelvey, Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak, Arcade Fire’s Marika Anthony Shaw, Bassem Youssef, OkGo’s Damian Kulash, NASA, DJ Skee, Orlando Jones, Jean Case, Adidas, NBA’s Matt Barnes, Spotify, L’Oreal’s Connected Beauty Incubator, and 100s of others. Additionally, the show has been featured programming on Delta Airlines, and parts of live events around the world.

He is a graduate of Michigan State University and holds a degree in packaging engineering.

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Speech Topics

The Innovator’s Tool Kit

For innovation to thrive and prosper, it takes a myriad number of organizational and individual re-tooling. This toolkit — rooted in Chris's #1 bestselling book Crushing the Box: 10 Essential Rules for Breaking Essential Rules, — outlines unexpected emotional and business intelligence necessary to continually reinvent — while being mindful of the business bottom line. Complete with case studies, cultural tips, and personal anecdotes, this session expands the perception of possibility in venturing into the future.

Don’t Kill the Innovator!

Naturally, we are creatures of habit. The things we've learned that got us to our current state of success, are often the same things we rely on as we look to the future.  Unfortunately in most cases, what got you here won't get you there. Abandoning convention and familiarity is no easy task. This session provides business leaders with practical and imaginative ways to create, encourage, and empower teams leaning toward non-traditional ways of getting business done.

The Art of Corporate Intrapreneurship

By definition, an intrapreneur is responsible for - or is on a personal mission to - discover and execute ground-breaking business opportunities inside the organizations they serve. As pioneering as the inside-entrepreneur's journey may seem, the organizational odds are often against them as this path is wrought with a slew of hurdles. The skills necessary to navigate this path are extremely different from what most of us are used to. How we communicate to stakeholders, how create litmus tests, how we measure success, how we manage expectations, how to avoid stepping on toes, and in many cases — all while we're doing another job we might've been hired to do. Chris shares the how-to's of what he's learned in creating "first-ever" business operations, marketing moments, and disruptive creative practices.