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Chris  Hughes

Chris Hughes

Co-Founder, Economic Security Project


One of the fastest-changing and most powerful generations in history belongs to the Millennials, those born between the early 1980s and early 2000s for whom digital life is second nature. Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes is the embodiment of this generation, parlaying his social-networking skills into Silicon Valley, electoral politics, and media and publishing. A thought leader for the digital era and the Millennial generation that helped shape it, he is one of the preeminent "disruptors" of the modern age — a fearless entrepreneur and leader who brings change and cutting-edge innovation to every sector he touches. Read More >

As a Harvard student who graduated in 2006 magna cum laude with a degree in History and Literature, Hughes co-founded the social network Facebook in his dorm room, alongside Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, and Eduardo Saverin. Designed to connect students to their authentic, real life friends, Hughes helped open Facebook first to other schools and then to the world outside, uniting more than one billion global users through the generational touchstone known as "friending."

As a co-founder of Facebook in 2004, Chris Hughes directed communications in the start-up’s early days and worked to develop the network’s design and user experience. In 2008, he ran Barack Obama’s online organizing campaign and developed a social network that enabled volunteers to raise millions of dollars money and organize hundreds of thousands of local events. He has also founded and led a digital non-profit and published the liberal New Republic magazine between 2012 and 2016. He continues to work on progressive causes from his home in New York City. Hughes is a trustee of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and an investor and board member in several New York- and California-based start-ups.

Possessing a rare combination of youth, professional experience and future-forward entrepreneurial thinking, Hughes speaks with candor and authority on a variety of topics designed to captivate audiences of every age and professional level, from high school and college campuses to corporate boardrooms, summits and retreats — an environment in which understanding the Millennial mindset is much in demand. A connective force in the truest sense whose business happens to be people, Hughes shines bright as one of the quintessential "disruptors" of his generation, bringing together ideas, solutions and forceful change and transforming them into the cutting-edge concepts we will contemplate, share and improve ourselves with in the years to come.   Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

The Millennial Explosion: How the Largest Generation Will Shape Our Collective Future

Millennials — those born between the years 1977 and 2000 — comprise 80 million people in the U.S., or 25 percent of the population. They are said to represent $1 trillion in buying power and exert considerable influence over previous generations. They are early adopters of technology and operate seamlessly across platforms, whether on line or in real life. As a co-founder of Facebook, and a Millennial himself, Chris watched this generation ignite and evolve. Find out how the largest generation in history is already shaping our future.

The Digital Evolution of Media & Politics: Changing the Way We Live, Communicate, Work & Interact

Following his success as a co-founder of Facebook, Chris left the game-changing social network to create another one, as part of Barack Obama's historical presidential campaign. Then he bought The New Republic, which he is in the process of transforming into a major media company for the digital age. Discussing the disruptive tactics he has employed in all of these endeavors, Chris reveals how media and politics are at the forefront of digital life — and how we can use them to change our lives for the better.

Silicon Valley Contagion: How the Practices & Principles of Entrepreneurship are Changing Business, Government & Society

Having had firm footholds in Silicon Valley, the electoral system and journalism, Chris is well-versed in the new codes of entrepreneurship that are shaping politics, digital media and everyday life. Find out how the Silicon Valley way of doing business has infiltrated every sector of life and work — and how an entrepreneurial ethos can help your own business stay ahead of the curve.

The Changing Nature of the University & the Future of Education: Staying Ahead of the Learning Curve

Technology has transformed many facets of the education system — most impressively at the University level, where the disruptive force of digital media has made higher learning accessible to more people than ever before. Examining game-changing innovations like distance learning and social media, Chris reveals how the average citizen or the seasoned student can gain a competitive advantage through the new ways we learn now. 

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