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Christian  Conte, PhD

Christian Conte, PhD

Expert in Compassionate Leadership & Communication

Christian Conte, PhD

Expert in Compassionate Leadership & Communication


Dr. Christian Conte is one of the country’s most accomplished specialists in compassionate leadership and communications. His prodigious background in mental health and emotional management enables him to bring a unique and compelling perspective to his presentations, as well as valuable tools to leave behind for his audience.

A familiar figure on TV and radio, Dr. Conte is also a prolific writer, powerful communicator, and sought-after corporate consultant and trainer. This past television season he co-hosted The Secret Life of Kids on USA Network. He was also the co-host of the reality show Coaching Bad on SpikeTV, and the resident therapist for VH1’s Family Therapy.

Dr. Conte co-hosts the Tackling Life podcast with football Hall of Famer Ray Lewis, and produces a daily short-form Emotional Management radio feature heard daily on hundreds of stations across the country. He recently began hosting his own weekly call-in talk show on KDKA radio in Pittsburgh, also available as a podcast. In July 2015 he conducted the TEDx talk, “Why I Chose to Go to Prison.”

Dr. Conte’s unique work with professional athletes, professionals in education and university Athletic Departments (including the UFC, Pitt, Florida State, and the University of Tennessee) helps them develop better life and emotional management skills, while arming coaches and staff with powerful tools to use in guiding their team members to more successful, trouble-free futures.

His newest book, Walking Through Anger: A New Design for Confronting Conflict in an Emotionally Charged World, discusses ways on how to respond to anger by using Yield Theory, a concept Conte created.  

Dr. Conte was an award-winning tenured professor at the University of Nevada (Reno) before leaving the West Coast to return to his home state of Pennsylvania. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and has a Level V Certification in Anger Management. He co-founded a Center in South Lake Tahoe, CA, to work with people convicted of violent crimes, and is the creator of Yield Theory™ – a powerful approach to combining radical compassion with conscious education. His new book on this topic will be published in 2019.

As a corporate educator and trainer, Dr. Conte always brings his unique energy, unquenchable passion, and a tremendous sense of compassion to his efforts to teach people about why they do what they do, and how they can use that knowledge to transform their own lives as well as those around them.

Dr. Conte’s methods are proven to improve interpersonal communication, reduce workplace tension and conflict, and increase collaboration and productivity. He is available for executive-level counseling, keynotes, seminars, and workshops.

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Compassionate Leadership & Communication

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Speech Topics

Leading with Compassion

Using a compelling set of tools and exercises designed to promote better social interactions, Leading with Compassion provides a radical shift in how we deal with others. Peppered with amusing and compelling anecdotes, this presentation touches on topics crucial to any business or social relationship, including conflict resolution, compassionate communication, attachment to ideas, and the most effective ways to motivate others.

The Moments That Define You

Last year there were one trillion photos taken by more than 2.5 million cell phone cameras.  More than ever before, the moments in our lives, good or bad, are preserved forever. We need to realize that any moment can define who we are to our loved ones, our co-workers, or to the world at large.  But thinking through our actions means much more than just not getting caught by a camera. In this fascinating presentation, Dr. Conte leads his audience in a thought experiment designed to promote consciousness of our actions and building character, while distinguishing ourselves and our place in the world.

The Right Answer – The Right Action

“In life, when you know you’re right, it doesn’t matter what everybody else is doing…you do what you know is right! You say what you know is right!” We’ve all seen it and experienced it – those times when fading into the crowd is the easier choice – when doing the right thing or standing alone with confidence in our answers and convictions feels daunting.  Being authentic even when those around you aren’t is one of life’s greatest challenges, and also one if its greatest rewards.  At a time when there is more pressure than ever to follow the crowd, Dr. Conte’s powerful presentation helps us tap into our confidence, our convictions, and overcome the pressures that promote complacency and indecision.

Re-Learning (Mastering) Communications

How you talk to people can be even more important than what you’re saying. Putting your own need to be heard on hold while you connect with and validate the other person is the key to efficient and productive communication. Learning the simple techniques in this presentation will help remove your frustration with your relationships and make it much more likely that others will be eager to hear what you have to say.

The Power to Take Control of Your Life

We all have times in our personal and professional relationships when we’re disappointed in the way people interact with us or treat us. Times when the reality of a situation doesn’t align with the version or outcome we expected, and that’s very frustrating. Unfortunately, many of these cases occur when we have unknowingly handed over the power we have within us to manage our emotions and fail to align our expectations with reality. In this enlightening presentation, Dr. Conte shows how we can use that power we all have within us to build strong relationships, smooth over conflict and maintain a sense of self-worth.

Yield Theory: For Educators, Counselors & Staff

Dr. Christian Conte’s Yield Theory helps teachers meet students where they are - to see things from their perspective rather than looking at the situation from on high, which fosters deeper levels of connection and understanding. The more connection teachers have with students, the better chance they have to lead them to becoming their best, most authentic selves.

Dr. Conte also shows teachers how to de-escalate situations in the most effective way possible, while simultaneously helping students to assume complete accountability for the role they play in everything they do. He teaches what he calls The Four Cs: choices, consequences, consistency and compassion. The more teachers implement the Four Cs, the more they build self-efficacy in their students. Beyond that, the Four Cs show teachers how to utilize nonattachment to avoid taking the students’ challenging behaviors personally - which leads to increased compassion, a deeper connection, and ultimately a more impactful relationship

Yield Theory enhances communication significantly by helping people circumvent others’ fight or flight responses, as well as get around the situational biases that people bring to their interactions. So instead of just “talking,” they can actually be heard and be more effective in getting their message across.'


Raising children is a daunting challenge for parents overwhelmed with information on how to shape them into successful, responsible adults. As a father and a family counselor, Dr. Christian Conte is all too familiar with this struggle. In this informational and humorous keynote, Dr. Conte offers his practical and effective parenting techniques, such as The 4 C’s of Parenting and The 10 Steps to Discipline Your Child. His focus is simple: the main goal for all parents is to communicate most effectively while teaching their children valuable lessons. Parents leave this presentation feeling confident and prepared to handle whatever challenges are thrown their way.

Student Programs

Dr. Conte’s work with students of all ages is unique and highly effective. He helps them learn about decision-making, character, and taking care of their future selves, all centering on personal growth. The more students learn about themselves, including their insecurities and biases, the more we can help move them to discover the most authentic part of who they are. Since everything from bullying to “drama,” to hurtful behavior is rooted in ego, the key is showing them how to navigate past those young egos and connect with the core of who they are.

Dr. Conte teaches young people how to align their expectations with reality, which helps them better prepare for the actualities of life. Similarly, Yield Theory helps young people identify the narratives that they tell themselves, and it teaches them through conscious education how to rely on the type of narratives that lead them to where they want to be.

This down-to-earth message is packaged in storytelling delivered in a way that captures, holds, and expands the students' attention and interest.