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Claudia  Christian

Claudia Christian

Actress, Addiction Recovery Advocate & Spokesperson for the Sinclair Method


Claudia Christian has been in the film and television business as a performer for over 30 years. She is the author of two autobiographical books; My Life with Freaks and Geeks (2010), Babylon Confidential (2012) and the sci-fi military novel Wolf’s Empire (2016). She is the most recognized advocate for the Sinclair method, a treatment for alcohol use disorder (AUD) with a 78% long-term success rate proven in over 120 peer reviewed clinical trials. Read More >

In 2013, Christian started her non-profit C Three Foundation to help raise awareness of the treatment, which saved her life in 2009. Her foundation has an international reach of over a million people and Christian personally coaches thousands of individuals and their loved ones. C Three Foundation is currently doing a physician’s outreach program in order to educate medical practitioners about TSM, known as The Sinclair Method, developed by Dr. John D. Sinclair, so that they can offer their patients an alternative to traditional treatment. This way of treating alcoholism is based on the work of Nobel Laureate, Ivan Pavlov, who used modern drug therapy to end addiction.

In 2014, Christian’s award-winning documentary One Little Pill was released on Vimeo, VHX and in 2015 on Finnish television on YLE. The documentary explains the science behind TSM and follows the lives of some of the people Christian helped go on the treatment.

Christian is a highly experienced and inspiring public speaker and has spoken at UCLA, USC and at medical conventions around the country. Her TEDx talk on YouTube has over 2.2 million views. In addition, she has appeared on Larry King Now educating people about TSM. She is also a firm believer in taking personal responsibility for one’s recovery and for a patient’s rights to options. She believes that every addict is different and therefore should be provided with medical, scientifically proven treatments especially if traditional treatment has failed the individual.

Claudia Christian continues to work in TV and film including lead roles in the long-running sci-fi series Babylon 5 and the Disney film, Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Also, she lends her distinctive voice to some of the biggest games in the world including SkyRim, Guild Wars, World of Warcraft and Halo.

Her passion is saving lives and educating people about TSM, also known as pharmacological extinction. Christian is currently studying to be a substance abuse counselor in both the US and the UK. Read Less ^

Speaker Videos

TEDTalk: How I Drank More to Overcome Alcoholism

Speech Topics

Overcoming Obstacles to Live a Happier, More Productive Life!

In this dynamic and positive presentation, Claudia addresses how most obstacles can be overcome using tools readily available to you. From traditional treatments to faith-based exercises to new and cutting-edge medical treatments, Claudia will show you how to lead a happier, more productive, loving, and healthy life. Read More >

Learn how to: Read Less ^

  • Overcome addiction. There are many different addictions, from drugs and alcohol to eating disorders and self-abuse. Each addiction is not the same nor should they be treated the same way. Claudia will walk you through the options for various addictions and share the secrets the drug and rehab industry don’t want you to know.
  • Bring the right love into your life. Why are we attracted to the wrong people? How do we break the cycle of abuse and unhappiness? Claudia will give you tools to attract the right people into your life and show you how to get rid of toxic relationships.
  • Break the poverty cycle with a discussion on how to stop living a fear-based life and start leading a life filled with love and abundance.

The Powerful Sinclair Method & How It Can Help You & Your Loved Ones

In this informative discussion, Claudia will explain the science behind The Sinclair Method (TSM), the most successful long-term treatment for alcoholism in the world, boasting a staggering 78 percent success rate.

  • Claudia has been on The Sinclair Method since 2009, and it has successfully cured her alcoholism. She will discuss and compare the various options for alcoholics today and explain how TSM works.
  • TSM has been proven to work on other dependencies such as gambling and opiate addiction. Claudia will explain how it works for a myriad of compulsive behaviors, including a breakthrough nasal spray for binge eaters that is currently in development.
  • Claudia will discuss how TSM works on the brain and what to expect, offering advice on:
    • How to deal with loved ones’ best intentions;
    • How to communicate what is best for you as a recovering addict;
    • How to make sure the people around you are a support system to help gain control of your drinking or addiction and not a trigger, whether you are using AA, TSM, or any other treatment.

Bring Spirituality Into Your Life & The Near-Death Experience

Claudia talks about her near-death experience as a teenager and how it changed her outlook on life and her belief in a higher energy.

Claudia shares personal stories of how making even the smallest choices can affect others, both positively and negatively, and how to focus your energy on being a loving and helpful being.

Whether you are an atheist, believe in God, or Mother Nature, Claudia explains how to live a life filled with grace, compassion, and gratitude.

Claudia talks about her near-death experience, what she saw in the tunnel of light, and why she believes the message she was given, though quite simple, is the most profound lesson of all.

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