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Cortney  Harding

Cortney Harding

Global AI/Metaverse Expert & Founder + CEO of Acclaimed VR/AR Agency

Cortney Harding

Global AI/Metaverse Expert & Founder + CEO of Acclaimed VR/AR Agency


The Metaverse and WEB3 isn't just another tech fad - it's a seismic shift for businesses. As companies scramble to adopt new technologies (or watch their competitors' do it), it's critical to understand the potential of the Metaverse before making decisions with lasting consequences. This is where Cortney Harding comes in.

Cortney Harding is a renowned authority in emerging technologies and a sought-after speaker. As a change architect, she understands the challenges and opportunities presented by the Metaverse, and how it can impact businesses. Cortney's approach focuses on solving problems sustainably, which has led to unique speaking opportunities at events like DAVOS, Advertising Week Europe, and SXSW.

Cortney is the Founder and CEO of Friends with Holograms, a transformative VR/AR agency that creates innovative experiences for training. Her clients include industry leaders like Coca-Cola, Meta, Verizon, Walmart, and the US Air Force. Her work has earned her multiple awards, including "Best VR/AR" at Mobile World Congress and Top HR product by HR Executive.

Cortney's expertise extends beyond the corporate world, and she has taught at prestigious universities like Caltech, Barnard, NYU, and Columbia. She has guest lectured at Harvard Business School, Johns Hopkins, and Chapman University. Cortney has worked with Meta to create "What is the Metaverse?" a groundbreaking course covering all aspects of the Metaverse, including safety and ethical issues.

Before founding Friends with Holograms, Cortney led business development for Moth+Flame and several music technology startups. She has been featured in the New York Times, NPR, and Ad Week, and has written for Billboard, Teen Vogue, and the Village Voice. Cortney is also the author of three books, including a recent one on using virtual reality for social change.

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Speech Topics

AI, the Metaverse & the Future of Productivity

Right now we’re all working harder – but what if we could create AI powered avatars that let us work smarter? We have all the tools to train AI on our own work, and that AI can do all the tasks we don’t want to do – no more dealing with customer service agents, filing paperwork, or making cold sales calls. We can embrace AI and the metaverse to make us more productive, while also creating space in our lives to do the work and activities we enjoy. The future of work is focusing on our zones of genius and leaving everything else to the algorithm.

Cortney Harding is an expert in AI and the Metaverse and her company, Friends With Holograms, has been building in this space since 2016 for companies like Walmart, Lowe’s, Accenture, and Meta, among others. It's time to see how she can help you create your best future NOW.

Introduction to Virtual & Augmented Reality

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Virtual Reality for Social Impact

How to use VR to create real and meaningful change, featuring case studies from Accenture, Lowe's, Walmart, DDI, and more.

Virtual Reality for Diversity & Inclusion

How to use VR to create real and meaningful change, featuring case studies from Accenture, Lowe's, PWC, DDI, and more.

What is the Metaverse?

How will the hot new buzzword impact your business? A talk on designing for this brave new world from an accomplished virtual reality expert.