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Dan  Schawbel

Dan Schawbel

Partner & Research Director, Future Workplace


Called “The Millennial version of Tom Peters,” and “the new voice of the workplace,” Dan Schawbel has become the definitive voice of his generation in the workplace. His mission to follow the rise of millennials from college to CEOs has resulted in two best-selling books, prolific contributions to business media ranging from Forbes Magazine to the Harvard Business Review, and multiple Fortune 500 partnerships and consultancies. Now leading the world’s largest aggregator of workplace research, Dan’s reputation as the “millennial expert,” has been built upon the most authoritative and broadly referenced research studies in this area. As a speaker, he moves seamlessly from millennial career and leadership guru to intergenerational interpreter, branding expert, trends analyst and workplace futurist.  In each role, he synthesizes hundreds of studies and translates the very latest data to provide invaluable insights, shatter perceptions and shift mindsets. Acknowledging a world where you simply cannot understand the future without understanding his generation, Dan guides audiences through what it will take to lead, work and prosper in the millennial-driven organizations of the future. Read More >

Dan is a Partner and Research Director at Future Workplace, an HR executive network and research firm focused on the future of learning and working whose members include Google, Target, GE, Cisco, LinkedIn, Verizon and IBM. In 2016, Future Workplace acquired Dan’s company, WorkplaceTrends.com, a research and advisory membership service for HR professionals at companies including Nestle, Sodexo and Goldman Sachs. He is also the Managing Partner of Millennial Branding, a millennial research and consulting firm, which has helped companies like American Express, Red Bull, NBC Universal, Ernst & Young, Deutsche Bank, Oracle, Fidelity and Monster better understand his generation. Through these companies, he has published three-dozen groundbreaking research studies that were covered in more than 600 media outlets including The New York Times, NBC, The Economist and CNN.

Authoritative, insightful and always backed up by the latest and most relevant data, Dan’s presentations focus on embracing generational differences, overcoming obstacles, seizing opportunities—and being prepared for what it will really take to succeed in the workplace of the future. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

Leading in the Age of Teams: The Untaught Skills Required for Success

Through conducting multiple research studies, and ongoing conversations with senior leaders from companies across multiple industries and geographies, Dan Schawbel has connected the ability to lead and work effectively in a team to organizational success. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be born a leader to become one, and the education system doesn’t teach you the skills required to thrive in today’s team-based organizational structure. With the advent of new technologies, and the complexities of managing an ever-diverse employee population, it’s becoming even more important to understand team dynamics. This presentation will both inspire and instruct you on how to become an invaluable team player and leader. Through his latest insights, and personal stories, Dan will prove that the byproduct of supporting your team is your own individual success. Read More >

You will learn how to: Read Less ^

  • Master the five qualities of an effective team member
  • Leverage technology to collaborate and measure your team’s success
  • Foster strong team relationships in and out of the office
  • Lead horizontally by distributing accountability and knowledge across the team

The LeaderShift: How to Discover, Retain & Develop the Next Generation of Leaders

Over the past eight years, Dan Schawbel has helped all types of organizations unlock the secrets to recruiting, retaining and growing their young talent. As a millennial leader, mentor and researcher, he has dissected the cultural, technological and economic drivers that make these generations different. After surveying thousands of millennials, and Generation Z-ers from across the world, he has uncovered essential information about their workplace needs, learning habits and leadership styles that will impact companies now and in the future. With Gen Z entering the workplace, and millennials moving up to management positions, your company cannot afford to ignore both generations who will comprise over half of your workforce by 2020. This presentation will help you win the battle for talent, ensure that they remain productive workers and become the future leaders of your company. Read More >

You will learn: Read Less ^

  • The unique characteristics of all four generations and how they can work in harmony together.
  • How to create a more engaging culture that embraces continuous learning, regular feedback and innovation.
  • Seven of the most effective strategies for engaging these generations from companies such as Scripps Health, Intel, Michelin, LinkedIn and GE.

The Future of Work: Top Trends Reshaping Business & How to Prepare for Them

With the increased adoption of new technologies, globalization, automation and ever-changing economic conditions, the modern workplace is in a state of flux. As a result, today's companies are facing major challenges that will affect how they do business and compete for the best talent. For the past five years, Dan Schawbel has published an annual report of the top workplace trends in Forbes, generating more than 800,000 views combined. The trends are selected based on primary research from his firm, secondary research from over 450 different sources and conversations with HR executives at Fortune 1000 companies. In this presentation, you will hear about the top workplace trends that will change the way you view your corporation, help you better prepare for the future and improve your talent management strategy. Read More >

You will learn: Read Less ^

  • About how each trend will impact your business now and in the future.
  • What companies have successfully navigated these trends with results from their programs.
  • Tips on how you can be at the forefront of trends and be competitive in your industry.

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