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Dave  Noll

Dave Noll

TV Show Creator of Chopped, Two Time Emmy Winner & Author

Dave Noll

TV Show Creator of Chopped, Two Time Emmy Winner & Author


Dave Noll is a creative “Mastermind” (Emmy Award Magazine). He’s a “Television Powerhouse” (C21 Magazine). Dave is a two-time Emmy Award Winner, two-time Gracie Award Winner, and he has created over 60+ series including the massive Chopped franchise.

Dave is also a fiery and enlightening speaker whose unique look at creativity & positivity, light-up-the-room storytelling, and tangible, practical tips have thrilled (and inspired!) audiences and executives around the world.

Dave’s new book is The Visionary In Charge: 7 Simple Rules… Because Just One Extraordinary Idea Can Change Your Life. Matt Iseman, host of American Ninja Warrior, says, “Dave peels back the mystique around creativity, showing you how his mind works to create genius, and giving you the roadmap to ignite inspiration in your own life.” Show Creator Cleve Keller says, “Dave doesn’t just light up the room. His insights into creating, innovating, motivating, and selling are absolutely priceless.”

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The One "CLICK"

The One That Floats Up

Speech Topics

There Is No Fear & There Is No Failure

Fire up your sales team!! Fire up your whole team!! Dave Noll has created and sold over 200+ shows to the biggest networks around the world. Over 60+ have gone to series. Dave has achieved wild success in one of the most difficult and competitive arenas in business. Over half a billion in television production… all from his own original ideas.

But how will that success help your team?? Dave uses innovation and motivation to knock down the walls of fear. Plus… he also uses basic math. Dave created an “Equation for Success” that he’s used for decades, and he’ll illustrate exactly how that simple equation turns any wall (or “failure”) into a propulsive step forward.

Dave also shows how the Master of Fear – Stephen King – actually teaches us that in business There Is No Fear. Dave tells the story of young Stephen and how he blasted through rejection after rejection by nailing a wooden spike into the eaves above his bed.

All this, plus how billionaire Oprah Winfrey faced massive rejection… how we all need to tap into our 10-year-old selves… and the insane Chopped story. Dave tells the crazy tale of the years it took to get one giant franchise on the air. And how he had to just keep on selling.

Always Be Ready for The X Point

Get excited! Get motivated! Be prepared. It’s the first “Rule” of Dave’s new book. You must always be ready for The X Point. After 20 years of shocking sales success, Dave shows you exactly why you must still be energized every single day. You must be fired up every single moment that you can. Dave will explain exactly what The X Point is, and why everyone must be ready to catch it before it flies on by.

Picture an imposing, stylish, capital X. Enormous. And it’s sitting on the timeline of your life. At the very center of the X – the exact midpoint – is one, awesome, life-changing moment. One single moment of brilliance that alters everything else afterwards. For instance, the moment Dave and his friend Mike created the show Chopped. He’ll explore exactly how to ignite your own X Point. That one moment of bliss. That moment of brilliance.

Plus, Dave hilariously weaves in stories including Walt Disney sitting on a park bench creating Disneyland… Merv Griffin and his wife on a plane from Duluth and how they created Jeopardy… and finally how low points often lead directly to The X Point.

Don’t Ever Think Big!!

How to break out of your box. How to explode out of the starting gate. The first step is to stop thinking “Big.” Because whatever you’re thinking is woefully inadequate. Dave Noll begins with his story of meeting billionaire Barry Diller for the very first time. And how that one meeting relaunched Dave’s career… started a four-year working relationship between the two… and how it was all thanks to one simple question that Diller asked.

Dave also talks about meeting megastar Will Smith. Smith ignited his own 8-billion-dollar film career using insane positivity and thinking absolutely enormous. (And then stalled his mega-career with… extreme negativity. Ridiculous.)

Plus, Dave’s one-time mentor and Hollywood legend Jerry Weintraub. Dave invites you right into Jerry’s living room as they discuss Elvis, George Clooney… and Jerry’s midnight vision of the marquee at Madison Square Garden.

But the key to this speech – it’s most memorable and instructive moment – is one final Diller story. A point Dave thought was the absolute pinnacle of his career. A truly “Big” sale. And Diller crushed him, explaining how his brand new mega-project was actually… a “f---ing lemonade stand.”

Find Your One “CLICK”

How do you create? How do you innovate? More importantly, how do you create something that people will actually remember? You begin with the theory of the One “Click.” Dave Noll has created massive brands that people watch and remember almost instantly. And he’ll show you how almost every legendary idea is just One “Click” away from another. Your simple goal is to find your own One “Click.”

Dave analyzes three shocking examples: the Marvel Cinematic Universe (that one is literally mind-blowing), the legendary drama series Lost, and the enormous Harry Potter franchise.

He’ll tell you about the enormous clock in his living room, and how he thinks about it every single time he creates or innovates. The clock represents “comfort.” Human beings absolutely crave “comfort.” But… they also crave one thing – just one thing!! – that’s completely new. That’s the One “Click.”

And he closes with the silly, inspiring, and insightful “Buzzer” story. A One “Click” idea that almost immediately tripled his sales. And how people both still talk about the “Buzzer”… and they still make fun of him to this day. Hahhaahahaahaha!! You’ll never forget the One “Click.”