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Diversity  Matters

Diversity Matters

Richard White & Pamela Pyle

Diversity Matters

Richard White & Pamela Pyle


This unusual duo of tuba and piano, present events containing musical performances as well as opportunities to discuss diversity in many of its forms – gender, race, cultural, ideological and textural. Richard and Pamela have spent years dedicating themselves to their art as soloists and collaborators in traditional classical settings. Hailing from two of the top musical institutions, Indiana University’s Jacob School of Music and The Juilliard School, most of their careers have been focused on performing and teaching music at the highest level. The two met after both accepting positions at the University of New Mexico. In 2006 they created their duo, Diversity Matters, and began sharing their passion for music education and concertizing throughout the Americas. They now reach new audiences as they explore the collaborative opportunities that evolve when all voices are heard.

Diversity Matters aims to accomplish something quite unusual- speaking to social issues through discussion and musical performance. As a duo, in addition to embodying obvious differences, gender, race, choice of instruments, they tackle questions regarding diversity of thought, opinion, and style, revealing how the collaborative process, as it occurs in musical preparations, results in a unified experience for the listener. Their unique collaborative style provides innovative tools and techniques to guide others toward creative solutions that can assist in creating an ideal, collaborative environment. 

Reinvigorated by the DEI movement, Diversity Matters added to their academic portfolios by earning certificates in Diversity and Inclusion from Cornell University. Through their unique experiences as performers and academics, they are excited to contribute new perspectives to the discussion of creating an optimal cultural climate.

Speech Topics

Perfect Pitch

Fine-tuning the collaborative process sparks a virtuosic trajectory that assures Carnegie Hall is in your team’s destiny. Every member of your team possesses the talent to be an MVP, but that level of elevation starts with an inclusive and supportive environment, where each person can fully express their true genius and imaginative powers. 

Cultivating a collaborative culture in which all voices are optimized and harmonized has the power to produce truly unique performances. Often, unspoken and unconscious biases, can prevent us from expressing vulnerability and hearing the messages of others. Diversity Matters believes that personal transparency leads to better cooperation, culminating in a winning outcome for all.        

Join University of New Mexico Professor’s Richard Antoine White and Pamela Viktoria Pyle as we reimagine communication, drawing parallels between music preparation and collaborative team work through conversation and performance.

Voices in the Shadow: Bringing to the Surface Barriers that Silence the Contributions of the Unheard

As a leader, understanding everyone’s “voice” is crucial to creating an environment that fosters true collaborative dialogue and engages all members equally.

When diverse thoughts are not included, people are shunned, silenced, muted- they lose self-esteem, becoming dejected, upset and angry. Often, they are labeled and judged on their response to being mistreated, deepening the existing divide.  Addressing this endemic culture is essential to reaping the benefits that the communal richness of diversity offers. In a healthy climate, each team member experiences a sense of freedom to express their ideas and trusts that their contributions are heard and valued. This psychological safety is essential to growing a successful work environment. 

Engage with Diversity Matters to explore techniques that will enhance awareness, allowing a dynamic culture of inclusivity to emerge that inspires everyone to bring their best.