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Dondré  Whitfield

Dondré Whitfield

Veteran TV Actor & Emmy Award Nominee


Dondre Whitfield fulfills his life purpose by sharing his essence with others – as a loving husband, devoted father, engaged mentor, and as a skilled and passionate actor. A veteran, multiple Emmy nominated actor, he is popularly known for his role as Remy Newell in the award-winning television drama series Queen Sugar. Dondre’s deep commitment to activism and community reinvestment compels him to serve through mentorship opportunities. Inspiring men to discover their paths toward healthy manhood is one of his most gratifying experiences. The restorative part of his essence often bridges the frequently broken communication and relational gaps between men and women during times of formal speaking engagements as well as informal one on ones. He is a regular social commentator as well, contributing his honorable views on politics, social issues and community. Read More >

In his latest book, Male vs. Man, he discusses the importance of the family dynamic: honoring women, teaching children and defining the modern man. Dondre reveals how faith serves as the divine model for manhood. He equips his hearers to become real men rather than simply “grown males.” Males are self-serving and stuck in negative cycles that we hear and read about daily. They create chaos instead of cultivating calm. Men are healthy and productive servant-leaders who bring positive change to their communities. This writing delivers an uplifting playbook for men who want to level up. It will help men and women alike understand what real manhood is, based on biblical wisdom as well as hard-earned lessons from someone who has been there. With practical guidance and a strong spiritual foundation, Dondré helps his readers learn how to cultivate the life-changing spiritual, emotional, and psychological attributes of servant leadership at home, at work, and in our communities. Whitfield will expose the debilitating myths, reverse the negative trends, shatter stereotypes, and spark conversations that will empower males to help the women and children in their lives find their place of peace and purpose.

The Manhood Tour is a global movement committed to awakening the consciousness of men, delivering the key principles for effective and impactful leadership, and teaching them how to tap into their talents and live them in the highest degree. While traditionally, we’ve defined manhood through the lens of fundamental male priorities such as the ability and responsibility to protect, to procreate, and to provide, we now see a pivotal shift in the male role. These roles are now shared with their female counterparts, and men of all ages can benefit from Whitfield’s progressive and practical developmental training on this new relational paradigm.

Words possess the power to bridge, calm, heal, transform, and deliver. Dondre Whitfield speaks, and his essence releases the wisdom, practical strategies and timeless answers that bring the life as well as relational healing and discovery moments men and women have been longing to know. His message targets a wide array of impactful life and relationship topics related to manhood, leadership, parenting, and spiritual inspiration. He shares from his wealth of life experiences that span across family dynamics, career, his inner life and its power to influence the course of the collective male conscience through his willingness to share. Read Less ^

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