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Dr. Jonathan Paul Higgins

Dr. Jonathan Paul Higgins

Writer & Social Justice Educator Focused on Gender, Race & Media

Dr. Jonathan Paul Higgins

Writer & Social Justice Educator Focused on Gender, Race & Media


Dr. Jonathan P. Higgins (DoctorJonPaul) is an award winning educator, professor, national speaker, freelance journalist, thought leader and media critic who examines the intersections of identity, gender and race in entertainment. Named National Black Justice Coalition’s Inaugural Emerging Leaders to Watch and Business Equality Magazine’s “Top 40 LGBTQ People Under 40”, their work has been featured on sites like Essence, Ebony, Complex, MTV NEWS, Out Magazine, BET & Paper Mag. A Culture Strike 2021 Disruptor, Twitter Spaces Spark Creator, they were recently named a Black Boy/Girl Writes Fellow in Mike Gauyo’s writing program in collaboration with Stage 32 and finalist in Wondaland’s Writing Series & Stowes Writing Lab. Dr. Higgins is a trailblazer who is creating, sharing, and crafting the stories their ancestors didn’t get to tell. They have written for numerous outlets including BET, Entertainment Weekly, IntoMoreOut, MTV News, Paper Mag and more.

Dr. Higgins is currently the Director of Strategic Media & Advocacy for Rainbow Pride Youth Alliance and has  held positions at both Chernin Entertainment & Edith Productions. They have consulted with multiple brands on inclusion projects including United Artists, Amazon Prime, Fox, the NFL, Apple, Disney, Instagram, Buzzfeed and GLAAD. They have also been a featured speaker for SXSW & TEDx and most recently was the first queer Black person to speak at ForbesBLK inaugural conference.

You can also see them on hit shows like Netflix’s Nailed It and Fuse’s Like a Girl.

They are the creator, executive producer and host of the “Black Fat Femme Podcast'' which was developed via IHeartMedia’s Next Up Initiative in 2021. The podcast has gone on to be named one of the “top Black podcasts to listen to” by Ebony, Intomore and Essence Magazine. The show also snagged a Webby Honoree in 2024 for best talk/interview podcast. Dr. Higgins holds a doctorate in educational justice from University of Redlands and regularly writes and lectures on what liberation means for Black, queer, fat, non-binary people.

Speaker Videos

TEDx: From Fear to Freedom

A Lesson In Toxic Masculinity

Embracing Personal Power


Speech Topics

The Power of Unlearning: The System is Invisible on Purpose

In this discussion, we will look at concepts that are related to the working and teachings of Peggy McIntosh. We will examine the our own “knapsacks”, what we carry with us on a daily basis. We will also discuss what it means for marginalized individuals to carry a heavier backpack and what it means for the collective team to work collaboratively to lessen these weights.

All Oppression is Connected

In this discussion, we will look at vocabulary and the ways in which oppression can be defined. This conversation will focus on concepts of gender, race, class, and sexual orientation while highlighting the oppression that overlaps between each of the identities. The focus will be to highlight the work of Kimberlé Crenshaw and her thoughts on intersectionality as it refers to marginalized people and the oppressions that live between each of their identities.

Adding Equity to Our Equality

The terms equity and equality are often used interchangeably. For most, while it is important to be treated fairly, many are vying for proportional representation. In this presentation, we will examine the ways in which equality and equity differ and the importance of implementing practices rooted in equity.

From Equity Talk to Equity Walk: Putting Things in Motion

While there is no silver bullet strategy to add equity to an organization, steps need to be taken in order to change the ways in which we think about belonging. In this discussion, we will dive into what it means to design a culture where there is belonging and what it means to create moments to both understand and comprehend another’s life experience.