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Ryan Jamaal Swain

Ryan Jamaal Swain

Star of Pose & LGBTQIA+ Activist

Ryan Jamaal Swain

Star of Pose & LGBTQIA+ Activist


Ryan Jamaal Swain is an awarding winning actor and activist. Most notably, a breakout star of FX’s award-winning show Pose, which has been internationally and critically praised for its authentic and skillful portrayal of queer and trans life on television. In it, he portrays the role of Damon Richards Evangelista, an ambitious dancer who, after being kicked out of his home for being gay, becomes part of a self-selected family in New York Citys ‘80s-era queer ballroom scene. Following the success of Pose, Swain has been seen in the television show The First Lady opposite Viola Davis, on Broadway in Choir Boy and on numerous Off-Broadway stages.

As an activist, Swain was named to Forbes' "30 Under 30" list for his LGBTQIA+ work on and off the screen. In addition, he has won awards from the Human Rights Campaign, Howard University, TrevorLIVE and TV One, where he made a rousingly moving acceptance speech on his intersections of being Black, Millennial and Queer. Swain also takes pride in being a Stonewall Inn Ambassador. In his efforts to deepen his charge to protecting and liberating young Queer people, he created a national campaign with the It Gets Better Foundation titled #48HoursOfLove—sharing uplifting messages of hope, empowerment and support to LGBTQIA+ students during the stressful back-to-school season all over the country.

Swain has also been featured in numerous publications ranging from Vogue, Nyloån Germany, GQ, The New York Times, Forbes and WWD for his fashion advocacy for Queer visibility.

Known for his inspiring rags to riches story” of heading to New York City with only $50 to pursue his dreams, Swains passion for performing began at an early age. In his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, Swain started tap lessons at age four and quickly expanded to ballet, jazz, modern and hip hop. As an actor, he then attended the esteemed Alabama School of Fine Arts. A first-generation college graduate, Swain earned a B.F.A. from Howard University and trained at the British American Drama Academy in conjunction with Yale School of Drama in Oxford, U.K.

As a writer, Swain wrote and starred in A Negro Writer,” a one-man show about Langston Hughes and his proverbial and private life. And is currently writing a teen fiction novel loosely based on his own coming-of-age story.

He is also currently recording his first single to be shared later this year.

Whether sharing a life story that has parallels with Damon Richards (As a child, Swain was physically and emotionally abused by his stepfather because of his sexual orientation.) or inspiring others to boldly pursue their dreams, Swain brings an empowering message of overcoming odds while giving back to others. His keynotes motivate audiences to find their voice, cultivate their why” and use what makes them unique as their superpower.

Speaker Videos

The Importance of Chosen Family | It Gets Better Project

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Chasing a Dream with Only $50 in Your Pocket

Speech Topics

Finding Your Chosen Family

Marginalized communities have long relied on “chosen family”:  friends who fulfill the roles of support, acceptance — and in some cases, security and protection — that one’s biological family either cannot, or will not provide. As portrayed in the hit show, Pose, and by Ryan Jamaal Swain’s character, Damon, these bonds can be a critical lifeline for those rejected by the family that they were born or adopted into. In this moving talk, Ryan explores how “chosen family” can be extended to all who seek to create their own emotional and social  foundation — celebrating that we all have the power to choose the family we journey through life with. “With your biological family, sometimes there’s this pressure to fit into these molds of who they think you are or should be,” says Swain. “Your chosen family allows you to break all of that.” Ryan explores the journey to finding this comfort group on campus (whether it be a fraternity/sorority, BSU, cultural center or other organization) and in the larger world.

Behind the Scenes at Pose

Called “aspirational and celebratory,” “invigorating and emotionally affecting, critics have praised Ryan Murphy’s Pose and its “pirouette between artistic opulence and deliciously soapy drama.” Historic for both its content and for assembling the largest cast of LGBTQIA+ actors in a scripted TV series, Pose has taken audiences into the hidden world of 1980’s underground ball culture. In this fascinating talk, Ryan Jamaal Swain (Damon Richards) takes you even further inside your favorite characters and episodes, providing an intimate look at the Golden Globe-nominated cult drama.

Black, Millennial & Queer

In this candid take on intersectionality, Ryan Jamaal Swain shares how he has succeeded in an industry that has often times shunned three of his social identities. Toughened by an abusive childhood in the conservative South, Swain learned early on how to turn his “otherness/uniqueness” into his own superpower. From setting up boundaries to crafting your own personal and professional/artistic checklists, his candid and empowering advice celebrates the power of our differences and the essential importance of authenticity.

Don’t Just Accept. Be An Ally.

Within the last 20 years alone, there has been a radical change in public acceptance of those in the LGBTQIA+ community. From campuses and corporations to the television and movies we watch, acceptance and inclusion have become the national standard. But is it enough? Ryan Jamaal Swain explores what it means to be an ally: a person that actively promotes a culture of inclusion through intentional, positive and conscious efforts that benefit an organization — and society — as a whole. Being an ally is intersectional — white women can be actionable allies to people of color, the able-bodied can be allies to those with different abilities, cis people can be allies to those in the LGBTQIA+ community, or men can be allies to women. In this powerful talk, Ryan outlines what it truly means to be an ally. From calling out inappropriate behavior and using inclusive language to becoming a mentor or sponsor, you’ll learn actionable, personal steps to lifting up others and creating a more diverse, inclusive and productive culture.

Chasing a Dream with Only $50 in Your Pocket

In this highly motivational talk, Ryan Jamaal Swain tells a story that sounds straight out of a Hollywood movie: How an ambitious performer from Alabama headed to New York City with only $50 in his pocket, eventually catching the artistic eye of the king of American television and landing a breakout role in Ryan Murphy’s Pose. A case study in purpose, finding your own voice, overcoming adversity, perseverance and faith, Swain’s “rags to riches” success story inspires all of us to believe in ourselves and follow our own dreams.