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Dr. Lipi  Roy

Dr. Lipi Roy

Internal Medicine Physician, Forbes Contributor & Media Personality


Dr. Lipi Roy is an internal medicine physician board certified in addiction medicine and serves as clinical assistant professor at NYU Langone Health. As the former Chief of Addiction Medicine for New York City jails including Rikers Island, Dr. Roy oversaw substance use treatment and recovery services at the nation’s 2nd-largest jail complex. Previously, she was a primary care doctor to Boston's vulnerable homeless population among whom the leading cause of death was drug overdose. Read More >

Dr. Roy’s experience spans leadership roles from state-run to private addiction treatment centers. She also served as an attending physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and as faculty at Harvard Medical School where she taught Clinical Nutrition and The Healer’s Art. Dr. Roy completed her medical and master’s in public health degrees at Tulane University, followed by residency training in internal medicine at Duke University Medical Center. Dr. Roy is a strong advocate for public service: in addition to caring for incarcerated and homeless men and women, she has served the underserved in Nicaragua and India, as well as New Orleans residents affected by Hurricane Katrina. Dr. Roy has also provided medical relief to earthquake victims in Haiti, and volunteered in the medical tent at the Boston Marathon.

Dr. Roy is a sought-after, charismatic public speaker whose mission is to educate and empower the public to make healthy decisions through nutrition, mindfulness and addiction training. As a Forbes contributor and media personality, she has appeared on CNN, Dr. Oz, The Tamron Hall Show, Charlie Rose and CBS New York. Her articles have also been published in STAT and The Huffington Post; and she has been featured in The New York Times, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, Cooking Light and Oprah.com. Dr. Roy shares her medical expertise in her newsletter, website, and YouTube channel. Read Less ^

Speaker Videos

From Heroin to Healing

Understanding the Roots of Addiction

Speech Topics

Addiction 101

Of the 23 million Americans with substance use disorders, only 10% access treatment. Stigma is a major barrier to care. Addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease of the brain - not a sign of moral weakness or failure. Read More >

Dr. Roy will discuss the epidemiology and neurobiology of addiction, stigma, treatment approaches including harm reduction and other related topics in a highly engaging talk: Read Less ^

  • Opioid Epidemic 
  • Alcohol Use Disorder 
  • Marijuana 
  • Stimulants including Cocaine and Methamphetamines

Burnout Prevention & Treatment

A growing epidemic among physicians and other health care professionals, burnout needs to be addressed in an effective, compassionate and systems-wide manner. Emotional exhaustion and its many physical and psychological repercussions can have devastating consequences on physicians AND patients. Dr. Roy will discuss how burnout evolves and ways to reduce it.

How Mindful Practice Transformed My Life

Our lives are inundated by stress. Workplace, school, home...we can't escape it. And when our innate abilities to deal with stress falter, we become vulnerable to illness and self-destructive behavior. Mindful activities such as meditation can help us address stress in a positive, efficient and healthier way. Dr. Roy will share fascinating data about mindfulness, share her own practice, and demonstrate a deep breathing exercise live!

Chronic Pain

This is complex issue with multiple dimensions: physical, emotional, psychological. Pain continues to be undertreated, particularly among certain groups. Dr. Roy will discuss the different types of pain and evidence-based ways to address both acute and chronic pain.

Patient-Doctor 101

Dr. Roy will discuss the top 5 things that doctors should do to improve their relationship with patients. Dr. Roy will also discuss the Top 5 Questions that patients should ask their doctor to get the most out of their visit.

Caring for Marginalized Populations

As a former primary care doctor to homeless and incarcerated men and women at the nation’s 2nd-largest jail complex, Rikers Island, Dr. Roy is an expert in addressing the complex needs of this vulnerable group of individuals. From acute issues such as bed bug infections to frostbite to chronic conditions including addiction, mental illness and cancer, Dr. Roy will share her experiences and shed light on compassionate means of caring for society’s most underserved and neglected – and why it should matter to ALL of us.

Sleep 101

Poor sleep has been associated with nearly all forms of chronic illness, from heart and lung disease to dementia. Dr. Roy has cared for patients with patients with various sleep disorders throughout her medical career. She will share evidence-based strategies about sleep hygiene that will improve the quality of your life.

Clinical Nutrition & Healthy Cooking 101

Poor diet has been associated nearly every chronic illness, from heart disease to cancer. An avid home cook, Dr. Roy has taught Clinical Nutrition at Harvard Medical School for several years and will share valuable information on the importance of key vitamins, minerals, food groups, as well as share simple tips on healthy home cooking. She will also discuss the pros and cons of commercial diets.