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Dr. Wes  Parham

Dr. Wes Parham

Higher Education Professional, Organizational Consultant at WEEW Consulting & Author


Wes Parham MBA, Ph.D. is a national speaker in the critical areas of organizational and individual development, innovative leadership, and educational engagement. He is also the founder of the field of "Haterology": the study of dissent/disagreement and hating and its impact on culture and society. Dr. Parham travels the country with his unique mix of social commentary, humor, and insight presenting to companies of all size. From Fortune 500 companies to small and medium companies looking to re-examine their culture. Read More >

Dr. Parhams' expertise is wide reaching, having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and an MBA with an emphasis in Leadership and Organizational change from the University of Missouri Kansas City. In addition, he has a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Regent University. He is also certified as an organizational consultant and an executive coach.  Read Less ^

Speaker Videos

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Speech Topics

Organizational Leadership in the New Era

How the way we view dissent is changing us, and what we can do about it. How "hating" can make you a better leader, person, and partner. 

Organizational Innovation

How disagreement can be your springboard for innovation. How embracing dissent can improve your thinking and learning to create new collaborative ideas.

Improve Your Personal & Business Relationships

Why dissent can help sustain meaningful business and personal relationships. Understanding Introspection: The Mirror vs. the Microscope. Why you may be "wrong" and how that can help you to be better.