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Elisabeth  Röhm

Elisabeth Röhm

Award Winning Actress, Family Advocate & Health Activist

Elisabeth Röhm

Award Winning Actress, Family Advocate & Health Activist


Elisabeth Rohm has dedicated her life to building a respectful career as an actress, author and public figure. 

Elisabeth Rohm will next be seen in the Roger Ailes biopic Fair and for Lionsgate and director Jay Roach, portraying Fox News host Martha MacCallum, as well as Ted Melfi’s The Starling opposite Melissa McCarthy.

With over 80 acting credits on IMDB, she has graced the big screen with the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in both of David O. Russel's films, American Hustle and Joy. Elisabeth recently wrapped production on the Lifetime feature Family Pictures opposite Justina Machado and previously co-starred in David O. Russell’s Joy opposite Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro.  This was her second collaboration with David following the huge success of American Hustle in which she had a pivotal role opposite Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale and Amy Adams (the film won numerous accolades for its ensemble cast including the coveted SAG Award and both films were nominated for Oscars.)

Elisabeth also had a key role in Tribes of Palos Verdes opposite Jennifer Garner for IFC Films and Relativity Media. Other notable film credits include Trafficked with Ashley Judd and Going Under opposite Bruce Willis and Jason Momoa. 

Elisabeth also has a rich body of work in the television space notably starring as “Serena Southerlyn” on Law & Order for five seasons and “Kate Lockley” on The WB series Angel. More recently, Elisabeth co-starred with Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q on Stalker for CBS and starred opposite Eric Dance on The Last Ship for TNT and Michael Bay. She also had memorable arcs on Will Arnett’s Netflix series Flaked and The CW hit show Jane the Virgin.

In addition to her acting career, Elisabeth Rohm is also a trained emergency volunteer to advocating the importance of knowing CPR, she has spent many years as a global ambassador for both the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association.  Rohm has also shared the choices that she made regarding her journey to motherhood in her book, Baby Steps, as well as the daily parenting struggles that she encounters in a blog for People.com.

"Ms. Rohm met our brand through one of our stores and was deeply touched by the name of the Company, what it stands for and the purpose that moves all of our actions and initiatives: she is, at the same time, the perfect example of how we can impact people and how people can impact the brand, through a direct interaction with us, to scale the message to wider audiences", said Marcello Leone, CEO of RYU. "With Ms. Rohm joining our Company, we will be able to gain an even stronger voice in our communities, to reach a higher number of people about our purpose".

"Respect is at the heart of everything.  How we respect ourselves, our bodies, our goals, our environment and each other.  We are not renters, we are investors and must take ownership of this life" expresses Elisabeth Rohm. "At RYU, we invite you to commit to our movement of respect both body and soul".  By joining their universes, RYU and Elisabeth Rohm look forward to showing the world what it means to Respect by celebrating differences, excellence and the individual.

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Speech Topics

Heart Health Awareness

When it comes to heart health, Elisabeth Röhm can speak from a multitude of experiences. After losing her mother and aunt to heart disease at a young age, Röhm has worked to turn her grief into empowerment. Röhm can also relate to the lives of those living a life aware of their heart disease, after witnessing her father deal with triple-bypass surgery at the young age of 40. Elisabeth has since encouraged healthy living and habits to prevent surgeries like her father’s. She even partnered with the American Heart Association to encourage others to get CPR training that could potentially be life-saving. Elisabeth Röhm knows that heart health hits close to home and she seeks to prevent it from spreading to the homes of others.

Parenthood: An Identity Changing Journey

Elisabeth Röhm shares her personal story of infertility and completely opens up to her audiences. Whether it is her giving advice to younger women, advocating that healthcare cover more of the cost of alternative fertility treatments, or inspiring other infertile women to never give up, Elisabeth has a voice that deserves to be heard. She knows the stigma that comes with the topic of infertility – it’s taboo and not many are comfortable discussing it. However, the topic of infertility is one of the most important to be discussed right now. In a society where it’s becoming the norm to settle down in your thirties, we cannot afford to overlook the science behind having children young. What Elisabeth Röhm communicates through her speeches, most importantly, is this one message – be proactive.

Overcoming a Troubled Childhood & Adversity

Most know Elisabeth Röhm as the successful & tenacious A.D.A from the successful TV drama, Law and Order. It is hard to imagine that she was once a former juvenile detention resident. Coming from a far from perfect household, Elisabeth found herself battling deep rooted anger issues that eventually got her kicked out of the public school at the age of 13. Röhm credits all of her success to her mother remaining relentless in raising her. Instead of giving up on her, Elisabeth’s mother aggressively invested in resources to educate and save her daughter from her own self destructive tendencies.

Balancing Being a Working Single Mother & Empowering Self

Being a single-parent, Rohm is no stranger to the sacrifices mothers make on a daily basis. For the sake of always putting her child first, she feels it is her responsibility as a parent to be in the best shape of her life mentally and physically. Daily, she is committed to self care through practices that include meditation, yoga and physical fitness. She feels it is her obligation to share her journey through motherhood and is committed to inspiring women to find healing, balance and support within their own communities. Röhm believes that together, we can empower each other through togetherness, open discussion and creating villages of powerful women as support teams.

Women’s Empowerment

Having hit rock bottom, Elisabeth is a true testament of what it takes to turn adversity into triumph. As glamorous as her job seemed, Röhm fell on hard times at age 34, which left her unemployed and bankrupted, all while finding out that she was infertile. Elisabeth embarked on another uphill battle, however, she followed the example of her beloved mother, remaining faithful in her journey to conceive. For Elisabeth, this was yet another opportunity to prove to herself and turn the negatives in her life to positives. She wrote the book Baby Steps to connect with other women who, like her, experience infertility, which can be a shameful and taboo subject for women to talk about candidly.