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Felipe  Gonzalez

Felipe Gonzalez

Former President of Spain

Felipe Gonzalez

Former President of Spain


Felipe González, the longest-standing Spanish President with 14 years in office, is a sought-after speaker worldwide. He spearheaded Spain’s integration into the European Union and was a pioneer in improving European relations with Latin America, laying the groundwork for their mutual collaboration today.

González’s time in office was also defined by significant reforms such as the installation of free public education, making a university education more accessible to all, and the establishment of a wide-ranging social security system that included universal healthcare. He also carried out a major industrial refurbishment plan as well as an army overhaul.

In 2007, the Minister’s Council named him plenipotentiary Extraordinary Ambassador for the celebration of the bicentenary of America’s Independence. He was also named president of the Group for Reflection on the Future of Europe, known as the Think Tank Committee of the Wise, which was dissolved in 2010. González is also a member of the Orientation European Committee, “Our Europe”; the International Council of the Shimon Peres Center for Peace; the InterAction Council; the Club of Madrid; and the Montevideo Circle.

Felipe González has published several books analyzing the main trends in European development and the international political landscape. He has received many awards including the Carlomagno Prize in 1993 for his contributions to European unity and Austria’s Great Golden Cross of Merit. He was also named Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Toulouse and the University of Leuven.

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