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Greg  Bennick

Greg Bennick

Global Keynote Speaker, Interactive Comedian, Event Emcee & Host


Greg Bennick can be the after-dinner comedic act that makes the conference memorable for years, or he can be the keynote speaker who drives your points home with his own unique style. Greg Bennick works with you to deliver impact! As a keynote speaker, he uses clean comedy and explores new ideas around community and creativity. Two of his most popular topics are “You Matter” about enhancing self-esteem through the recognition of the value of our work, and “Fail Better” in which he discusses success as the result of a series of failures expertly managed. Read More >

He integrates award-winning comedy, audience interaction, incredible juggling, powerful magic effects, and unbelievable mind reading into his presentations to create a visual display which helps the ideas really sink in.

Greg is the Founder and Executive Director of international humanitarian aid organization One Hundred For Haiti and can offer perspectives on development, both personally and socially in a rapidly changing world.

A two-time humorous speaking champion, Greg engages and inspires your audience while making them laugh. He has spent over thirty years on stage and has connected with audiences live in over twenty-five countries in the last decade, and of course virtual presentations are available via Zoom, Skype, Facebook live, telepathy, and any other mode you can imagine.

His topics range from new angles on team building and the psychology of how to manage crisis and conflict, leadership, and communication…and how self-doubt limits wide-ranging expansion. Based in Seattle, he’s been flown everywhere from Syracuse to Singapore to share his unique brand of engaging ideas.

Have an event or a need to inspire a group, especially during such uncertain times? Explore one of Greg’s acclaimed themes, or let’s hear your event theme idea and we’ll create a custom presentation for you around your idea and need. Recent examples include “The Power of One / The Power of the Team” and “Pivot to Win It: How to Manage Change.” Read Less ^

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FAIL BETTER: Don't Be Afraid to Drop the Ball!

Greg is fascinated by gravity as a metaphor: by dropping objects he learns constantly to FAIL BETTER. What do we learn about success from our failures? The Seattle Times called him “A juggler of objects and concepts.” What do you learn about success from a path where the journey is filled with mistakes and failure? You learn focus and courage. Greg shows you the way. (Perfect for any group looking to enhance positive mental attitude among their team members and looking to laugh throughout a presentation)

FIND YOUR VOICE: Strengthen Your Community with Creativity

Developing community is about strengthening teams from within. For Greg, touring and exploring the world for thirty years has taught him about CREATIVITY, COMMUNITY, and USING COMEDY to channel energy in positive directions. Your work, personal, and local communities need every voice to thrive. Learn the benefits, and discover powerful new perspectives on teamwork through comedic approaches on self-esteem and connectedness. (Perfect for all organizations who truly value their people and who are interested in energetic new ideas)

ENVISION & EXPAND: Changing the World Without Having a Clue

Want to change the world in which you work and live but aren’t sure how? Want to transform your workplace environment and implement new ideas? From a perspective of taking action for others, this keynote is a call to action. Let's look at the roadblocks which prevent those things from happening and then blast through them. Learn how one line from the movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark” inspired a lifetime of creativity and action even amidst self-doubt. Learn about failing better, growing together, and making dreams a reality. (Perfect for any group with a CSR focus, those interested in change and transformation...and also for colleges / universities)

YOU MATTER: Perspectives on Work & Life

Greg explores human motivations. We want to be contributors to significant lives, expressing ourselves in ways that are meaningful. How can we do that, inspire others to do the same, and stay inspired without losing ourselves in fear and self-doubt? Or without conflict arising? We need to cultivate a sense that our work and our lives are meaningful, while not taking that knowledge and using it to infringe on what others find meaningful too. This is the presentation we need in an increasingly chaotic and unpredictable world. (Perfect for teamwork, communication, and personal development events)