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Gregory  Polletta

Gregory Polletta

Award-Winning Designer, Professor & Founder of iGNITIATE


Catalyst. Engineer. Designer. Polletta has made a career of producing work that startles, gets the job done, and continually pushes boundaries in a broad range of fields that encompass the artistic as well as the practical and scientific. He is the founder of iGNITIATE, an innovation strategy and industrial design firm that specializes in disruptive design — the art and science of creating new and innovative products and services that can transform a product category, shake up a market, and ensure international firms' continued success. Polletta is also the co-founder of the international award-winning design brand gregorysung. Read More >

Polletta is a true 21st-century Renaissance man whose research, start-ups and designs span many fields, including architecture (where he and his team have designed eye-catching facades for buildings under renovation) namely TOPIADE the world’s first ever fully articulated moving pin facade design for Louis Vuitton in 2006, medical device technology such as O.M., computer memory devices, mobile phone software, furniture design, artificial lighting, object design, and consumer product packaging. He has brought his talents for high-tech research and development commercialization and design to bear for such clients as Guzzini, Roche Bobois, Fujitsu, Louis-Vuitton, Pfizer, The US Navy, The Government of Saudi Arabia and Singapore, Steinway Pianos and many more.

Prior to iGNITIATE, Polletta worked at the legendary Xerox PARC Labs, the American Management Center for Advanced Technology, and DARPA/Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Gregory is a full professor at France's Grande Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées ENPC PhD Engineering and MBA program in Paris, and the Parsons School of Design in Paris, France as well as lecturing at the Royal College of Art in London, UK; and many other universities on the topics of design innovation, strategic management, research and development commercialization, entrepreneurship, industrial design, and new product development.

Gregory N. Polletta's work has appeared and is featured in numerous publications around the world. He is currently writing a book on the intersection of design, business, and engineering and the need to embrace all three disciplines simultaneously in order to create sustained marketplace breakthroughs and as detailed in a recent interview at with the dean of NorthEastern University's Engineering School's Center For High Rate Nano Manufacturing.

Since 2006 and after almost 15 years with the ENPC Ph.D Engineering & MBA Program and after 1000's of industry professionals have passed through his iGNITE Convergence Program classes, Professor Polletta was named the most inspirational professor in 2014 at Grande Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées ENPC Paris, France. Gregory is the designer of REUTPALA – the permanent award for the World Retail Congress given on the date of its launch to Alberto Alessi as a lifetime achievement award for design and retail. Gregory was the 2nd highest ranked speaker at the inaugural True Start/True Capital R:evolution conference and a past designer in residence there, is the Chairman of the 2015 Global Leadership Conference on Design and also a judge of the $1M President Clinton HULT Prize, the A' Design Awards, the Cannes Lions Festival Awards for Product Design, the Clio Awards and a 2017 Candidate for the US Presidential Innovation Fellows Program at the White House. Read Less ^

Speaker Videos

Cannes Lion Interview

Design Innovation

Pushing The Envelope: Paris Interview

Creating the R&D Mindset: Design and Innovation for Retail

Creating and Leveraging Design Breakthroughs

Speech Topics

Design Thinking & Innovation: Harnessing Creativity Conduits for Success

Design Thinking + New Product Development + Innovation has been the core focus of Gregory Polletta & his team at iGNITIATE since 2001 to creating value in improbably complex markets & transform what is "futuristic" unknowns into successes. Read More >

Via the integration of design and design thinking + iGNITIATE's own iGNITE program recently given at the US Navy along with Gregory's own design for the permanent World Retail Congress trophy REUTPALA, Gregory will illustrate how: Read Less ^

  • Successful firms use design, design thinking, creativity and focused innovation models to create from nothing, valuable new markets.
  • Leaders in international firms have embraced design thinking and the artistic intent strategy to create the improbable and beautiful and make intra firms and extra firm efforts a core part of a firms success.
  • Design and disruptive design creates further waves of market successes when engaged in particular ways.
  • Identifying and harnessing creative disruptors in your firm can create unknown successes.

Transforming Confusion: “New” in Highly Improbable Markets

Speaker Gregory Polletta believes that the ability to read improbably complex markets and use creativity and new product development tools to transform what is not understood into positive return on investment are fundamental mechanisms for success. Read More >

In this lecture, Polletta will teach you how to: Read Less ^

  • Understand how successful firms use design and innovation models to transform unstable markets
  • Navigate new product development models for improbable or unstable markets
  • See how disruption and renewal creates waves of probable markets
  • Push the role of creativity as a disruptor to transform the improbable into solid ROI
  • Understand timing and how to harness it for market dominance

The Inside Game—Fail Fast & Fail Often: Discovering “Intrapreneurial” Ideas Right at Home

How often do employees overlook potential because they are too busy replicating what has already been established? How many breakthroughs are lost because no communication or outlet exists for internal insights? In this presentation, speaker Gregory Polletta will teach you how to achieve your organization’s full “intrapreneurial” potential by learning how to fail fast and fail often and capture that knowledge to bring intrapreneurial ideas to the marketplace. Read More >

You will learn: Read Less ^

  • Systems for discovering internal knowledge to transform your organization
  • Creativity, failing, and doing it a lot—how it ultimately benefits growth
  • Mechanisms to increase creativity and intrapreneurial drive
  • Creating play in the growth of groundbreaking firms—children do it and so do corporations
  • Managing, mining, and maintaining a sense of discovery as a driver for ROI