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Ian  Jukes

Ian Jukes

Educator & Technology Expert


Ian Jukes is the founder and Executive Director of the InfoSavvy Group, an international educational leadership consulting firm, and co-founder of SpringBoard21, an educational services firm. His background is very diverse. He has been a classroom teacher - teaching every grade from Kindergarten to Grade 12, a school, district, and provincial administrator, a university instructor, an author, an international consultant, and a keynote speaker. Read More >

Ian has worked with clients in more than 80 countries and made more than 12,000 presentations. He typically speaks about 200 days a year to more than 250,000 people. He is the author or co-author of 17 books and 9 educational series. His most recent books include: Reinventing Learning for the Always-On GenerationLearning Without ClassroomsTeaching the Digital GenerationLiving on the Future EdgeUnderstanding the Digital GenerationLiteracy Is Not Enough, and Getting It Right: Aligning Technology Initiatives for Measurable Student Results. He is currently working on 4 new books on educational transformation including When ET Meets IT: The Place of Technology in Modern LearningA Brief History of the Future of EducationEducation in the Age of Disrupted Learning, andTeaching with the Future in Mind: An Introduction to Modern Learning.

Ian was the creator of the 21st Century Fluency Project; and is the catalyst behind the Springboard21 Diagnostic and Reporting Tool. In keeping with modern times, Ian has created an extensive digital library of educational resources and best practices that he shares with his many clients through his blog and Twitter following. He is also a great believer in paying things forward and regularly acts as a mentor to other educational professionals, helping them to write books, develop workshops and presentations, and grow professionally.

Outside of education, he works with government, banking, medical, entertainment, and insurance industries, as well as with organizations and communities that have lost their market or economic base and wish to explore fresh possibilities for preferred economic futures.

But first and foremost, Ian is a passionate educational evangelist. From the beginning, his focus has been on the compelling need to restructure our educational institutions so that they become relevant to the current and future needs of the digital generations - and to prepare them for their future and not just our past. Read Less ^

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Teaching the Digital Generation

Understanding the Digital Generation

Speech Topics

Windows on Tomorrow

Today’s world is constantly on the move. The rate of change is so profound that you can’t trust your eyes to show you reality because they’re really showing you history. This presentation challenges your assumptions about the world we live in and the future we’re heading for by carefully examining the significance of several global exponential trends. Windows on Tomorrow forces us to consider how these trends affect and will continue to affect our personal and professional lives, our children, our learning institutions, the nature of teaching and learning, and even our definition of intelligence. Attendees will be provided with access to an extensive digital library of resources specifically aligned to the Windows on Tomorrow presentation.

Welcome to the Digital Revolution: Education in the Age of Disrupted Learning

In today’s digital world, we are witnessing the evolution of an incredibly turbulent new age. It’s the Age of Disrupted Learning—an age where every part of society is experiencing a complete upheaval as the result of the pervasive nature of disruptive change. In order to thrive, our schools, like our businesses, communities, and families, must continually adapt to the changing conditions. This presentation examines the changing nature of our world; identifies the critical 21st-century skills not being addressed by our current educational system; and specifically identifies how we can effectively engage learners so that they can perform exceptionally well on exams while simultaneously learning the critical new basics needed to excel in both school and life beyond school. Attendees will be provided with access to an extensive digital library of resources specifically aligned to the Education in the Age of Disrupted Learning presentation.

Understanding the Always-on Generation: Hyperinformation & the Rewiring of the Human Brain

The rapid emergence of online digital technology has bombarded people living in the modern world with a myriad of multimedia experiences. These experiences have had a profound effect on how people process information. No one has been more affected than the younger generations who have grown up in the new digital landscape. This presentation examines how hyperinformation experiences have rewired the brain of the always-on generation; and what this means for teaching, learning, and assessment strategies in the modern world. Attendees will be provided with access to an extensive digital library of resources specifically aligned to the Education in the Age of Disrupted Learning presentation.

Reinventing Learning for the Always-on Generation: Digital Tools That Work

There is no shortage of apps, resources and devices for teachers and students of all ages to choose from. The key is how to effectively use these tools to cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills, increase teacher and student productivity, spark innovation and creativity, encourage positive collaboration, and develop the essential communication skills needed by students, teachers and parents alike. Based on the IPPY award winning book Reinventing Learning for the Always-on Generation, this presentation identifies a series of pressure-tested free and inexpensive digital tools to utilize for powerful learning experiences in modern classroom environments. Participants will come away with a clear understanding of tools that are the new basics for teaching, learning and assessment in the digital world. Participants will be provided with access to an extensive digital library of resources specifically aligned to the Reinventing Learning presentation.

Where ET Meets IT: Technology & Modern Learning Series

Why do educational leaders assume that teachers automatically understand how to walk into a 21st-century classroom and engage 21st-century students through the use of digital technologies? This is a false and dangerous assumption that has lead to the ineffectiveness of modern teacher training and underutilizes or unused technologies The majority of post-secondary teacher preparation programs lack the vision, resources, and expertise to provide innovative pre-service teacher training that adequately prepares new teachers to use an electronic presentation board as a collaborative instructional tool, or to interact with student mobile wireless devices using cloud-based collaborative tools, or to integrate social media tools to engage and motivate students with their learning. Read More >

Far too often, technology initiatives in schools focus entirely on technological issues. But more often than not, there is a larger and far more important issue that is completely ignored. That issue is training teachers to harness the power of technology to engage students and transform learning, while at the same time meeting learning goals. As a result, teachers are left to fend for themselves when it comes to instructional design and technology implementation issues. The effective use of technology is often dependent on the skill set and motivation of individual teachers. Consequently, far too often the technology is ignored or underutilizes in many classrooms. This presentation examines 20 critical factors that influence successful technological integration, and highlights the importance of a balanced approach between ET and IT. Participants will be provided with access to an extensive digital library of resources specifically aligned to the Where ET Meets IT presentation. Read Less ^

Overcoming InfoWhelm & HyperInformation Through Information Investigation

Our society has been profoundly affected by InfoWhelm and HyperInformation—unparalleled and instantaneous access to a wealth of online information, the like of which has never before been seen or heard of. Learning has truly become a lifelong pursuit - something that can happen anytime, anywhere. But how do we determine good information from the bad? How do we interpret right from wrong? And how do we distinguish complete, accurate, and usable data in a sea of irrelevance? In the modern world, a knowledge of the skills to help us best understand and make use of the wealth of knowledge at our fingertips is absolutely essential to survive, let alone thrive in the classroom, the workplace, and life. This presentation examines the skills that help us extract essential knowledge, verify its authenticity, perceive its meaning and significance, and apply it to solve real world challenges. Participants will learn how to turn data into knowledge and wisdom using the 5A’s of Information Investigating—Ask, Acquire, Analyze, Apply, and Assess. Participants will be provided with access to an extensive digital library of resources specifically aligned to the Introduction to Evaluating Modern Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Practices presentation.