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Isaias  Hernandez

Isaias Hernandez

Environmental Justice Educator & Host of QueerBrownVegan

Isaias Hernandez

Environmental Justice Educator & Host of QueerBrownVegan


Isaias Hernandez was born in Los Angeles, California, also known as Tongva Land. He grew up in Section 8 housing, was a recipient of food stamps and lived in a community that faced environmental injustice. These firsthand experiences are where he’d eventually find his passion for the environment, social justice and equity.

As Isaias witnessed the ways pollution affected his body and community, he turned his anger and sadness into a solution: creating environmental education that would prioritize accessibility and intersectionality. Isaias earned his B.S. in Environmental Science at the University of California, Berkeley, and began gaining experience in diversity inclusion work in environmental spaces, academic research and creative work. Isaias has interviewed Vice President Kamala Harris and was featured on the digital cover of Vogue with Billie Eilish and on the Harvard-C-Change program as Climate Creators 2023 Program.

Now, Isaias seeks to help everyone educate themselves on the intersectional nature of the climate crisis. He believes a diversity of worldviews, backgrounds and experiences are essential to achieve success in the environmental movement. The climate crisis is an educational crisis and forms of education that can be sustained outside of our institutions will help to address it.

Isaias wants to help create a world where low-income students no longer struggle to learn about environmentalism and this desire led him to create his platform, queerbrownvegan.com. Since then, he’s gotten to see firsthand how independent communicators can connect the corporate and nonprofit sectors, change minds and inspire all generations.

Isaias is currently living in Los Angeles, working as a full-time content creator for QueerBrownVegan, a public speaker and a consultant. In his free time, he enjoys reading, cooking, foraging and connecting to ecological wealth.

Speaker Videos

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Speech Topics

LGBTQIA+ Rights & the Environment

Isaias Hernandez is a queer environmentalist that experienced homophobia and loss of identity while growing up in a conservative household. Through his lived experiences and academic research, he was able to understand the ways in which queerness, ecology and identity intersect in the ways in which queer ecologies are able to sustain the future of the planet. As an environmental educator, he found that queer ecological histories such as queer ecology and queer sustainability reaffirmed that queer/trans communities play a huge role in solving the climate crisis. In this talk, Isaias shares what it means to be a queer environmentalist, examining the history of queer liberation in the environmental movement and how he was able to overcome barriers he faced in his life.

Latinos & The Environment

Only 6.2% of Latinos/Hispanics receive their degrees in Environmental Science. And yet, according to multiple national polls, they are disproportionately affected by climate-driven extreme weather and are generally more concerned about climate change. For decades, Latin folks have made large contributions to the environmental movement, such as farm labor rights, environmental policy and the continued expansion of the links between climate and immigration policy. Isaias Hernandez is a queer Latin environmentalist that resides in Los Angeles, where his cultural experiences shaped the way he navigated the world. His parents, who were born in Mexico, were forcibly displaced by the climate and economic crisis from their farmlands. In this talk, Isaias seeks to diversify the environmental movement by showcasing to young Latin environmentalists that they, too, have a voice in the movement. He shares the history and contributions Latin communities play in advocating for environmental justice and empowering the Latinidad community.

Veganism & the Environment

Can veganism save the planet? Isaias Hernandez, a queer environmentalist and vegan activist, truly believes so. He’s passionate about the environment, however his vegan journey didn’t begin until he was in college and took a global food system course, where he was exposed to the atrocities of the factory farming industry. He then decided to become an animal rights advocate and show the ties between human and environmental rights. In this talk, Isaias shares his journey, the importance of veganism, vegan capitalism, White veganism and the ties between anti-racism and anti-speciesism.

Climate Education & Science Communication

The climate crisis is an educational crisis. That’s why Isaias Hernandez believes there needs to be an investment in climate education that goes both through the institutional and non-academic forms of education to inspire future generations. As an independent environmental educator, Isaias struggled to create a career that worked alongside the intersections of education, social media and the environment. But he finally had a solution: queerbrownvegan.com is Isaias’ platform. It is an accessible, intersectional space that approaches environmental education. In this talk, Isaias discusses how climate education must be implemented in the institutional curriculum while building a cultural shift that influences young people to demand change in their courses. His platform has reached over 100,000-plus people worldwide and he continues to be an independent force.

Climate Change & Mental Health

Studies have reported that 59% of youth and young adults said they were very or extremely worried about climate change and more than 45% said their feelings about climate change negatively affected their daily life and functioning. Climate Change is causing everlasting disasters and long-term mental health impacts on young adults across the world. In this talk, Climate Change Mental Health Advocate Isaias Hernandez ties the intersection between climate and mental health. He created the Climate Emotions Scale to help people navigate their earth-related emotions that go beyond eco-anxiety and introduces methodologies for people to think about when talking about the climate crisis.