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Jacob  Brown

Jacob Brown

Transformational Speaker, Entrepreneur & Author

Jacob Brown

Transformational Speaker, Entrepreneur & Author


Jacob is a former NFL athlete turned entrepreneur, transformational speaker, and writer. He is the Chief Transformational Officer for PurposePoint and the Co-Founder of Varlo, a cycling and triathlon apparel brand.

Jacob is mostly known for his thought leadership on LinkedIn, #FailForward posts, and inspirational videos. He travels globally speaking to corporations, colleges, and sports teams about how to take failure and turn it into fuel.

He is a family man – a husband of one and a father of four.

Speaker Videos

2023 Speaker Reel

Jacob Brown - Intel Conference 2023

Jacob Brown - Transformational Speaker (Aruba Business Event)

Jacob Brown - MLK Day Celebration (Motivational Speech)

Jacob Brown | GST Michigan Works! Motivational Talk

Speech Topics

Failing Forward

Jacob’s story will inspire the room to push through adversity, grow thicker skin and turn failures into fuel.

Leadership Development

Grooming leaders to lead with empathy, compassion and purpose is essential to your company’s culture.

Finding Purpose

Having a growth mindset is linked to having a sense of purpose. Jacob helps his audiences find theirs.

Hunting Goals

Setting goals is important, but knowing how to go after them is crucial. Learn the best ways to attack.