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Jaqueline  Harding

Jaqueline Harding

Renowned Former BBC Education Editor & Bestselling Author of The Brain That Loves to Play

Jaqueline Harding

Renowned Former BBC Education Editor & Bestselling Author of The Brain That Loves to Play


Dr Jacqueline Harding is a multi award-winning international child development and education expert. As a former BBC Education Editor, she was honored to receive the prestigious ‘BBC Ambassador Worldwide’ award and is recognized for her influential work advising the UK government, practitioners and parents. Her qualifications include a PhD in Child Development, Masters in Education and advanced studies in Neurophysiology. She is an Honorary Visiting Research Fellow at Middlesex University.

She has spoken in UK Parliament and European Parliament and has worked as a UK Government consultant advising on educational matters. Previously, she was a primary school Headteacher. Widely respected as a thought leader, she was chosen to represent the UK to develop essential digital criteria and establishing best practice for broadcasters, parents and teachers across Europe.

As Chair of The Bright Start Foundation, Jacqueline has a deep knowledge of all matters relating to the health, education and wellbeing of babies and young children.

Dr. Harding was privileged to pioneer and manage the prominent Parentchannel.tv platform for the UK government which was a ground breaking film-based resource for parents and practitioners. Jacqueline also set up the highly acclaimed Tomorrowschildtv.com for Middlesex University. She continues to consult on children’s TV shows, such as Peter Rabbit, Teletubbies, Clangers and Bing. 

She is a frequent and sought after authoritative speaker on TV and radio (BBC, SKY, ITV) and keynote speaker at prestigious events, such as Kidscreen, MIP Cannes, Global Kids Media Congress, and the World Education Summit, to name but a few. She is an author of over 40 best-selling books for parents, researchers, practitioners and children - all built on robust evidence-based research. Her latest top selling book is: The Brain that Loves to Play which has won international respect from over 50 top media outlets, such as Newsweek and an exclusive in a UK national newspaper. As an agile thinker, Jacqueline commands the attention of audiences with her energy, inspiration and ability to communicate complex concepts in ways that all audiences can grasp. 

Dr. Harding speaks on a range of issues, for example: play in relation to the latest brain research; child development, brain growth and wellbeing in early childhood; educational progress and the latest neuroscience research; literacy development; the digital world; creativity in education.

Speech Topics

Play in Relation to the Latest Brain Research

Child Development

Brain Growth & Wellbeing in Early Childhood

Education Progress & The Latest Neuroscience Research

Literacy Development

The Digital World

Creativity in Education