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Malcolm  Mitchell

Malcolm Mitchell

Super Bowl Champion, Author & Founder/CEO of Share the Magic Foundation


When former New England Patriot’s wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell entered the University of Georgia, he could only read at a junior high level—something he realized after attending his first English class and recognizing he wasn’t at the same literacy levels as his peers. But being the competitor he’s always been, Mitchell vowed to improve and joined a monthly book club. It changed his life. Read More >

Malcolm developed a love of reading. Initially, it was a challenge. But through perseverance, books became an avenue for expanding his curiosity, creativity and learning. He also wanted to pass that love and benefits of reading to others and help them discover the magic of books.

He began visiting elementary schools to read to students and talk about literacy. “When I was growing up, reading was for straight-A students,” Malcolm says. “Reading was for people who wore glasses. I didn’t realize its universal power for everyone. I still watch every movie with subtitles to continue reading. For me, reading broke down all the barriers that my statistics had predicted: a disadvantaged, African-American boy, from a single-mother home, no access to my father. But by learning to read, those statistics are no longer relevant.”

While a student athlete, Malcolm was recognized for his work. He was named the National Captain of the Allstate Good Works Team, the first student ever at UGA to win this honor. He also received the National Haier Achievement Award for his success beyond athletics. Additionally, Malcolm was the recipient of the Atlanta Sports Council Community Service Award, the Georgia Chapter of the National College Football Hall of Fame Jack Turner Award, and the UGA Student Athlete of the Year Award. He graduated in December 2015 from the University of Georgia with a degree in Communications.

In 2015, Malcolm authored and published a children’s book, The Magician’s Hat and created a youth literacy initiative called Read with Malcolm. In 2016, he established a 501c3 organization, Share the Magic Foundation. The non-profit’s mission is to transform children’s lives through literacy. Since its founding, the Foundation has placed books in the hands of more than 65,000 young readers and provided Read with Malcolm Literacy Programs to over 300,000 students. In 2021, the Foundation received the Chick-fil-A True Inspiration for its work in under-resourced communities.

Malcolm’s inspirational story has been featured nationally on CBS Evening News, CBS News Sunday Morning, CBS Sports, ESPN, USA Today, CNN, MSNBC and the NFL Network, and in numerous magazines and newspaper articles, including USA Today and Sports Illustrated Kids. In 2015, a documentary about Malcolm won College Sports Media’s Outstanding Special Feature award.

In May 2016, Malcolm was drafted by the New England Patriots, and in February 2017 he became a Super Bowl Champion. Malcolm received an Accommodation from the State of Georgia and a “Key to City of Valdosta, GA” for his work on and off the professional football field. In April 2017, Malcolm was honored at the 20th Anniversary of the President’s Summit for America’s Future and received the Promise Hero Award for his contributions to youth in America by the America’s Promise Alliance. Malcolm received the Foundations Inc. Champion of Children Award and the Pinnacle Award from The International Dyslexia Association for his contributions to individuals with reading differences, and in 2018, he received the Youth Literacy Award from Read to a Child. In 2019, Malcolm was named by the University of Georgia as one of the University’s “40 under 40,” and in 2020, he became a member of the Atlanta Business Chronicle's “40 under 40.” The SCLC honored Malcolm in 2021 with the President’s Award recognizing his literacy advocacy in underserved communities.

Among Malcolm’s numerous awards and accomplishments both on and off the field, he considers discovering a love of reading one of his greatest achievements. Retired from the NFL, Malcolm serves as CEO of his foundation, focusing his time on his organization’s overall growth, development and impact. In addition to sharing his personal story with organizations, Malcolm also travels the country hosting Reading Rallies. This hour-long in-school program takes a traditional author’s visit and combines it with a pep rally for a high-energy, innovative reading experience for an entire school. A magician adds unexpected excitement, and every student receives a copy of Malcolm’s book. Teachers receive a Read with Malcolm Teacher’s Guide to extend learning in the classroom and connect with Read with Malcolm’s year-round virtual reading challenges. Malcolm is happy to provide a Reading Rally at one or more schools in your school district during his visit with you. Learn more about Reading Rallies. Malcolm also customizes his presentations to each individual event and audience. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

Read to a Better Future

Children who struggle to read are subjected to harsh consequences including poverty, incarceration, and failure to complete high school. Malcolm Mitchell grew up with similar challenges, but during his freshman year of college, a newly developed love of reading changed his trajectory. Initially, reading was a challenge, however, through perseverance, books became an avenue for expanding his curiosity, creativity, and learning. In 2015, Malcolm became an author. In 2016, he went on to establish a 501c3 organization, Share the Magic Foundation with a sole purpose: to transform children’s lives through literacy. Malcolm had his life re-directed by reading, and went on to win a super bowl. In this presentation, Malcolm focuses on the transformational power of reading through his personal story and literacy based research. Central to his message is self empowerment, cultural relevancy, and reading as a super power.

Adversity Equals Opportunities

In this presentation, based on his real life experience in athletics and entrepreneurial endeavors (High School All-American, University of Georgia Wide Receiver, Super Bowl Champion, Author and CEO), speaker Malcolm Mitchell shares invaluable lessons and leadership strategies that can be used by teams and organizations to navigate challenges, overcome adversity, develop growth mindsets, and inspire members to reach for new heights. Central to his message is adaptation, redemption, and aligning your focus to turn obstacles into opportunities.

Servant Leadership

Malcolm Mitchell’s unique combination of leadership experiences translate into a powerful message emphasizing self exploration, growth, determination and community. Central to his message is service to others, sacrifice, and hard work. Whether you are a student, athlete, or business professional Malcolm’s mission is to help you identify untapped potential. This presentation is designed for growing leaders and customizable to your organization’s specific culture challenges based on pre-calls, interviews, and research.

Illiteracy: A Public Health Crisis

Among former NFL superstar Malcolm Mitchell’s numerous awards and accomplishments both on and off the field, he considers discovering a love of reading one of his greatest achievements. Reading, Malcolm says, truly changed his life. He saw first-hand the struggles illiteracy brought his own family members. Those with poor reading skills are not easily recognized, since most try to hide this information from others, including healthcare providers. The inability to read and understand basic medical instructions is an important barrier to receiving proper healthcare. Not only that, but studies have shown those who have lower reading proficiency rates are more apt to drop out of school and need government assistance, abuse drugs and overdose. In this inspiring presentation, Malcolm focuses on the transformational power of reading through his personal story and literacy-based research.