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Jaimy  Szymanski

Jaimy Szymanski

Digital Transformation Authority


Jaimy Szymanski is a research analyst, author and advisor, focused on organizational change brought by digital disruption. Zeroing in on the impact of technology on customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX), Jaimy advises corporate leaders and change agents in managing digital transformation and innovation efforts. Read More >

Jaimy has worked in advisory and research capacities with: Bristol Myers-Squibb; Enterprise Holdings; Facebook; Google; Hallmark; HBO; Intel; LinkedIn; Nestle; Ogilvy & Mather; and Save the Children International. She has special expertise in the manufacturing sector, working with the Quad Cities Manufacturing Innovation Hub (a University of Illinois and U.S. Department of Defense initiative) to educate manufacturers on their 3D-printing, robotics and automation, augmented and virtual reality, B2B social media, and data analytics roadmaps.

Her research has been covered by USA Today, Mashable, Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and more. Jaimy is a TEDx speaker, co-author of Content: The Atomic Particle of Marketing, and a contributing author to Ogilvy on Advertising in the Digital Age. She has also provided research on corporate innovation to the Catalyst Companies council.

Jaimy’s experience derives from both her work as an independent analyst and also through boutique marketing and research firms, including San Francisco-based Altimeter Group where she focused on digital transformation and social business strategy. Her career path has led to a deep body of research on technology disruption, covering topics: mixed reality, digital and mobile CX, retail innovation, digital culture, collaborative economy, autonomous technologies and vehicles, and blockchain. Read Less ^

Speaker Videos

TEDx: What Happens When We Trade Data for Super Powers?

Digital Transformation

The Innovation Imperative

Speech Topics

How VR & AR Technologies Enhance Workforces to Transform the Enterprise

Though consumer applications may receive most of the fanfare, mixed reality technologies like virtual, augmented, and extended reality (VR/AR/XR) offer enterprises many opportunities to supercharge employee skill-sets as well. Companies can increase collaboration and transform traditional approaches to education and training, repairs and maintenance, sales, product and site design, and more. In this presentation based on original research, Jaimy Szymanski explores in detail the six most effective cross-departmental use cases of mixed reality within organizations and the advantages of utilizing XR over traditional processes, practices, and legacy technologies. Read More >

Audience members will learn: Read Less ^

  • Benefits of each XR use case over traditional approaches, applicable to nearly any industry, complete with illustrative case examples.
  • Catalysts driving mixed reality adoption within corporations, typically driven by a corporate innovation charter.
  • Challenges encountered along the way to XR success, including lack of understanding and education; inter-departmental coordination; and budget constraints.
  • Best practice considerations for beginning mixed reality experimentation and implementation.

What Happens When We Trade Data for Super Powers?

New technologies grant humans exciting “super powers” that result in convenience, efficiency, personalization, and deeper connections. But, at what cost? Bionic brains, x-ray vision, and heightened hearing come at a price paid in personal data. In this presentation previously delivered on a TEDx stage, Jaimy Szymanski explores the new definition of superhumans, the future consequences of exchanging data for power, and how consumers can begin to regain control. Read More >

Research shared includes: Read Less ^

  • Relatable lifestyle examples of how consumers are utilizing new technologies like mixed reality, hearables, and biometric monitoring to grant them superhuman strength.
  • Data studies explaining shifts and compromises around consumer trust in corporate data gathering, usage, and sharing.
  • An original quadrant framework that reveals the four potential future states humans will experience in struggling to balance personal data control and technology-driven benefits.
  • Recommendations for how to prepare for the journey ahead and regain data control.

The Innovation Imperative: Counter Disruption & Strengthen Your Ecosystem

Today's companies are trying to innovate by keeping up with the latest technology trends, while the real challenge to overcome lies in their internal culture. This leaves novice companies deploying many innovation programs with little cross-collaboration, leading to incremental innovation rather than long-lasting product, service, customer experience, or business model changes. Read More >

Jaimy Szymanski’s presentation of case studies and original survey data will show you how mature companies are overcoming these challenges and more by: Read Less ^

  • Approaching innovation in 10 distinct ways, from internal intrapreneurship programs and Centers of Excellence, to external incubator partnerships and innovation outposts.
  • Assigning key performance indicators to each innovation program to measure success and secure executive support.
  • Breaking through the middle-management "permafrost" layer that is resistant to change in favor of short-term goals.
  • Building nimble teams to innovate while still maintaining their existing revenue streams.
  • Attracting quality talent and bolstering existing talent with the right innovation education.

Three Macrotrends Impacting the Journey to 2030: Super Humans, Fluid Organizations, & Enlightened Ecosystems

The pace of change driven by technological advancement isn’t just accelerating, it’s widening. The scope of this change simultaneously defines our age as well as how we manage life and work. As myriad technologies continue transforming modern society, business, and culture, Kaleido Insights has identified three essential macro trends that will impact everyone’s––yes, everyone’s––journey to 2030. Read More >

In this speech, Jaimy Szymanski will share findings from the firm’s original research, surfacing key implications and case studies while offering clear direction on how to apply insights to help organizations participate in the three trends: Read Less ^

  • Super Humans: Born in the age of social media and accelerated through mobile and AI, consumers' ever-expanding toolkit of capabilities means they wield more power than ever before.
  • Fluid Organizations: Early efforts in digital transformation reveal why shifting competitive forces require agility and fluidity across systems, internal culture, and within innovation programs themselves.
  • Enlightened Ecosystems: When digital converges with the physical world––as distributed systems become more integrated, and machines and supply chains interconnected, we build an intelligence more powerful than any single human or business.