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James  Clear

James Clear

Author & Thought Leader on the Hidden Forces that Shape High Performance


James Clear is an author and speaker focused on habits, decision-making, and continuous improvement. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Entrepreneur, Time, and on CBS This Morning. His website receives millions of visitors each month and hundreds of thousands subscribe to his popular email newsletter at jamesclear.com. Read More >

He is the author of Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones. Clear is a regular speaker at Fortune 500 companies and his work is used by teams in the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Through his online course, The Habits Academy, Clear has taught more than 10,000 leaders, managers, coaches, and teachers. The Habits Academy is the premier training platform for individuals and organizations that are interested in building better habits in life and work. You can learn more at habitsacademy.com. Read Less ^

Speaker Videos

Atomic Habits: How to Get 1% Better Every Day

Creating Big Improvement Through Small Habits

Goals Are Overrated: How to Build Systematic Habits

Speech Topics

Atomic Habits: How to Get 1% Better Every Day

Your life today is essentially the sum of your habits. Are you in the physical shape that you want to be in? Are you optimizing your talents at work? Is your team achieving its targets? All are a result of habits. What we repeatedly do, each and every day, ultimately forms the results we enjoy and the goals we achieve. Change your habits, change your systems, and you’ll transform your life, team and organization. Read More >

James Clear explains this breakthrough approach to creating transformational change. He breaks down the science to show how change works at the most granular level and how the accumulation of just one percent improvements each day leads to massive change over time. Using inspiring examples of individuals and teams that have achieved extraordinary goals like winning the Tour de France or reinventing manufacturing processes, James shows how any goal can be achieved by adopting the right habits and systems, the right way. A transformative talk that leaves you seeing any challenge through the lens of positive and negative habits and equipped with proven strategies to achieve any goal. Read Less ^

How to Thrive in an Uncertain World

We are living in an era full of unknowns. The pace of technological change is accelerating and we are overflowing with data. The world is more interconnected, more noisy, and more chaotic than ever before. In a world that shifts rapidly beneath our feet, it’s easy to become frozen in the face of uncertainty. James Clear offers a timeless strategy: By understanding the unchanging certainties of human behavior you will have not only a solid layer of bedrock to stand on, but a valuable skill set that can become a competitive advantage. Read More >

James Clear takes audiences on a fascinating tour of the powerful and unchanging forces that have shaped human behavior for thousands of years. You’ll learn how to make decisions, weigh options, develop strategies and thrive in an uncertain world by mastering the constant and predictable certainties of human behavior. Asserting that “we don’t need better tactics, we need deeper understanding,” James prepares you for whatever’s next with insightful knowledge of the human elements that drive technology and disruption. The knowledge you gain will better prepare you to take action in any situation— today, tomorrow, and in the future. As James tells audiences, “If you know the principles, you can choose your methods.” Read Less ^

Goals Are Overrated. Execution Is Everything.

Everybody wants a gold medal, but few people want to train like an Olympian. Having a goal is easy. Executing on a goal is hard. Starters are many. Finishers are few. And in the end, execution is everything. Read More >

In this highly motivational talk, James Clear shows you how to be a finisher, rising above a world that is idea-rich, but execution poor. What holds us back is rarely our ideas or our goals. The real bottleneck of progress is our daily habits and the system we have for making them happen. Great companies, teams, and leaders execute on the things that matter, when it matters most. They don’t merely set goals, they build systems. This prescriptive presentation shows you, step-by-step how to build the systems you need to get the results you want. Read Less ^

How to Make Motivation Last

The old way of motivating people is broken. Too often, we provide a fleeting moment of high energy while watching an inspiring video or listening to a motivational speech, only to have the feeling fade within minutes. The same is true of other motivational gimmicks from corporate incentives to gamification leaderboards. They simply don’t stick. We don’t need more inspirational feelings. To make motivation last, we need enlightened understanding. Read More >

This talk offers something different. James Clear methodically explains the science of how to get yourself or others motivated in the first place and how to stay motivated for the long-run. How do you get addicted to taking action regardless of how you feel on any given day? How do you maintain motivation when you get bored working toward your goals? Rather than experiencing a temporary high and immediately slipping back into old routines, audience members will enjoy a series of aha moments that help them reframe the way they motivate themselves and others on a daily basis. Whether you’re trying to figure out how to motivate yourself or how to motivate a team, this talk goes beyond covering everything you need to know. It gives you the skills and knowledge you need to sustain motivation for good. Read Less ^

The Five Invisible Engines That Accelerate Innovation

Innovation rarely happens the way we think it does. We hire creative experts, go through creative brainstorming exercises, and try to hack our way to an innovative breakthrough. Relying on creative thinking exercises without harnessing the hidden forces that shape our creative habits is like treating symptoms while ignoring the underlying causes. Read More >

Beneath these surface level efforts are five invisible engines that either accelerate or slow our creative thinking. Using brilliant examples from some of the world’s most innovative thinkers, James Clear shows audiences how to harness the power of the five engines of innovation and unlock the powerful creativity within. Read Less ^