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Jason A. Wolf, PhD

Jason A. Wolf, PhD

President, The Beryl Institute & Recognized Expert on Patient Experience Excellence


Jason A. Wolf, PhD is a passionate champion and recognized expert on patient experience improvement, organization culture and change, and sustaining high performance in healthcare. As President of The Beryl Institute, Jason has led the growth of the organization into the leading global community of practice and thought leader on improving the patient experience, engaging over 55,000 members and guests in more than 70 countries and establishing the framework for the emerging profession of patient experience. Read More >

A central leader in expanding the patient experience movement, Jason is the Founding Editor of the Patient Experience Journal, the first open-access, peer-reviewed journal committed to research and practice in patient experience improvement.  He also established and currently serves as President of Patient Experience Institute, an independent, non-profit, committed to the improvement of patient experience through evidence-based research, continuing education and professional certification.

Prior to leading the Institute, Jason designed and led the organization change, service, and leadership development strategies with HCA, working with over 45 facilities on improvement and change efforts. He also conducted groundbreaking research to identify the characteristics of high performance healthcare organizations.

Jason is a sought after speaker, provocative commentator, and respected author of numerous publications and academic articles on culture, organization change and performance in healthcare, including two books on Organization Development in Healthcare, and over 25 white papers on patient experience improvement. Read Less ^

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Passionate Champion on Patient Experience

Ripples of Hope in Healthcare

Speech Topics

Patient Experience: The Strategic Heart of Healthcare

Explore the framing of patient experience through the lenses of both healthcare providers and consumers to discover the experience framework and 8 strategic lenses that make experience the strategic heart of healthcare. In clarifying the broad and integrated nature of experience and understanding what a focus on experience can help achieve, participants will reinforce the opportunities present in the experience era healthcare now finds itself. Participants will reframe their thinking on experience and how they can both plan and act on strategy to ensure the best in support for one another and best in outcomes for those they serve.

Every Patient Has Story: Leading at all Levels for Patient Experience Excellence

It is time to reframe our thinking on patient experience and reinforce the core strategies driving experience excellence in healthcare today. In acknowledging that every person has the potential to impact the human experience in healthcare, and recognizing that every patient has a story, we must return to the fundamentals in how we build, lead and operate our healthcare organizations and systems now and into the future. Be prepared to challenge your thinking, explore new ideas and walk away reignited to engage in the global effort to achieve patient experience excellence.

Consumer Perspective on Patient Experience: A Call to Action

Engage with the findings of The Beryl Institute’s 2018 Consumer Study and the implications for patient experience efforts reflected through the insights of 2000 consumers from across four continents. In understanding what consumers expect from healthcare and how they will make healthcare decisions, organizations can begin to build true strategies to meet the needs of those they serve and ultimately achieve the outcomes they aspire to.

Patient Experience: The Power of "&"

Explore the framing of patient experience and why now more than ever it must be a critical focus for healthcare leaders. In clarifying the broad and integrated nature of experience and understanding what a focus on experience can help achieve, participants will reinforce the opportunities present in the experience era healthcare now finds itself. The critical idea is that experience is not about a series of either/or, but rather found in the power of “&”. Through reviewing the most recent state of patient experience and hearing from the voices of patients and providers themselves, participants will take away new insights and inspirations for how they will lead and engage with others.

The Art of Balancing: Creating & Sustaining High Performance Healthcare Organizations

Research has shown that sustaining high performance is about much more than having certain characteristics or completing a checklist of requirements. It is about focusing on and maintaining ongoing action in three simple, yet critical areas. In The Art of Balancing, Jason reveals the three areas that have been proven to support long-term success in healthcare. Committing to continuous action around these fundamental set of principles is what separates top organizations in any industry. An insightful exploration for leaders at all levels, this session pushes us on how to think differently about achieving and sustaining high performance. The key is in the art of balancing.