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Jeff  Bauman

Jeff Bauman

Subject of the Movie Stronger, Boston Marathon Bombing Hero & Best-Selling Author

Jeff Bauman

Subject of the Movie Stronger, Boston Marathon Bombing Hero & Best-Selling Author


As the cover of Jeff Bauman’s New York Times bestseller, Stronger reads: “I saw the bomber. He took my legs, but he didn’t break me… He only made me STRONGER.” This inspiring Marathon survivor story, told in the major motion picture starring Jake Gyllenhaal as Jeff Bauman, has already captured the hearts of millions of readers. Now, the everyday hero who came to personify “Boston Strong” is leaving speaking audiences moved and uplifted by his firsthand account of triumph over tragedy and the power of the human spirit.

In the flash of the infamous bomb blast, Jeff Bauman went from being an ordinary 27-year-old guy cheering on his girlfriend at the finish line to a double amputee fighting for his life. The next day, victim turned to hero when he awoke from multiple surgeries. Groggy and unable to speak, Jeff asked for a pad and paper and wrote down: “Saw the guy. Looked right at me.” With these seven words, Jeff Bauman set off one of the biggest manhunts in U.S. history and earned accolades as a hero. Months of intensive rehabilitation followed. At each turn, Jeff faced his new circumstances with grace, humor, and an unwavering determination to walk again. Described by the filmmakers of Stronger as an “unlikely path toward a love story, and healing and recovery and acceptance of being deemed a hero when he didn’t believe in himself,” Jeff’s transformational journey is a story for our times.

A popular inspirational speaker, Jeff Bauman's optimistic, hopeful and highly motivational keynotes celebrate the remarkable human beings who triumphed over terror and the power within each of us to overcome any obstacle. It’s no wonder that Gyllenhaal called getting to know Bauman “the most inspiring thing I’ve experienced in my life so far.”



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Speech Topics

Stronger: A Conversation with Jeff Bauman

Up until the Boston Marathon bombing, Jeff was an everyday guy, looking forward to moving in with his girlfriend and starting the next phase of their life together. Then, the bomb exploded and his future was forever changed. In this moving presentation, Jeff describes the chaos and terror at the finish line and the ongoing FBI investigation in which he was a key witness. He takes audiences through the high and low points of his arduous rehabilitation, learning to walk again as a double amputee. He also shares his own inner struggle reconciling the world's admiration with his own guilt and frustration. Throughout, he celebrates the courage of his fellow survivors, the valiant first responders and extraordinary healthcare professionals who set him on the path to recovery and independence. Spirited, courageous and emotionally compelling, Jeff Bauman's story belongs to us all. Proving that terrorists did not triumph, Jeff continues to show the entire world what “Boston Strong” really means.