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Jeff  Taylor

Jeff Taylor

Founder of Monster.com


As the founder of Monster.com, Jeff Taylor forever changed the way the world networks and builds careers. Recognized as an innovator and visionary in both internet and careers industries, Taylor reinvented the way the world looks for employment. His “monster idea,” conceived at the dawn of the World Wide Web, quickly became one of the first dot-com companies (and the 454th registered domain on the web). Read More >

Today, the Monster global network has grown into the world’s leading online career site, consists of language sites in 30 countries, and serves nearly 30 million visitors monthly.

Taylor’s other web properties include obituary website Tributes.com and dating service Meetcha.com. Most recently, he has joined investment company Bridgewater Associates in Westport, Connecticut, where he will manage their talent.

As an expert in technology, advertising, and human capital, Taylor zeroes in on what lies ahead, sensing economic upheaval, changing global employment, and the shift in doing business that Web 2.0 has created. Envisioning ways to capitalize on these evolving trends with technology and the power of human capital, Taylor taps into his experience to advise businesses on how they can break away from the competition by adopting a new mindset and getting in early with social networking.

Taylor is the co-author of the books Monster Careers: How to Land the Job of Your Life; Monster Careers: Interviewing: Master the Moment That Gets You the Job; and Monster Careers: Networking: Make the Connections That Make Your Career.

He serves on the board of advisors at the Berklee School of Music and is a board member of Boston's Citi Performing Arts Center/Wang Theatre. Also a dedicated advocate for young people, he is on the board of Year Up, where he acts as a mentor for high schoolers who don’t plan to go to college. He has also worked for years in a jungle village in Guatemala, where he sponsored and built a key road for the elementary school; built a first-of-its-kind computer center with 25 working computers; and personally funds four teachers, in addition to operating expenses.

Taylor holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst; a certificate in Owner/President Management (OPM), Executive Education, from Harvard Business School; and an honorary doctorate from Bentley University. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

Be a Disruptive Force: How You Can Change the Rules of Your Industry

Southwest, Starbucks, Dyson, Monster, Apple, Facebook: The most celebrated companies today have been disruptive forces that changed the rules of their industries. Read More >

Legendary business leader Jeff Taylor is one of the most acclaimed disruptors. By founding Monster.com, he profoundly changed the rules of how companies hire talent, and in the process he antiquated the newspaper advertising revenue system. In one of the most highly engaging presentations you will ever experience, he takes you through the leadership strategies that have led to this type of market disruption, exploring the innovative thinking and case studies of current companies that have radically changed their industries and redefined the rules of the game.  Read Less ^

My Secrets About Running Life & Living a Business: How to Power Up Your Business Life

What does it take to make a successful entrepreneur?  Vision, action, passion, and some quality time in the shower – at least that’s what Jeff Taylor mandates. (Doesn’t everyone have a whiteboard and dry erase markers in the shower?) Read More >

In this interactive presentation, motivational keynote speaker Jeff Taylor explores how building a big idea from scratch or building your own Monster brand can give you the edge to break out against competition. Starting with targeting the right market and turning it upside down, Taylor lays out the best practices for strategically building your own brand. From there, he explains the perfect recipe for successfully reaching your goals: train like an athlete, prepare like a marketer, work like an entrepreneur, and add a pinch of luck. Read Less ^

From Web 1.0 to Web 3.0: Hype or Reinvention of the Business Landscape?

Social networking platforms like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have changed the way conversations are held in the marketplace. For the first time in history, companies are faced with the dilemma of dealing with the phenomenon of user-generated content. Read More >

Social media speaker Jeff Taylor explores how Web 2.0 tools can be applied to business and why joining the online conversation is important for corporations. Taylor takes you on a journey through the world of network marketing where you will meet innovators, early adopters, the massive middle, and laggards.

Laying out the benefits of Web 2.0 for your company, he shows how using innovative technology creates a competitive advantage. Read Less ^

Social Networking: Taking Branding & Marketing to a New Level By “Friending” Your Customer

Corporate America is experiencing a shift in business models as a result of technology-driven changes in marketing and the rise of social networks. Faced with finding new ways to brand services or products and shape customer attitudes, companies often struggle to successfully engage in the online conversation taking place right now. Read More >

Keynote speaker Jeff Taylor will set the stage for your company by helping you develop a strategy for bringing your brand into the social media sphere.  Taylor breaks down the anxieties of participating in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace, and details their importance in communicating with your audience.  Sometimes, going viral can be the catalyst your company needs to take its brand to the next level. Read Less ^

Recruiting & Retention: The Future of Human Capital

From the advent of job sites like Monster.com and social networking sites like Facebook, the Internet has affected the dynamics of the employer-employee relationship. From the way we look for jobs to “friending” our employees, the landscape for managers and HR professionals has completely changed. Read More >

Join inspirational speaker Jeff Taylor as he takes a fascinating look at the current employment environment and the challenges today’s organizations face. The founder of Monster.com and eons.com, Taylor explores how online job growth has changed the nature of human resources and talks about the importance of innovation during unemployment.

This session provides practical advice on recruiting and attracting talent in our current marketplace, as well as how to retain that talent by building power from a motivated workforce.  Do you have Baby Boomers retiring with little or no one ready with the knowledge of how to do their jobs? You will walk away with practical advice and a renewed understanding of what it takes to retain the best and the brightest in today’s job market. Read Less ^

You Are the CEO of Your Own Life

Keynote speaker Jeff Taylor invites you to explore your hidden talents as CEO of your own life. Read More >

Sharing his own journey of successfully building Monster.com from scratch, the time and patience invested along the way, and the many hurdles overcome, he shows how perseverance and dedication pay off not only in business, but in life.

Taylor engages audiences in this entertaining and interactive walk through branding and packaging your own idea and adding vision, passion, and action to power up your life. Read Less ^

The Impact of Social Networking in Healthcare

Healthcare is experiencing a shift in the way it interacts with patients as a result of technology-driven changes in marketing and the rise of social networks. Healthcare providers are also faced with finding new ways to communicate with patients and often struggle to successfully engage in the online conversation taking place right now. Read More >

Keynote speaker Jeff Taylor will set the stage for your hospital by helping you develop a strategy for communicating, as well as bringing your brand into the social media sphere.  Taylor breaks down the anxieties of participating in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace, and details their importance as going viral can be the catalyst your hospital needs to take both your service and your brand to the next level. Read Less ^

Giving Back, One Village at a Time

Jeff Taylor is known for bringing his innovative vision to the public in the form of Monster.com, which revolutionized the job search market. But what many may not know is that Taylor has also dedicated much of his life to giving back, particularly to a jungle village in Guatemala, where he created the first-of-its-kind computer center, built a key road leading to the elementary school, and personally funds four teachers. The only center of its kind, it has allowed half of the village to attend school. Read More >

In this captivating keynote speech, and with his trademark veracity, Jeff Taylor shares with audiences the personal story of how he found new worth in giving back to a community in need—and the profound power of technology in educating and bettering the lives of that community. Read Less ^