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Jonathan  Kroll

Jonathan Kroll

Leadership Educator and Scholar, Master Trainer & Award-Winning Author

Jonathan Kroll

Leadership Educator and Scholar, Master Trainer & Award-Winning Author


Jonathan is a leadership educator, scholar, and trainer. Jonathan began his career as a university administrator by focusing on leadership development, community engagement, and reflection initiatives.

He has co-founded two leadership training businesses in addition to his current venture, Leadership Trainer, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization specializing in trainer preparation programming and resources - where he is the founding Executive Director. Over the last decade, Jonathan has facilitated hundreds of leadership workshops, retreats, trainings, conference presentations, and classes to 1,000s of participants across 5 continents. He is the author of the award-winning Preparing Leadership Educators: A Comprehensive Guide to Theories, Practices, and Facilitation Skills.

Jonathan has earned a PhD from Fielding Graduate University in Leadership with a focus in Group Mentoring. He coaches, consults, writes, teaches, and trains about leadership, mentoring, and training/facilitation.

Speech Topics

Influence, Process, Outcomes: What Does Leadership Mean to You?

What is effective leadership? Did you know that there is no universal understanding of leadership? We all define and think about leadership in different ways! Jonathan Kroll, an award-winning leadership scholar and author utilizes this program to illuminate the three underpinning notions (i.e., influence, process, and outcomes) and then guide participants to recognize how our subconscious perceptions of leadership influence how we practice it. In this engaging and enlightening talk, Jonathan offers a hands-on experience that will broaden administrators' and educators' ideas of what leadership is while transforming their ability to perform effectively as leaders.

Enhancing Leadership Performance: Utilizing Principles from Experiential Learning

Jonathan Kroll knows what it takes to develop leaders. As a master leadership educator and expert facilitator, Jonathan has spent over 20 years conducting hundreds of trainings to thousands of executives, managers, and front-line employees across diverse industries and sectors. Jonathan has a deep understanding of strategic ways to leverage leadership to produce results, accomplish goals, and maximize performance. In this hands-on, immersive, engaging, and dynamic experience, school leaders will learn how to utilize principles from experiential learning to become more effective leaders.

The Power & Possibilities of Group Mentoring: Boosting Confidence, Navigating Challenges, Overcoming Obstacles & Accomplishing Goals

We all know that mentoring can be a powerful developmental experience. But, did you know that group mentoring can be more advantageous for organizations and schools due to the group structure and nature? Jonathan Kroll, a group mentoring expert and master leadership trainer, combines his knowledge of mentoring with his skill as a master leadership trainer to provide an informative and impactful talk. In this hands-on, dynamic, and engaging talk, administrators and educators will learn that group mentoring is a powerful developmental experience because it boosts confidence, enables people to generate new ideas, push through adversity, resolve challenges and struggles, accomplish goals, and reduce feelings of professional isolation by fostering greater connectivity. More, Jonathan will frame this talk around how you can leverage this opportunity to strategically implement group mentoring into your organization.