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Juan  Bendana

Juan Bendana

Leadership Expert

Juan Bendana

Leadership Expert


Juan Bendana is a renowned speaker, trainer and entrepreneur. Every year, he delivers electrifying keynotes at conferences and trainings internationally. He speaks to over 100,000 people annually, helping them discover the strategies for lasting engagement and inspiration. He empowers high performing teams to thrive in this new world of work.

He is the creator of the Confidence Cycle— a science-backed framework to build enduring self confidence and engagement. Juan has built leadership programs for organizations such as Disney, Sotheby’s International, Sony Pictures & the Siegried Group.

He uses the art of storytelling, interactive activities & humour to create an unforgettable experience. Going beyond the standard keynote presentation, Juan creates a customized experience that will have your audience leaving energized and inspired.

Juan’s keynotes are the perfect blend of inspiring, humorous, and informative, leaving the audience feeling empowered and ready to take on the new world of work. He pairs real-world experience, science-backed strategies, and engaging storytelling to help organizations boost engagement and retention. His success in this area is evidenced by the fact that he has helped companies such as Disney, Sony Pictures, and Sotheby’s International create a culture of confidence and engagement, leading to increased engagement and overall success. In short, Juan Bendana is an expert in his field who can deliver an unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impact on your organization.

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Speech Topics

The Confidence Cycle: The 3 Small Decisions That Lead to Big Changes

Unlocking the secret to transformative personal and professional growth lies at the heart of The Confidence Cycle. In this captivating presentation, attendees will embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, discovering the pivotal role that confidence plays in navigating change and thriving in all aspects of life.

With an invigorating blend of inspiration and science backed strategies, this keynote delves into the three critical decisions that form the bedrock of the Confidence Cycle, enabling individuals to break free from their comfort zones and embrace change with open arms. The Confidence Cycle becomes a roadmap to bolstering self-assurance, proving that even modest choices can pave the way for profound and lasting change.

Juan has spent the last decade of his career researching the most confident people across every industry and studied what led them to become that way. After interviewing CEO’s, olympians, actors and peak performers, the Confidence Cycle was born— a science-backed framework that helps leaders improve both personally & professionally.

In this high-energy keynote, Juan shares an evidence-based methodology for building lasting confidence, eliminating fear, and transforming lives. With humor, science, and real-world stories, he will make your audience laugh, think, and feel empowered to take action. Imagine if your team had the confidence to share their ideas without hesitation or self-doubt. Imagine if they had the belief in themselves to face challenges head-on and overcome them. Juan has witnessed the transformation that occurs when individuals step into their most confident selves, leading to a more energized environment, happier people, and a culture you can be proud of.

Juan’s keynote will delve into the practical steps that individuals can take to build their confidence and overcome self-doubt. He will explore the role of self-talk, mindset, and physiology in building genuine confidence, as well as the importance of practicing self-compassion and embracing vulnerability. Your audience will leave this keynote with a clear understanding of how to build lasting confidence, not just for themselves but for their team members as well. They will feel inspired and equipped with the tools to foster a culture of confidence, trust, and collaboration in the workplace.

Hesitation to High Performance: Turn Doubt into Confidence & Burnout into Energy

Understandably, people today are exhausted and teetering on burnout. In the US, 69% of workers experience fatigue. This costs companies $136 billion annually. Most of us are burnt out, tired and doing too much, all at once. But what if there was another way? What if energy wasn’t limited in supply? What if we were able to generate energy on demand? In this engaging, evidence-based, hilarious keynote experience, Juan shares science-backed insights on how we can feel more energized and deal with burnout regardless of what is happening in our lives.

The more energy we have for our work and lives, the more effective we will be at creating an engaged and connected community. After this high-energy presentation, your audience will leave with the tools to be more engaged and inspired to share that energy with the people who need it most.

Juan will share actionable strategies to generate more energy in both personal and professional life. With humour, science and engaging stories, he will help the audience realize that they are in control of their energy while giving them the tools to feel more engaged every day. If we have more energy, our work, relationships and mindset improve. To get the most out of life, we must demand the most out of our energy. Juan gives the roadmap of how to maximize energy, minimize burnout, and live a high impact life.

In addition to sharing actionable strategies for generating more energy, Juan also dives into the underlying causes of burnout and fatigue. He helps the audience understand why we feel drained and overwhelmed, and provides solutions that address these root causes. By taking a holistic approach to energy management, Juan shows that we can create sustainable habits that support our overall well-being and engagement. With his signature blend of humor and science, Juan inspires his audience to take control of their energy and reclaim their lives. Whether you’re a busy executive or a new employee, this keynote will leave you feeling motivated and empowered to make positive changes in your life.

The New World of Leadership: Cultivate the Confidence to Deal with Change

In the rapidly changing world of work, traditional leadership methods may no longer be effective. To inspire leadership in the new world of work, we must adopt a different approach. In this uncertain world, people are looking for leaders with the courage to share their vision and pave a path towards a more positive future. People are looking for those of us that can weather the uncertainty and still move forward. But how do we attract the right people and inspire them to become a high-performing team?

In this keynote speech, Juan Bendana shares his insights on how to attract, inspire, and retain high-performers in the new world of leadership. Juan shares actionable tools to empower your audience to step into leadership and align with the organizations vision. He shares his insights on how to attract, inspire, and retain a high-performing team in this new world of work. He draws on his extensive experience working with organizations such as Disney, Sony Pictures, and Sotheby’s International to provide evidence-based strategies that can be immediately implemented by leaders. Through engaging storytelling, humor, and real-world examples, Juan will empower your audience with the tools and knowledge needed to lead effectively in today’s rapidly changing world.

Leadership is not for the select few. It is for every person within an organization that has the courage to try. If everyone feels empowered to lead and believes their voice matters, it will create a more connected and engaged culture. Juan will dive deep into the key characteristics of a leader and give easy-to-use tools that the audience can implement right away. He will explore the importance of creating a culture that encourages innovation, risk-taking, and continuous learning. Juan will also discuss the role of leadership in employee engagement and the impact of employee engagement on overall organizational success. Your audience will leave this keynote feeling inspired & empowered to be a leader both personally and professionally.